Wednesday Watercooler

 “Time flies like an arrow; fruit flies like a banana.” 
Groucho Marx

We’re down to the tail end of yet another month in 2013 and it’s left me sitting here, shaking my head while staring at my computer screen while I wonder where the time effing went.  Sure, February’s the shortest month of the year but it was pretty stacked socially and, let’s be honest for a second, entirely exhausting!  I’m looking forward to a few weekends of good R&R with the kitties, catching up on a few good books and getting my life back together.  Well, until I’m threatened with a good time…and we all know how I react to fun 😉  There’s been so much exciting stuff going on in the past few weeks that I’m just going to get down to it; it’s the last Wednesday of the month – let’s go!

The Olympics Just Got A Whole Less Manly

The next Summer Olympics will be unlike any other – but primarily because one of the sports that can be traced back to the 18th Olympiad all the way back in 704 B.C. , has been eliminated: wresting; to put it in perspective, we’re now entering the 4th year of the 697th Olympiad.  It’s not that I’m a huge fan of the sport, but I’ll agree that it’s both a graceful and powerful endeavor, and to boot one I’m surely not equipped to take part in.  And the Olympics without Wrestling?  That’s like the Bulls without Jordan, the 49ers without Steve Young, McDonalds without hamburgers…you get the picture.  It’s just plain wrong – and upset fans, competitors and coaches agree; Japan’s Wresting Foundation has launched a petition to get it back into the Olympics, Las Vegas has already decided to bring the cash cow on home for some good old fashioned sports betting and some have even gone as far as returning their gold medals.  First it was Bulgarian medalist Valentin Yordanov who returned his ’96 Gold Medal from Atlanta and now it seems that Russia’s Sagid Murtazaliev has followed suit and returned his Gold from the Sydney Olympics in 2000.  Now,  in the wake of it’s untimely Olympic exile – there’s a new question on the table: what sport is set to replace it?  There are seven sports currently competing to take it’s place – baseball, karate, roller sports, sport climbing, squash, wakeboarding and wusho; if it’s not baseball or karate, I say nay.

We Want to See The Light

Even though I was just in that city of sin, I’m ready to head back – but there’s a whole new reason that I have that Las Vegas itch!  Mandalay Bay has paired up with Cirque du Soleil and host of A-List DJs.  Earlier we knew that Skrillex, that saucy minx, was in talks with the Cirque du Soleil crew but now we have confirmation that acts like Zedd, Alesso, Baauer and Sebastian Ingrosso will also be on the bill. Not that we needed it, but this elite pairing is further evidence of the staying power, and commercialization, of EDM – but knowing the caliber of the cast associated with LIGHT, there’s no doubt that this will be a top notch production.  Mark your calendars because LIGHT is scheduled to open April 26th – just in time for the pool parties!  For an all encompassing look at the talent LIGHT will boast  – check out out that stacked lineup below the video!

Pluto Gets a Friend

I don’t know about you guys, but when Pluto’s planet status was demoted I was a little sad – I grew up with the guy, he was part of my dioramas, part of my science fairs.  But then, in 2006, Pluto was downgraded to a dwarf planet.  Since then astronomers have discovered several new moons that rotate Pluto with a strange orbit in addition to Nix and Hydra, discovered in 2005, and Charon, discovered in ’78.  Until now, those moons have simply gone by P4 and P5.  Their names were put up to a vote the other week through the SETI Institute and the winning name is …drumroll, please…. Vulcan.  That’s right, Trekkies everywhere rejoice – William Shatner entered the name late in the game, but it somehow still ended up on top.  Live long and prosper!

In Russia, Moon Lands On You

To the complete shock of basically everyone, a meteorite broke through our atmosphere and decided to land itself on Mother Russia, the only country with dash cameras in every car. The meteorite broke apart over central Russia injuring approximately 1000 citizens, and the resulting shock waves rocked the infrastructure of the city and blew out windows like the big bad wolf on steroids.  Scientists have been working to trace this meteorite back in time – and it seems that the meteor (which is what you have before it enters our atmosphere), originated in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter.  In turn, this has inspired NASA to team up with the Air Force to search for a way to prevent more detrimental asteroid attacks; anyone else picturing a real life Armageddon?

Welcome Back, Daft Punk!

I can’t tell you a time where there wasn’t a hot and heavy rumor about Daft Punk making a comeback – every other week we would hear something new but the sources were few and far between and we just couldn’t seem to catch a break.  Well, the other night while we were all sleeping sweetly and our computers were dreaming of electric sheep – something was a buzz over at Daft Punk HQ: the famous french DJ Duo has not only ditched Virgin Records to join Columbia, but among the rumors they’ll be releasing a new album in May it seems that they’ve updated their logo. Should we take this as a sign? I say HELL YES; it’s been too damn long!

Doing It Right: Veni, Vidi, Vegas!

There’s nothing quite as fun – or draining – as spending a weekend in Las Vegas.  The first night is the most exciting, and probably the most debauchery….and each day when you wake up the glitz and glimmer of the city fades a bit more until your hangover takes over – and then it’s time to force feed yourself some reality and get back to that life you lead Monday through Friday.

I was lucky enough to be in great company the entire time; it was one of my closest gal’s Bachelorette weekends and we were all in the mood to get down!  We stayed at the Vdara Hotel & Spa and were not disappointed: as a non-gambler I was stoked there weren’t any machines or tables within the hotel.

We started the weekend off right with a deliciously expensive meal at TAO – well worth it, but getting only one piece of sushi for the typical price of two is simply not the business.

After dinner, we were whisked away to their nightclub for some overhyped Top 40 DJ; didn’t take us long to bounce out but thanks for the free drinks!

I should have prefaced this by saying that us ladies are more of the rough and tumble type than we are damsels in distress, so it didn’t take long for us to collectively say “Fuck that!” and change into manageable stomping attire.

Saying the next morning was rough might be the understatement of the month – but somehow we rallied and got down with our bad selves one more time; this time with the help of Doc Martin, DJ Sneak and Body English at the Hard Rock!

The Audiofiles: My Top Trance Tracks

One of the great things about meeting people in the EDM scene is we each have such unique tastes in what moves us; take me for example – I’m a sucker for some floor to the four beats but I love me some dirty dubstep and vocal trance. Actually, let’s just be real – I love it all!

The other day, a new friend of mine got to talking about favorite trance tracks and he sent me away with some homework: my mission, should I choose to accept, was to create a CD with ten songs – seven favorites and three absolute classics. Well, I’ve been bumping this mix now all morning and can’t get enough – so I thought I’d share the wealth =)

#1. First State – Falling (First State’s Stuck Parachute Mix)
#2. Above & Beyond present Oceanlab – Lonely Girl (Gareth Emery Remix)
#3. Aly & Fila ft. Jwaydan – We Control the Sunlight
#4. Armin van Buuren ft. Jennifer Rene – Fine Without You
#5. Aven – All I Wanna Do (Ferry Corsten Remix)
#6. John O’Callaghan – Save This Moment (Gareth Emery Remix)
#7. Lange ft Sarah Howells – Out of the Sky (Kyau & Albert Remix)
#8. Markus Schulz & Departure – Without You Near (Gabriel & Dreseden Remix)
#9. Motorcycle – As The Rush Comes ( G&D Sweeping Strings Remix)
#10. Tiesto – Everything (Cosmic Gate Remix)
(Bonus) – Tritonal – Hands to Hold Me

Oh, Snap: Concert Photography

There’s something to be said for combining two of my favorite pastimes and fueling my creative fire; I’m a sucker for live music, especially the electronic kind as I’ve more than displayed on my blog – and to boot, I have this new obsession with photography.  Capturing a person in a moment is one thing; capturing a community in a moment is another thing entirely.  In some situations, people might look at me like “Why is this girl standing still on the dance floor? Don’t you realize my legs want to stretch seven ways until Sunday on that spot you’re stuck in?” – but in our little EDM community. We were made out of  PLUR, kandi, lasers, confetti and a shared appreciation of all things EDM. Being able to capture that moment, share it with friends and strangers alike and relive it together – that sums us all up in a nutshell.   Besides, what good is a great time if you can’t share the wealth?

Here are some of my favorite concert snaps from the past few years; they still bring me back and give me goosebumps. Enjoy!

Porter Robinson, Hollywood Palladium

Max Cooper, King King

Krewella, Exchange LA

All Day I Dream of Cities and Angels

Bones, The Nokia Club

 HARD Summer

Cosmic Gate, Hollywood Palladium

Above & Beyond, The Shrine

Pendulum, Avalon Hollywood

Judge Jules, Vanguard Hollywood

Ingrosso + Alesso, Hollywood Palladium

Kaskade, Hollywood Palladium

Pryda, Hollywood Palladium

Tiesto, Ten Nightclub

Infected Mushroom, Sutra OC


Doing it Right: San Diego’s Museum of Natural History

Most people develop their New Years Resolutions by the time January rolls around; then they’re on top of them, up and at’em and crossing things off their lists.  I have a less manicured, equally pragmatic approach to resolutions – whereas mine typically come to me as the year rolls on.  So far this year, we have not buying packs of cigarettes, walking to the gym instead of driving and now I have another to add to the list: I want to go to one new museum a month!  Last month, I adventured out to the Getty Villa in Malibu to soak up some gorgeous rays and it set a wonderful tone for the day.  I was surrounded by wonderful company and timeless works of art; and I wanted more!  So, while I was down in San Diego last weekend my friends and I stopped by Balboa Park to take in the cacophony of museums. We finally settled on the Museum of Natural History – and it was a good call…between their Chocolate Exhibit and an Ansel Adams-esque Photography expose, we definitely got our fill of culture for the day.

Gorgeous, Southern California weather…

Gorgeous flowers from the Botanical Garden

…more of the garden…

Sunshine peaking through the leaves

Chocolate!! How could we resist?!

That’s a whole lotta chocolate!

If only these were real! Omnom…

Sharks and dolphins!

Pelican! And other birds

I love that the lion skull makes a heart =)

The end of our adventure; until the next one!

Finding Love In Small Moments and Everyday Places

This time of year, there are two words that can either make or break your day depending on your relationship status; couples run to it, those committed to being single scatter in opposing directions.  But from time to time, almost all of us forget that the first relationship we should consider on Valentine’s Day is the one we have with ourselves. It’s a sad state of affairs when our feelings about love are dictated by our relationship status; there is so much love to be shared in each and every moment that it’s a crying shame more people can’t commit themselves to stopping and smelling the roses every once in a while, even if for a second they’re reminded of their thorns.

Love is a set of stepping stones strewn haphazardly over a river of turbulent emotions ; it would be nice if we crossed them carefully and with grace – but I’ll be the first to admit that it’s not always the case.  The first stone is self-love; you can’t feasibly land on any others until you’ve conquered this step.  People try to skip it and rush to other steps beyond their reach…but some slip, others fall and most curse the world that they’ll never love again. We all stumble and land in the water, but what we have to remember is that you don’t drown by falling in the water, we drown by staying there: we could dance it off and splash around, rinse our souls and start anew; start fresh.

My last relationship ended a while ago and as with most breakups, extenuating circumstances were everywhere.  We weren’t  just like everyone else: our breakup was different; we were different.  Over the course of the few years we’d known each other, he’d been diagnosed Bipolar 1 and I was fighting as hard as I could to maintain any semblance of normalcy between us. When I love, I have a tendency to put the other persons needs before my own – and in this situation, doubly so. But trying to love someone who can’t be 100% of themselves puts unnecessary strain on a relationship, and I was doing the work of both parties. When we split I had an epiphany that I’d put so much of myself into my relationship that I’d lost sight of who I was as an individual: I had no clue what it meant to be me anymore.  In turn, I decided to go on a mission – a journey into the manifest destiny of my emotional mind; it’s been the most rewarding experience I could have asked for, and the best gift he ever gave me.With so much love in the world, we don’t have to be so naive to think that as single members of society we can’t enjoy Valentine’s Day.  For me, Valentine’s Day is a reason to celebrate all the love around me – the love that my friends share, that the couples in my life share, even the love that my pets share: it’s there, it’s all there, you just have to be patient enough to notice it.

At the end of the day, what truly matters is only one love: do you love yourself – and more importantly, what variables add up to love in the equation of your life?

A year and a half ago – I wouldn’t have had an answer for that – I probably would’ve given you a blank stare and said something vague like “happiness.” As delightful as that is, the education adulthood has given me screams that it’s simply not enough: what makes you happy and how do you cultivate happiness in your life or within your friendships? I’m blessed: I’ve found the most fulfilling moments in the smallest of places and they do their dose of replenishing the love in the world around me.

Art doesn’t have to be in a museum and it surely doesn’t have to have a price tag; almost all of the art I’m currently into I stumbled across while wandering the streets of Los Angeles.  And it makes complete sense, if you think about it – creativity oozes from the veins of our city so it’s no wonder that it art lurks in alleyways and lays hidden to the most oblivious of people.

There’s something to be said for being awake while the city sleeps, and it goes beyond catching the glory of a sunrise – while other people are caught up in dreams that they’ll likely never remember, I’m making plans for dreams that refuse to get out of my head.  To be honest, I do my best thinking when the city sleeps.

It’s taken almost five years, but I have to admit – I love LA. I love the clusterfuck of personalities and vocations, of music genres and museums; it’s like someone threw the eclectic parts of the world into a martini shaker and let it loose above the city.

The older I get, the stronger my relationships with my parents get; getting older and wiser is difficult and they make things so much easier.  Whether it’s a funny anecdote comparing my life to any of their post-collegiate fumbles, or friend advise or a funny joke that no one else would get, my parents are my rocks and their support and unconditional love means the world to me.

One of the biggest understatements in the world is this: these two faces light up my life.  Even though I just started, I  can’t begin to explain the adoration and admiration that run through my veins every day that I get to spend with them.  They’re privy to inside jokes no one else gets and see my one person dance parties on the daily. My life is richer because they’re in it; I feel love because they’re in my life

And now, in no particular order – these are the things that fill my heart on the daily:

…getting lost in a good book, autocorrect when I’m drunk, dandelions, empty email boxes, handwritten letters, strangers who share their smiles, scream laughter, catching up with friends over mimosas, mosh pits, the first rays of morning sunshine, bear hugs from close friends, fresh music, hand-me-down clothing, writing, long runs, coincidences, and most importantly – me.

Play: San Diego, Round 2

There comes a time in everyone’s work routine when they just need a break from the monotony; for example, my coworkers – whose kids happen to be closer to my age than I am to theirs – go on week long vacations, stomping down that PTO cap several times a year.  But then there’s me…little Miss “My-PTO’s-Been-At-Capacity-For-Six-Months”…who couldn’t seem to find any appropriate reason to take time off of work.  Sure, I’ve taken time off for Coachella, Hard Summer and EDC – but it’s been a while since I’ve felt I deserved a mini-vacation, especially considering I work from home half the time – that’s almost vacation enough from the monotony of the work week.  Well, thank goodness that all changed last Friday!  One of my close girl friends and I took the day off of work and moseyed our way on down to beautiful San Diego.  We had some delicious meals, which included one of the best Bloody Mary’s I’ve ever nommed on, and took ourselves on a little sightseeing at Balboa Park – here are some of my favorite snaps of the weekend; enjoy!

Let the vacation begin!

A little bit of rain ain’t no thang; storm clouds won’t stop us!

The sun tried coming out for us!

One of my favorite Skylines

Dinner at Urban Solace: Delish Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup

Homemade pie from a friend, OMNOM

San Diego sunrise =)

House Bloody Mary at PrepKitchen – it’s a must!

Japanese Friendship Garden

We stumbled across a wolf convention, NBD