Oh, Snap: Throwback Thursdays

One of the biggest fads on Instagram these days is something called a ‘Throwback Thursday’ – it’s where you get those pictures of you with that crazy hair color, weird leggings, neon spandex, awkward family, amazing friends and embarrass the hell out of them using the powers of social media.  There’s a little bit of hoopla surrounding what exactly what makes a picture a throwback: some argue that #TBT pictures should have been originally taken using stock or film photography; that cute picture of you from your sister’s birthday party last year does not constitute a throwback.  But old school pictures, family albums, sporting events, after school activities and the early college years – in my book – are all equally available for use; just remember, if you’re easily embarrassed you might want to lay off of your friends – you never know what ridiculous artifacts could be resurrected for the entire internet to see!

Now, for the fun stuff – these are my favorite TBT snaps from the last few months – enjoy this trip down memory lane!