Wednesday Watercooler: Week of August 28th, 2013

“The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances:
if there is any reaction, both are transformed.”
― C.G. Jung

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It’s almost been 31 days since August rushed in and it feels like it’s exiting my life is essentially the same fashion; the weeks get shorter, and the weekends – doubly so, but the memories I’ve made over the course of the past month are set to last me for a lifetime. As if it weren’t obvious, I’m beyond in love with the most wonderful man; he makes me feel equal parts sexy, intelligent and hilarious – what a hat trick, right?!   To me, the best part about being in a relationship is constantly evolving myself to be the best person I can be; and he completely does that for me.  I’ve been all over the map (literally and figuratively) for the past few weeks.  I had a master plan to shake things up and I did! I cruised to LA State Historic Park for downtown’s now annual event HARD Summer, I had the luxury of heading to San Diego for an exciting weekend on the sea, I introduced my boyfriend and his housemate to the wonders of the J Paul Getty Museum and for the upcoming long weekend I’m taking my boyfriend home to meet the rest of my family and friends. A whirlwind for sure….but I couldn’t think of a more beautiful one to be stuck in!

Sunset from the J Paul Getty Museum

Before I get to the gusto of this post; I think it’s time for a teensy tinsy confession.  The Wednesday Watercooler piece slowly but surely became my favorite post to churn out on a biweekly basis; but as I’ve been honing in on my writing style – and niche – I’ve enjoyed devoting full posts to interesting topics instead of glossing over them like stepping stones on a riverbed.  I’ve gone head over heals about Doing It Right, a series of pieces on the way I play – my favorite vacations, staycations and day-ventures with friends; I’ve been creating my own visual quotations and adoring every second of the process – especially the photo editing, which I also do in my Oh, Snap segments; and last but definitely not least, I can’t help but want to write for days about my love of music – whether it’s the EDM scene, new artists, concerts or the community – if I’ve experienced, felt, laughed, screamed or cried about it, I want to share it with the world.  In the past year, this blog has catapulted into over 100 followers and 200 unique and, at least in my opinion, well researched posts – all inspired by the effervescent and ever changing world around me.  As I’ve developed personally over the past year, this blog has manifested into something bigger than I can imagine – and that’s thanks to my wonderful readers, like you! Anyways, now that’s out of the way let’s get down to business.

The 50th Anniversary of I Have a Dream

Today is an extra special day in History; if you haven’t seen the Google Doodle or been inundated with posts from your favorite social media outlets – then let me break it to you nicely.  50 years ago today, one of the most influential characters in our Civil Rights Movement gave one of his most famous speeches.  There’s a kickass interactive website set to capture and chronicle the voices of today discussing the changes and state of race relations in the United States today.  Currently, the site contains almost 100 interviews from people involved in the civil rights movement – from leaders and activists, to elders and clergy members; if they had a voice, they’re telling their stories.  If you feel inclined, you can head over to the website and submit your own story commemorating the 50 year anniversary of the event.

Twerk Somethin’

One thing’s for sure about the upcoming Generation – I’m a little nervous about their role models!  Working for Disney maybe I’m hyper aware of this – but I’ve seen more than a handful of child stars that were plucked from the masses and put on pedestals completely disengage their fanbase and – essentially – say fuck the media, I do what I want. Currently, the Queen Bee of this scene is none other than ex-Disney star Miley Cyrus.  Now, a girl can do what she wants – shake what her momma gave her, twerk sometin’, hang with the cool kids and run rampant on the streets; but in my opinion, once you’ve garned the power of popularity you should also have some semblance of social responsibility – mmm, yeah…right.  This past weekend at MTV’s infamous VMA Awards, Miley treated us all to a lesson in Twerking; something I’d much rather soon forget.  Between shaking her money maker on Robin Thicke, raging with Borgore and living the good life – I have to say, she’s doing something right; I’m just not sure what it is!

Concerning Consciousness 

I’m no psychologist – but I’m earnestly and honestly fascinated by the human mind, how it can be manipulated and how it relates to others; as far as consciousness is concerned, it’s beyond interesting. What makes something sentient and self-aware?  How can we possibly assume that because we cannot quantify consciousness in other things – a cat, a rock, a shooting star – that it ceases to exist?  As far as humanity is concerned, I believe in a massive,collective unconscious that slowly gets siphoned in and out of reality and in and out of our constrained, physical bodies.  But like they say in Fight Club: that’s just me, and I could be wrong. However, Aeon Magazine published a magnificent article about the condition of consciousness and I’m so exited to share it:

“We can’t help it, and the fact that we can’t help it ought to tell us something about what consciousness is and what it might be used for. If we evolved to recognize it in others – and to mistakenly attribute it to puppets, characters in stories, and cartoons on a screen — then, despite appearances, it really can’t be sealed up within the privacy of our own heads.” [Read More Here]

Pendulum Swinging Back Into View

At the beginning of last week I heard maybe the best EDM news of the entire Summer! A few years ago, one of my favorite groups decided they were done with their signature drum & bass sound in favor of evolving their craft the way of the industry – Trap, Dubstep, Drumstep, etc.  They went from having 3 members to 2 members, and from being a live group to essentially being a DJ Set.  If you haven’t put it together by now, the group I’m talking about is Pendulum – made of the trio Paul Harding, Gareth McGrillen and last but definitely not least Rob Swire; and Knife Party – their offshoot, is made of only the two later members.

In Spring of ’12, right after Coachella, one of my friends and I moseyed over to Funktion Wednesdays at Avalon to see a Pendulum DJ Set; I remember explicitly asking what the difference between a Pendulum DJ set and a Knife Party set was and they honestly couldn’t tell me.  Low and behold, three months later Pendulum announced they were going to stop touring together in favor of pursuing Knife Party – much to the dismay of the majority of their fan base, including myself.  Now, don’t get me wrong because I love me a bloody Knife Party – but there’s absolutely nothing like a live set from Pendulum!  I’m definitely doing my happy dance in eager anticipation of their next album; bring on 2014!!

Who Gave Us Numbers

One of the greatest debates a mathematician or scientist can get into is distilling their craft to this: when it comes to numbers, did we as a society invent them or are numbers divinely created and handed down to us?  I’m sure your side of the debate weighs heavily on your views of this world, or even worlds beyond this; but regardless of your stance, the following video from PBS’ Idea Channel asks the simple following question – does math exist; as a statistician, I’m sure you already know my response but I’ll leave the job of answering that question to you guys 😉

[Doing it Right] The Getty + Graffiti

Over the past few years, I’ve noticed a distinct change in my temperament and personality – sure, I’m still just as bouncy as I’ve ever but I’ve cultivated a need to take things a little slower on some weekends.  If life is about the journey and not the destination, why not stop and smell the roses – right? Well, this journey as an Angelino has been more than wonderful but – not now, but eventually – I’m going to leave this ‘City Kitty’ lifestyle of go-go-go attitudes, glitz and glamour for something a little tamer.  After five years, I’ve essentially exhausted all of my EDM outlets in this town – the clubs, the festivals , the underground, the rooftops, the pools.  Don’t get me wrong because I’m proud to say I’ve done it, but lately I’ve been itching for something more – something that inspires me to evolve.  As fun as it would be to live like this forever, everything in moderation (including moderation).  A place in the country-side, close enough to the city to enough its amenities – sports teams, museums, concerts – but far enough away so we go to sleep under the stars, instead of being put to bed by sirens.  So, until then I’ve made a vow to myself and to my close friends that we’re going to explore every creative outlet this town has to offer us.

madewithover (3)

I’ve had the pleasure of visiting a handful of museums within the past year and a half – in southern California, I’ve been to the San Diego Natural History Museum, the LA Natural History Museum, the Getty Villa and the Crystal Bridges Museum in Arkansas.  This past weekend was a gorgeous one, and I had the pleasure of bringing my boyfriend and his housemate on their first adventure to the J Paul Getty Museum. I hadn’t been since my parents visited in 2010 so I was eager to go back and see what had changed.  On each side of our trip to the Getty, we adventured down Melrose and Fairfax to explore the graffiti and street art in my neighborhood.  Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, I’m sure you’ve seen my Oh, Snap series on Street Art – exploring the contemporary art of the area and contrasting it against the classical forms we saw during the day on Saturday was absolutely amazing and I thoroughly enjoyed the dichotomy between the two; hopefully y’all enjoyed these pictures as much as I enjoyed the experiences!



[Artist Spotlight] Lane 8 + Russ Chimes

It’s not often that I’m moved enough to share a favorite artist with the world, but when credit’s due – credit is due; I’ve been digging around through the deepest of house music for the past year and I feel like I’ve finally found my niche in it.  Just a little bit of bass, some soulful lyrics, a killer bridge and a dance-able beat – I’ve found it before so I know that it’s possible.  It’s the music Kaskade was giving us back in 2004 with his artist album ‘In the Moment’ and again with his last US tour, which he dubbed the ‘It’s You, it’s Me Redux.  The Deep House that is doled out nowadays can have a generic beat and at times, it can be hard to tell where a song begins and ends….and doubly so during a deep house set.  I can’t tell you how many times my friends and I have turned to each other and asked ‘Is this still the same song?’  So, when I discovered this latest artist I was beyond stoked.  I’ve been listening to my fair share of Finnebassen, Cyril Hanh and the guys on Crosstown Rebels but the one thing I’ve been craving is original work from a deep house artist.  Both Cyril Hahn and Finnebassen are more more than adept at remixing (or as I love to say, mixing down) oldies and goodies alike, including but not limited to: James Blake’s Retrograde and Jessie Ware’s Sweet Talk.

Over the last few months ‘Perfect Form’ and the B Side have come out – giving Cyril his first singles which were amazing; A+! In the meantime,  I’ve had a golden opportunity to discover two amazing new (at least to me) artists in the scene.  Russ Chimes and Lane 8 have been giving me chills for a few months now – between their adept remixes and ellquently catchy singles, I’m surprised these two haven’t blown up more than they already have! They’ve been dishing out hit after hit recently and it would take a real asshole to not enjoy their sound.  Perfect for a BBQ with friends, weekend getaway or poolside – catchy lyrics, dance-y beats, non-repetitive structures; totally my thing! Nothing like having a diamond in the rough, but I’m the type that loves seeing that lesser known artists start popping up in mixes, live sets and finally into festival lineups in my area.  There’s no sense in talking someone up who can speak for themselves, so without further ado – here’s a few mixes and original singles from Russ Chimes and Lane 8.  I guarantee you’ll be sailing smoothly into your weekend in no time!

Lane 8

Russ Chimes

[Self Discovery] What’s Your Power Color

As far back as I can remember, I’ve had more than an affinity for certain colors –  cerulean blue, bright neon pink, rustic oranges, moving mahoganies; you name it, I’ve loved it. If there’s one thing that we, as humanity, can agree on it’s that there’s an unspoken bond between the colors of our world and our feelings towards it. Colors  affect your emotional state on the regular and lately research has even proven that colors can have a physiological effect on the body, giving them emotional control of our brains by altering our hormonal balance.  Without a single noise, taste or smell – the introduction of color can completely alter the course of your day, your life or even your business proposal.

madewithover (1)

Back a few years ago when I was first hired at Walt Disney Studios they had a few of our departments pair up for a ‘Color Coding Workshop‘ to determine the best way to communicate with each of us in an office setting.  There are four options for colors – white (peaceful, logical), yellow (fun, attention seeking), blue (emotional, intimate) and last but not least red (powerful, productive).  At the start of the workshop, we filled out two separate surveys and score ourselves; once we finished we received a dominant and a subordinate  color – which for me was blue and white.   Though I was intrigued by the results, my assigned colors for the workshop weren’t my important takeaway:  once we finished reviewing our results, I got to thinking about my coworkers, colleagues and superiors.

The goal of the workshop was to demonstrate the best ways we can relate to our peers and, on the flip side, be understood by them in a constructive environment.  I went through the litany of associates on my email chains while thinking long and hard about the people I continually butted heads with.  I took the time to consider their views for a second – to see what it meant to come from a world where your own personal rule book is run on finding fun or pushing for power – and attempted to translate my learnings into action.  Almost immediately I was witnessing results! There’s one coworker who I had continually fought against to the point that I almost quit my job – on no kidding three different occasions.  After the workshop, I picked up the office phone for fun and rang to his cube – I had a question about a movie promotion and was curious how much better we would be at communicating.  I’d determined that he was a red by color coding standards, so – I wanted to play into his sense of respect and power. Instead of whimsically explaining what needed to happen, I let him get on his pedestal and go through, step-by-step, how we were going to manage the promotion.  For the first time in our work relationship, we came to an agreement, and an affable one at that!

My cats color code themselves.

Now, the more I grow up the more I’ve observed firsthand the role that color plays in everyday life.  From the color of my hair to the colors in my closet; we’re unconsciously affecting our lives on the daily with the way we choose to paint our individual worlds.  I’ve always had an affinity for things that sparkle and shine; thinking back to when I was a little one it always seemed like the blues of the world took my breath away. The sky, the sea, my dad’s eyes -they were absolutely (and peacefully) beautiful to me.  The older I’ve become, the more frequently I’ve been attracted to deep colors at times of passion and light pastel yellows and greens when I’m feeling free.  There are three places that colors play a dominant role in my life: my closet, my nails and on the walls of my apartment.  If we take a trip down memory lane, you could actually see that the dominant colors in my life also dominated my wardrobe: going back to high school, pink was the highlight of my wardrobe; once I moved away to college blue soon replaced it.  I’ve gone through a wicked black phase and tried to counterbalance that with all types of greys; the end result is a cacophony of color and a rainbow on hangers.  Like you would really expect anything less though, right?  Sometimes, it’s the neon colors that get me and others it’s the faded pastels that float into my world – but lately, and so strange to me – I’ve been mulling over this almost bright pastel yellow and it makes me calm and connected.  The irony for me is that though I’ve never done a personality “Power Color” test – for fun, I started playing around with one on Seventeen magazine’s website and – voila – I actually tested as yellow:

Yellow is the color of happiness, mental clarity, optimism, cheerfulness, and energy.

It is also a color that stimulates appetite, the brain, and memory, leading to confidence

Yellow is a practical color, it makes one more analytical, as it is mainly perceived by the brain, and a lot lesser by the heart

On the flip side of our color based personalities, is the idea that behind every astrological sign there’s an appropriate color to don. Being born in early December,  in tropical astrology I fall under the reign of Sagittarius.  I’m ruled by Jupiter, was born with a travel bug, I have a knack for being open and interested, love being on the move and hate feeling constrained.  As far as colors are concerned, we’re ruled by light blue, royal purples and rich maroon; moody, emotional colors which are almost as outspoken as we are as a sun sign.  For  being such a fun loving (yellow) sign, the colors give us balance.   Astrology signs are ruled by colors as well as birthstones – and I think the later is equally important to mention. The Sagittarius birthstone is Turquoise, our soul stone is Tourmaline and our heart stone is bornite (peacock ore).  All are beautiful in their own right, and all grant so much energy when you hold them – especially if you leave your gems out during a full moon like last night.

Bornite / Peacock Ore
The Sag Heart Stone

So tell me, what are your power colors?

Weekly Dose of Wisdom

For as long as I can remember, I’ve had an knack for throwing images and quotes together in the perfect symbiosis.  Every so often when I go  back through old journals and tumblr accounts, it becomes increasingly obvious to me how much they not only move me, but my audience.  Visual beauty paired with moving words – let’s be honest, there’s nothing quite like it! I don’t know why I didn’t get the idea sooner but over the past few weeks  I’ve been developing my own visual quotes! For editing purposes, I’ve been turning to Mextures on the iPhone and Pixlr Express on the Android; then for the kicker, I add text using an awesome iPhone app called ‘Over’ – it’s pure genius and I highly suggest you guys get them!  With so many amazing fonts and filters to choose from, it’s hard not to get completely sucked in! These are just a few that I’ve made this week – and I’m looking forward to making more and turning this into a weekly segment; wee!


Quotable: Love Should Make You Fly


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