I’m every cliché but I simply do it best

Three Simple Things About Me

I feed off of dirty beats, sushi, entropy, rambunctious laughter and bear hugs.
I laugh loudly – and mostly at myself.
I believe that if you love life and work hard, good things always come back to you.

I’m a California girl, true and true.

– I grew up in the Bay, that means I’m down to earth;
I live in LA, that means I’m down to work
[The Grouch]

I was born and raised in the beautiful Silicon Valley, I migrated to Santa Barbara to pursue a degree in Applied Statistics then it was off to Los Angeles to see what this whole ‘real world’ shenanigan was all about.

Los Angeles
The city of Angels and scandal.

It’s the type of city that can eat you up and spit you back upside down and inside out.

This is where people come to be part of it all; If you’re not careful, LA can eat your dreams and wishes for breakfast and then snack on your soul for dessert.

This is the paradoxical rabbit hole where people think they’re coming to “find” themselves, but are only catapulted further down.

This is where you dance in the chaos and lose yourself in the entropy.

You do not find yourself in Los Angeles; this is where your self finds you.

I’m addicted to the good life and I have the simplest of tastes; I’m only satisfied with the best.

My favorite things include, but are in no way limited to:
Fabulous people, loud music, a strong Bloody Mary, social media, passionate perseverance, data analysis, electronic music, poetic sentences, volunteering, turning thoughts into words-crafts-bytes, Sportscenter, the Miami Heat, getting lost in a good book, modeling, scream laughter, arts and crafts, Festival Season, photography, science and technology, working out, grafitti, tattoos, cooking and urban camping.

I’m owned by two cats that have more personality than most people in LA: they light up my life and have led me to a new calling – from volunteer work with LA’s own Kitty Bungalow to crafting and creating my own Non Profit Organization.

I’m absolutely head-over-heals in love with my best friend, fiance and  greatest partner in crime in the world.

My life wouldn’t sparkle and shine the way it does without the glow he gives me and I cannot wait to be with him for the rest of our forever stories.


Aside from my 8-5 job in Retail Space Management at the Walt Disney Studios – I’m a Senior Editor and the Director of Social Media for The DJ List, and a Publicity Associate for the boutique consulting firm The Confluence out of Los Angeles

If you’d like to keep in touch and catch more of my ridiculous adventures in LA, you’re in luck – there are so many methods to choose from:

: E-mail : |

: Instagram : Cats, lasers, concerts and food. Not necessarily in that order.

LinkedIn : Endorse my wacky skill set or take a gander at my current projects

: Twitter : See how witty I can be in 140 characters or less

: Yelp : Keep track of my rants and raves

Unless noted, all photography is my own.
All thoughts are my own, too. Unless they’re stupid. Then I have no idea where they came from…

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