Get to Know Me ♥

I’m every cliché but I simply do it best

A California girl enraptured with Pacific Coast Wanderlust, I feed off of creativity, dirty beats, cats, sushi, entropy, rambunctious laughter and bear hugs. I laugh loudly – and mostly at myself. I believe that if you love life and work hard, good things always come back to you. I have the simplest of tastes; I’m only satisfied with the best.

I was born and raised in the beautiful Silicon Valley, migrated to Santa Barbara to pursue a degree in Applied Statistics. I found myself in Los Angeles, both literally and figuratively, and developed a penchant for prose while getting my hand into the cookie jar of dance music. With a decade of auditory adventures, dabbling in the music industry and eating our way through Los Angeles – we decided our love affair with the city had come to a close as we set our sights to the north.  And now, we’re head over heals in Pacific Coast Wanderlust as we’ve found our a new home up in Seattle, Washington.

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My favorite things include, but are in no way limited to:
Fabulous people, my husband, loud music, champagne, social media, passionate perseverance, sunshine, data analysis, electronic music, poetic sentences, volunteering, turning thoughts into words-crafts-bytes, Sportscenter, basketball, getting lost in a good book, modeling, scream laughter, arts and crafts, Festival Season, photography, science and technology, working out, graffiti, tattoos, cooking and urban camping.

I’m absolutely head-over-heals in love with my best friend, husband and greatest partner in crime in the world.

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If you’d like to keep in touch and catch more of my ridiculous adventures in LA, you’re in luck – there are so many methods to choose from:

: E-mail :

: Instagram : Cats, lasers, concerts and food. Not necessarily in that order.

: Twitter : See how witty I am in 140 characters or less

Unless noted, all photography is my own.
All thoughts are my own, too. Unless they’re stupid. Then I have no idea where they came from…

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