[Self Discovery] Spring Clean Your Scene

Buds are blossoming, birds are chirping, the sun illuminates a larger portion of the day, the cats are lapping up sun showers while I’m able to leave the windows open at night and gallivant around in a tank top and shorts during the day.  That’s right, it’s absolutely irrefutable, Spring has sprung with all of her glory in Southern California and I can’t help but sing her praises. Over the past few weeks, we’ve been inundated with a variety of Spring weather – from the smoggy gloom, to the idle threat of April Showers and full blown sunshine.  As of 4/20 – the Sun, Mercury and Mars were a firmly planted hat trick on Taurus, which will be joined by the beautiful Lyrid meteor shower borne from the cosmic debris of the Thatcher Comet, while Venus twinkles in full force with the waxing crescent moon residing in the background in a subdued sliver.

Sure, Spring Cleaning is a great blanket term for getting your pad back into social shape after a winter of hibernation but I’ll be the first to let you know that Spring Cleaning is for much more than just your house! Spring provides the perfect backdrop for cleaning our internal, emotional and spiritual selves as well. As we’ve shifted away from the Spring Equinox, commonly referred to by it’s traditional Pagan name Ostara, this past month has been a perfect time for personal self reflection and beginning passionate projects; solidifying your romantic relationships and laying the solid foundation for your imminent future.

Since Taurus is ruled by Venus, which we’ve all come to know as the Goddess of Love thanks to classical mythology, Taurus is a perfect time to focus on creating stability in your life, through the pursuit of your personal gifts as well as solidifying intelligent interpersonal relationships relationships.  From your office and your closet, to your arts and crafts supplies and social circle – there’s certainly no time like the present, and trust me when I say you’ll feel better when you know that yours isn’t being wasted.

Take a deep breath and repeat with me: I am the best version of me because I’m the only version of me; my life is richer because I passionately pursue my own dreams instead of chasing the tails of others. I stand taller, because I can raise myself up.  Now, that said – Winter is always an interesting season for me socially because I spend 75% of my time in happy hibernation with my feline friends and the other 15% figuring out how to get out of social requirements and 10% actually out on the town enjoying myself.  And during my downtime? Well, I’m trying to get my mental ducks in a row so when I re-emerge in the Spring, kind of like a swan from an ugly duckling – I’m primed and poised to take full control of my personal life. In the process, I’m pruning the underbrush from my life and making way for flourishing flowers at the top. our closet, your bedroom, your apartment, and your social life all deserve some passionate purging. So, let’s start externally and then let’s refocus this internally, on ourselves and our own personal well being.

Your Pad

I don’t know about you guys, but over the last seven years in Los Angeles – I’ve packed, moved, unpacked, rearranged, reorganized and readjusted my surroundings more than I’d care to admit. In that same amount of time, I’ve amassed countless items from around Southern California – including furniture frivolously left by friends moving across the country, a stack of movies from Disney that I never watch and a closet that somehow manages to grow exponentially in size every season.  To counteract, take good notice of what you use and what items typically just fall to the wayside or become clutter.  If you follow the guidelines ‘a thing for every place, and a place for everything’ – over time your physical imprint will shrink, but the worth of your collection will grow.

Your Closet

This gets it’s own section because let’s face it, after a certain point in life – you’re not going to be shrinking. I’m not saying you’re about to expand, in an eat this-drink that ‘Alice in Wonderland’-esque dystopia; but take a good hard look at your closet and it’s time to trim the fashion fat. Step one, which sounds a little funny – get as far into your closet as you can without doing laundry, and then examine the clothes still hanging.  My reasoning? The more often I don my favorite duds, the more frequently they end in a pile on the floor instead of planted within my closet – leaving the residual to browse through, like an inverse goodwill.  Now, the tedious part – one by one, go through each item and figure out what it is that you’re not into! Are you over bearing your belly? Time to remove the shirts that shimmy about your mid-drift.  Taking a plunge into leggings and tights? Maybe you should rethink your collection of pants.  Living in a new eco-climate?  Toss out some scarves and make way for bikinis!  And remember, the more stuff you eliminate from your closet….the better excuse you have to fill it with things you like!

Your Social Circle

The way I like to clean, goes from the outside in. First comes a comfortable abode, next is a clutter free closet – and last but certainly not least, a simple social circle with all the frills, minus all the drama.  I have a predictable social habit; sometimes a beautiful one – other times, it seems to give me both head and heartache.  I love people who are unapologetically themselves, coming at you like a freight train of honest emotion at 100 MPH.  But over time, it seems I’ve amassed a small quantity of nonquality individuals in my life. They’re the people that you feel reserved around, you find you’re double and triple checking your words instead of relaxing your inhibitions. I wouldn’t call them toxic, but I’ll go as far as saying you have people to invest your energy in.  Learn to trim the friendship fat and set boundaries in your life, you’ll find your friendships and relationships will become passionately more pleasurable and richer than you could even imagine.

[Self Discovery] Delight Yourself in Friday’s Once In a Lifetime Solar Hat Trick

This Friday, the stars are aligning in the most beautiful of ways.  First and foremost, Spring will finally be sprung!  Living in California, we’re a tad spoiled with the weather – but with Spring comes Festival Season, which makes me all sorts of giddy like a kid on their first day of Summer Camp with the best snacks in their lunchbox and a stuntin’ new do. Spring means love blossoms from the heart like flowers from the bud, that the happy humans and beautiful brains of Los Angeles will be out and about, spanning rooftops, lounges and underground affairs while enjoying laughter and a light evening breeze.  The Spring Equinox is more than ushering in the new season with the idea of rebirth, regeneration and growth.  Known as the Vernal Equinox to some, it’s also the time of year when the suns shines directly on the equator of our slightly shifted home planet – giving us hypothetically equal amounts of day and night. Derived from latin roots, equinox translates into ‘Equal Nights’ but that isn’t always so.  As it turns out not only does your attitude depend on your latitude, as Kanye muses, but your equinox does, too.  Depending on where you’re sitting on the Earth’s axis, you’re going to have your equinox at slightly different dates surrounding the equinox.  The closer you are to the poles, the closer you are to celebrating the equinox on the ‘Equinox’ – our actual equinox in Los Angeles was on the 16th; so good news for us, the days are just going to keep getting longer!  But no matter, at 3:45 PM in LA, 22:45 UTC, the First Point of Aries will usher in the Spring Equinox in sweet, serene style.

A point of balance in the world, the Spring Equinox brings with it a beautiful time to lay plans into motion, forge a new friendship or enter into that romantic relationship you’ve been tip-toeing around.  Spring is a time to expound upon chances and effectively be reborn within yourself.  Go start a new project, follow your passion and add a bit of spark to your life and watch your world shine.   This equinox occurs with the moon at one of of it’s closest points to Earth’s atmosphere, making it a ‘Supermoon‘!

Not only does the 20th mark our Spring Equinox, but we’re all about to get an incredibly special treat.  In a monstrous celestial celebration for all of Earth’s creatures (and maybe a few on Venus and Mars as well), on Friday we’ll be treated to a rare bird: the total solar eclipse. In fact, it’s been almost a year and a half since the last total eclipse back in November of 2013.  If you want your brain to explode just slightly, try this on for size: it’s been over 350 years since there was a total eclipse during the spring equinox! The last time these two celestial events coincided was supposedly all the way back in 1662, and it won’t be happening again until 2034!  The next time they appear simultaneously will thankfully be within my lifetime, but noting the odds – that’s a bit of luck as well!

Unfortunately for those of us in the Americas, we’ll have to live vicariously through our brothers down under and the lads across the pond in Europe.  The next time we’ll get our gander at an eclipse of any sort in the US will be August 21, 2017. Mark your cell phone calendars and etch it in your mind, it’ll be a day to remember.

If you’re lucky enough to live in an area where you can see the Solar Eclipse – please, please, please: take precautions with your eyes!  The sun is a powerful ball of energy, bursting with life and just because the moon is passing over it doesn’t mean you should stare into it.  If you want to appreciate the full glory of the eclipse, there are special shades you can buy – and special lenses for your camera if you’re in the mood to get a stellar snapshot.

For more details on Friday’s Eclipse, these two infographics from NASA and Space.com sum it up very nicely:

Credit: NASA

Credit: Space.com