[Caturday Kitty Corner] Favorite Feline Finds

After a lifetime as a self professed cat lady, I figured it was time to start putting my knowledge to good use and imparting some of it onto y’all, my fellow feline fans. Tune in on Caturday I dose out some important cat related content with lots of Catitude. imparting some of my know how onto others that love their cats just as much as I do. So, welcome to the Caturday Kitty Corner – your new go to resource for cat related content, with a dose of Cat-titude

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Currently, my husband and I have a troop of five furry friends – Daisy – a Calico, Stella – a Lavender Tabby, Marley – an Orange Tabby, and a duo of Siamese – Loki, who has the traditional pattern, and Lucky – a Lynx Point Siamese Tabby. They’re all different ages, with different likes and temperaments – but one thing they can all agree on: how much they dig the products below.

Favorite Tricks and Tools for the Aspiring Crazy Cat Ladies

Books: The Cat Bible: Everything Your Cat Expects You to Know by Tracie Hotchner

Whether you’re simply curious, or amassing all possible knowledge about your furry feline friends, Tracie Hotchner has your back. The esteemed host of Cat Chat on Martha Stewart Radio, you’ll get more information than you know what to do with – and that’s kind of the point. No matter if you’re trying to get into your first cat, or are looking to add members to your squad, curious about cat-proofing your home, claw clipping, odd behaviors and different breeds: this is the read for you.

Best Mat for Litter Control: Gorilla Grip Original Premium Durable Cat Litter Mat

Life with cats is pretty simple, when you get down to it – but there is always one conundrum every owner has to face: where the hell do you put the litter box and how do you keep that cat litter from going everywhere? Well, meet your new best friends – these live-saving, litter trapping mats from Gorilla Grip. Phthalate-free, easy to clean, and kind to the touch for your feline friends – the mats come ready to fit to your needs with multiple sizes, colors and different shapes with rectangle, semi-circle and corner pieces.

I defer to the jumbo size for a few different reasons – but mainly: between five cats of our cats and hardwood floors, the tiny litter pebbles would spread through the house like wildfire. Thanks to my trusty new friend from Gorilla Grip, cleaning the mat is as easy as vacuuming for small messes and a quick hose down in the sun for large ones. Trust me – this mat will save your sanity.

Next Level Playtime: YOFUN Smart Interactive Cat Toy 

When a cat wants to zoom, they freakin’ zoom – but you’re not always going to be free when they want to play. Enter your cat’s new electronic best friend – the YOFUN interactive toy. Fully equipped with a little red dot and spazdic motions, the toy is unpredictable and fun for the whole squad. We got two so our cats didn’t have to compete to use it – and currently they’re available for only $12.99

Curb the FeedingFrenzy: Catit Senses 2.0 Digger for Cats

If there’s one piece of advice I can give you about Orange Tabbies, they do not stop eating. Watch – go to Google search, and start typing ‘Why Are Orange Cats…’ and just watch the results roll in. Garfield wasn’t just an awesome cartoon, he was an accurate depiction of the Ginger Tabby Eating Profile. To try and slow our cat Marley down just a little bit, we found this cat-tastic tool from Catit. Instead of your pet being able to free feed on treats and kibble, they’re forced to use that cute little noggin of theirs to figure out how to get the treats out of the green cylinders. Now, the little kitten has figured out all she has to do is bite down on the edge of them and fling the treats in the air, but that’s another story, for another day.

Cat Nip: From the Fields Catnip

There’s nothing quite as fun as when your cats get nippy with it, but at the end of the day – every herb connoisseur knows that you want both quality and quantity with your buds. Our cat favorite in this household comes from the brand From the Field; just one sprinkle and the cats will go crazy. Simple, successful and silly!

Cat Scratcher: PetFusion Jumbo Cat Scratcher

Now, I couldn’t just tell you about the wonders of my favorite cat nip without giving you a good place to put it, right? Enter PetFusion – they’re just one of those companies that simply does everything right

Made of heavy duty cardboard, these cat scratcherswith fun features and sizes like triangles, or multiple platforms with easy access from both sides.

Their cat-scratchers are more or less indestructible (minus the one I sat on and broke…), and the multi-level ones are the best for multi-cat households or just really lavish kitties.

Cat Nail Clippers: Whisker Wishes Veterinarian Grade Pet Clippers

Just like when we need a mani-pedi, your cat also needs to get their claws clipped every so often. Oh, yes, it can be nerve wracking – but thankfully, there’s a few companies who have products that are here to help. My no fuss, no slip go-to are these fantastic veterinary grade clippers from Whisker Wishes.

Being white, they’re easy to find if you misplace them – as I discovered when I lost a black pair a year ago and needed to replace them.. Not only is this model super cute, but even better – they come in at a super low price of only $6.00 on Amazon.

Pet Harness: Voyager Step-in Air Dog Harness from Best Pet Inc

Let’s start by saying: not every cat wants to be outside, and not every cat owner wants to entertain the idea of putting their cat on a leash. If either of those describe your current cat condition, this product is not for you. If not, read on my friends!

For the daring and adventurous cat owners, and cats as well – the Voyager Step-in Air Dog Harness is the best bet. The harness gives ample mobility while ensuring your cat can’t escape – but do yourself a favor and measure your cat before you buy so you go with the purr-fect fit, and at $12.99 you might as well consider this a steal.

Water Fountain: Veken Cat Automatic Water Fountain, 2.5L

Leave it to some random Buzzfeed post to get my goose a few months back, but as I was scrolling through a post devoted to proper presents for your feline friends, I discovered this amazing Veken automatic water fountain. It comes with a plastic mat and a few interchangeable filters, but eventually you’ll need to restock as you have to replace them every once in a while.

It took a few days, and some coaxing from the rest of the squad – but all five cats have been sharing and enjoying the fountain; especially the kitten, Lucky von Floof.

Cat tree: Yaheetech Cat Tree on Amazon

Amazon has a lot of great options to choose from, as in so many options you could actually fall into a hole in the internet as you compare and contrast your options. There are tall trees, wide trees, multi-level trees, trees with hammocks, trees that look like they’re real trees, and of course your run of the mill standard options. I’ve had good luck with what I’ve found, but at the end of the day I’m of the personal opinion that you really need to see them in person to get the full read; I mean, you wouldn’t buy your next apartment or car online, so why should your cat? Anyhow! Your local PetSmart or Pet Club has a bunch of options that fit any pet situation. But some key things to look for: multiple levels is necessary for multiple cats, have a few different scratching options available and make sure the top is big enough to host a furry little slumber party.

To snag any of the items I’ve listed, plus lots more of my favorite feline finds – check out this little list I’ve put together over on Amazon. Anything you think is missing? Let me know in the comments below and enjoy your Caturday, furriends!

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Happy Caturday: Introducing, Loki!

It’s been a good while since I’ve posted about Caturday, but for an excellent reason – for the past month, we’ve been running rampant around Southern California in the passionate pursuit of music. After Coachella, we were hit with the most difficult of blows – Sake was sick with Lymphoma; we didn’t catch it in time but I did get to spend a lot of his last few weeks at home with him.

Lymphoma is one of the biggest silent killers in the cat world; it’s a heartbreaking way to go and I truly hope that no one else has to experience what we did. The silver lining is now were aware of early warning signs like loss of appetite, change in behavior, acting depressed and lethargy.

From the old, comes the new – and right before Lightning in a Bottle, one of my best friends reached out to me with wonderful news. Her boss had adopted an adorable kitten from a liter found underneath a home, but couldn’t keep it – would I be interested? WOULD I EVER ❤️

So, without further ado – world, meet Loki! Aptly named after the Norse God of mischief, he’s been running rampant for the past month, warming our hearts, and enriching our lives. I can’t wait to share his life with you guys – and of course some kitten tricks and tips!

For those of you that have only raised a cat since adulthood, or have only had indoor cats – there’s a whole other think coming. Outdoor cats are exposed to more of the elements and the unpredictable nature of, well, nature, adding formidable human years to their age. Kittens, on the other hand, seem to age exponentially – reaching 15 human years by the time they’re done with one!



[The Caturday Corner] Spring Coat Care for Cats

Over the past few years I’ve more than cemented a name for myself as the Cat Lady of my social circle (and, my social media circles as well) but for an excellent reason – I own two (three now that my fiancee and I live together), take care of the four cats in my apartment and have spent a good amount of time volunteering at cat shelters and on the board for LA’s own Kitty Bungalow. Plus there’s the whole thing where I kind of act like a cat, but let’s save that story for another time 😉 Now that Spring has sprung, I’ve noticed – as you invariably will –  that so has the pet fur around your pad; especially if you have black clothing, dark carpets or richly colored sofas and seats. With a shift in the weather, comes a shift in the actual coats your cats wear .

Until recently, I thought my older cat Sake had hairballs because he’d been going to town on himself; now that I’m using the Furminator brush on Stella and Daisy, our other two cats, I realize that they’re the actual cuplrits!  Low and behold, the big bristled brush that I’d been using on Sake’s medium coat simply wasn’t cutting it for short haired kittens. Depending on what breed of cat you own, or rather – the breed of cat that owns you – you could very well have your work cut out for you.  Long haired (furred?) cat breeds need to be brushed every three days, if not every other day; short haired and medium haired cats should be brushed at least once a week.For cats of all shapes, sizes and fur lengths – I completely recommend The FurMinator – not only is it a fantastic comb that literally gets all of the loose fur, but it’s a deshedder, too; and great for warmer weather! Plus, wouldn’t you like to wear a color other than ‘cat fur’ this season?