The Audiofiles: Chilled Out

It’s officially the calm after the Music Festival Storm – last Saturday was Day of the Dead presented by HARD Fest; and with the likes of Maya Jane Coles, Justice, Knife Party, Soul Clap, Tommy Trash and Diplo it was not to be missed.  We’ve all been putting the glorious pieces of our weekend back together and are coming to the same conclusion – we had such the excellent time!  Sure, there were some hang ups and things that could’ve been handled better – the line to get in was awful, and there were moments we thought we might get trampled – but once we got inside the festival…it was magical! Per usual, I had the time of my life bouncing, rocking and raging to the sounds of my favorite DJs….but now that it’s Monday, I’m ready to chillout again.  Below is a mix of my favorite chilled artists Blackmill, Seven Lions and Phaeleh; Seven Lions gets a little harder and dirtier than the rest,  Phaeleh us full of sweet and delicate rhythms Blackmill rests beautiful somewhere in between the two. Enjoy, and hope your Monday is as relaxed as mine is about to be!


  1. Blackmill – Miracle
  2. Phaeleh – Natural Feeling
  3. Seven Lions ft. Shaz Sparks – Polarized
  4. Blackmill – My Love
  5. Phaeleh ft Soundmouse – The Cold In You
  6. Seven Lions ft. Birds of Paradise – She Was
  7. Blackmill – Friend
  8. Seven Lions ft Fiora – Days to Come
  9. Phaeleh ft Soundmouse – Afterglow
  10. Blackmill – Lucid Truth
  11. Florence and the Machine – Cosmic Love (Seven Lions Remix)
  12. Blackmill – Home
  13. Above & Beyond – You Got To Go (Seven Lions Remix)
  14. Phaeleh – Lounge
  15. Blackmill – Evil Beauty
  16. Superbus – All Alone (Seven Lions Remix)
  17. Phaeleh – In The Twilight
  18. Blackmill – Skippin’ ‘n’ Trippin’
  19. Phaeleh – ft Indi Kaur – Healing
  20. Blackmill – Spirit of Life
  21. Above & Beyond ft Richard Bedford – On My Way To Heaven (Seven Lions Remix)
  22. Phaeleh – Think About It
  23. Carly M Burns – New Obsession (Blackmill Remix)
  24. Blackmill – Fortune Soul
  25. Velvetine – The Great Divide (Seven Lions Remix)
  26. Phaeleh – Should Be True
  27. Blackmill ft Veela – Let It Be

Music Monday: Choose Your Own Adventure

Ah, yes – I’m one of those strange, strange people who actually enjoys that first day of the work week.

First, it only happens once a week which is so lovely – I think if we had more of them I might suddenly understand where the rest of you are coming from.

Secondly, that feeling 5 o’clock feeling when the day is done and under your belt; there’s no better day to appreciate that than a Monday.

I usually spend part of my day reminiscing about the good fun I’ve had over the weekend: editing and posting pictures, reaching out to new friends, and tracking down any tonal treasures that got stuck in my head over the weekend.

I’m not sure who came up with the idea that Monday‘s always had to be manic – or that a little mania on Monday was a bad thing;I had an incredibly relaxing weekend (all things considered, being me and all…) and I’m feeling pretty mellow at the moment. But regardless of where your weekend dropped you off, I have some jams, new and old, to pick you up and chill you out.  Each playlist is about half an hour, so why don’t you treat yourself to some fun on your lunch break and take a listen?  After all, it is a Monday – you deserve it!

This one is for the gogetters and anyone looking to pick it up a notch or rock it out:


  1. Dog Blood – Next Order
  2. Adventure Club ft Kai – Need Your Heart (Candyland Remix)
  3. Sub Focus ft Kenzie May – Falling Down (xKore Remix)
  4. Bingo Players – L’Amour
  5. Zedd ft. Matthew Koma – Spectrum (A-Trak + Clockwork Remix)
  6. Gareth Emery – Tokyo (Pixel Cheese Remix)

And for everyone else – maybe your hangover is too loud today, or you and the snooze button just became best friends this morning; either way, I’m sure you’d love to pull a Grandma’s Boy and take a nap under your desk.  In lieu of doing that, and potentially getting fired – why not listen to this mix and try and make it through the day.


  1. Finnebassen – Touching Me
  2. Jessie Ware – Running (Disclosure Remix)
  3. Blackmill – Miracle
  4. Sunlounger ft Zara Taylor – Found (Downtempo Edit)
  5. Frank Ocean – Pyramids