Doing it Right: Porter Robinson’s Circle Assembly Tour

Over the last few years, I’ve developed a major crush on Electronic Music – from Trance to Electro House, from Industrial Tech House to Dubstep, and from Drum & Bass to Trap, I basically love it all.   And it’s no wonder, there are elements of electronic music oozing from every other genre.  The “Dubstep” of 2013 sounds eerily similar to the hard rock sounds of Atreyu, Avenged Sevenfold, System of a Down and Korn and “Trap” music is nothing more than hard Rap and Hip Hop beats sans the obnoxious “Money, Hoes and Drugs” vocals.

Each of Saturday’s acts is respected within their own right, as well as their own cross-genre productions.  If you made me drop a pin on the EDM map for Penguin Prison, Seven Lions or Porter Robinson I simply couldn’t do it; each act boasts a mature sound and is beyond versatile.  To be honest, I’d either essentially forgotten or literally had no idea that PP was the opening act – it wasn’t until much later that I put 2 and 2 together to get 4; there were gorgeous vocals coming straight from the DJs mouth, which we were all highly astounded by, a Indie-electro sound and beats that made you just bop around the dance floor – he was the perfect opening act.

Next up was Santa Barbara native Seven Lions – the best way to describe his sound is Trancestep. By weaving beautiful, harmonious dissonance and booming basslines, he creates a unique sound that I’ve only heard from the likes of  Blackmill, on the more relaxed “Chill-step” end of the spectrum, and Xilent, who sits on the harder hitting Dubstep and Drum & Bass side of things. Seven Lions played literally one of the best set’s I’ve heard in the last few years, let alone one of the best ‘Dubstep’ sets ever.  He gets down with the crowd and his energy is contagious, the only other performer I could even compare him to with sound and style would be Bassnectar – and that’s an amazing compliment to both artists in my opinion.

Seven Lions @ The Hollywood Palladium

Last, but by no means least: there’s mister Porter Robinson himself.  After the astounding set by Seven Lions I wasn’t expecting to get swept off my feet: boy was I wrong! He started off the set with his hit ‘Seconds’ and then continued, hit after hit, to wow, astound and hype the crowd.  There was a perma-smile on my face the entire time he was spinning and my feet could not stop moving to his beats.  The Circle Assembly Tour is a must for any self-professed EDM lover; if I could, I would go back in a heartbeat!

Porter Robinson at the Hollywood Palladium

The Audiofiles: Chilled Out

It’s officially the calm after the Music Festival Storm – last Saturday was Day of the Dead presented by HARD Fest; and with the likes of Maya Jane Coles, Justice, Knife Party, Soul Clap, Tommy Trash and Diplo it was not to be missed.  We’ve all been putting the glorious pieces of our weekend back together and are coming to the same conclusion – we had such the excellent time!  Sure, there were some hang ups and things that could’ve been handled better – the line to get in was awful, and there were moments we thought we might get trampled – but once we got inside the festival…it was magical! Per usual, I had the time of my life bouncing, rocking and raging to the sounds of my favorite DJs….but now that it’s Monday, I’m ready to chillout again.  Below is a mix of my favorite chilled artists Blackmill, Seven Lions and Phaeleh; Seven Lions gets a little harder and dirtier than the rest,  Phaeleh us full of sweet and delicate rhythms Blackmill rests beautiful somewhere in between the two. Enjoy, and hope your Monday is as relaxed as mine is about to be!


  1. Blackmill – Miracle
  2. Phaeleh – Natural Feeling
  3. Seven Lions ft. Shaz Sparks – Polarized
  4. Blackmill – My Love
  5. Phaeleh ft Soundmouse – The Cold In You
  6. Seven Lions ft. Birds of Paradise – She Was
  7. Blackmill – Friend
  8. Seven Lions ft Fiora – Days to Come
  9. Phaeleh ft Soundmouse – Afterglow
  10. Blackmill – Lucid Truth
  11. Florence and the Machine – Cosmic Love (Seven Lions Remix)
  12. Blackmill – Home
  13. Above & Beyond – You Got To Go (Seven Lions Remix)
  14. Phaeleh – Lounge
  15. Blackmill – Evil Beauty
  16. Superbus – All Alone (Seven Lions Remix)
  17. Phaeleh – In The Twilight
  18. Blackmill – Skippin’ ‘n’ Trippin’
  19. Phaeleh – ft Indi Kaur – Healing
  20. Blackmill – Spirit of Life
  21. Above & Beyond ft Richard Bedford – On My Way To Heaven (Seven Lions Remix)
  22. Phaeleh – Think About It
  23. Carly M Burns – New Obsession (Blackmill Remix)
  24. Blackmill – Fortune Soul
  25. Velvetine – The Great Divide (Seven Lions Remix)
  26. Phaeleh – Should Be True
  27. Blackmill ft Veela – Let It Be