[Oh, Snap] San Diego Dreamin’

It’s always a good time when my LA friends decide to uproot themselves for the weekend to take our antics to a new location; and this weekend – we ventured down to San Diego for some dancing, sunshine and what my friends and I now like to call ‘Mansioning’

(verb: when you go on a nice vacation and simply marinate in the moment + your happiness!).


I spent the long, Valentine’s Day weekend with my boyfriend and a dozen of my closest friends. We frolicked, we drank, we ate (a partial liquid diet) – but mostly, we geeked out on how much we mean to each other and both our individual and combined potential.  Out of the group, I’m one of the only people that holds a ‘traditional’ (e.g. non-freelance, non-contracted) job with a Monday through Friday, 9-5 schedule.  One friend is a location scout, a few are musicians, then there’s a real estate agent, a makeup artist, a business consultant, a farmer, etc etc – and I can’t discount myself, because I’m still in the process of converting my hobbies and passions into my persuasions like the rest of the group.   Every time we get together, I walk away inspired and reminded of who I am and who my support system is.  And I couldn’t think  of a better way to spend Valentine’s weekend than with a group of people that simply radiate love.

Seal of Approval



My boo + I

Sunset on the SD Harbor

Punch Bowls @ Craft + Commerce
It’s What’s for Dinner

Doing it Right: Stay Classy, San Diego

Once again, I’ve fallen head over heals for the city of San Diego.  At this point, I don’t even know if I can help it – the air is fresh and breathable, the restaurants are equally affordable and delicious, and everyone is super friendly! For the past week and a half this little kitten has been going through some things and it getting out of town felt like one of the healthier options to remedy my emotional state.  So, a few friends and I said sayonara to the city of angels and hellllllo weekend of sun, fun and relaxation!

Sunset in San Diego

I was excited about taking off a little early from work and beating the rush, but apparently I hadn’t thought this out very well because unfortunately for me, and everyone else trying to leave the city, Carmageddon pt 2 had begun.  The combination of rush hour traffic coupled with the impending doom of closing the 405 Freeway between the 101 and the 10 was enough to dissuade the average bear from heading on the road, so it’s a splendid thing for me that I am anything but average!  I rolled down my windows, plugged in my iPod shuffle, turned up the sound and drowned out the world.  In a flash I was brought back to high school;  my friends and I would pile into my GTI (RIP) with our electronic music blaring and call ourselves the the techno gnomes. The drive down was cathartic, but mostly because I had been having a one girl car rave.  I didn’t make it to San Diego until after the sun had set, but I was greeted by a ridiculously scrumptious home cooked meal a la one of my best friends; whoever said you can get to someones heart through their stomach has an excellent point.

Saturday morning started off with just the right amount of laziness; we idled around the apartment all morning, preparing ourselves for an afternoon adventure at sea.  Around 1, we trucked bags upon bags of beer, wine and snackables into our cars and headed off to Harbor Island and get our yacht on. Little ol’me was under the impression that there was a person cap on the ‘boat’ we were taking out. Uhm, no. Instead there were seven silly sailors and one very impressive aquadog, accompanied by an amazing captain that was immediately dubbed ‘Captain Ron‘.  I have to throw in a disclaimer that I am so blessed with amazing opportunities through amazing people; what an experience!

We gallivanted around the water, taking our time to really breathe it all in; though we’re only ballers on a budget, I think when given the opportunity it’s only right to act like the real thing. So, first things first, and very naturally to us – we popped a bottle of bubbly as we got out into the deep blue water.  We blasted 80’s music and sang along like it was our job, dancing between the rooms and floors – we all had this up-to-no-good, shit-eating-grin plastered to our face the entire time.

We had intentions of going out on the town and dancing the night away, but sunshine and day drinking are a ridiculously exhausting combination.  It didn’t take much convincing to don some relaxing duds and stick it out in the apartment for the rest of the night.

In the morning we took to Yelp to see what sorts of foods we could get ourselves into – my friends who I was staying with recommended an adorable gastropub in Little Italy called Craft & Commerce.  From the second we walked in, I fell in lust with the place – there are quotes everywhere: from the neon sign at the front, chalked up walls and  engraved benches that say cute quotes and silly things like “PS I’m touching your ass.”  Even the menu is worth a hoot or two, check out what they say about books.  We somehow managed to go at that strange inbetween hour where it’s definitely not brunch or lunch anymore but it’s too early to be dinner; so we did the predictable thing and made our own happy hour.  It was the perfect way to round out an already amazing weekend.