[The Audiofiles] Wake and Shake Your Morning Blues Away with Daybreaker

Black. Deep Navy Blue speckled with grey, releasing into streaks of pink, orange and blue.  The moon was setting as the sun rose last Tuesday all the while, the morning sky faded from a delightful shade of dark to daylight. In my thirty years on the planet, I’ve never once considered myself a “morning person” by any sort of standards; the early bird might get the worm, but I’ve always considered myself more of a cat.

However, last Tuesday, I was up and at’em at 6:30 in the morning for the first time since I’ve moved to Los Angeles and not for a flight at LAX. Bright eyed and bushy tailed, with my party pants and my dancing shoes on, I was jumping around the living room jubilantly annoying my fiance.  “We’re heading to Daybreaker; get your game face on!”  The look that stabbed me back in the face was one of equal disgust and disrespect; didn’t I know what time it was and how much traffic there’d be, and I was crazy for wanting to drive into downtown LA..and then come back and work?  Yes, yes and oh, yes.  All of the above; but, I implored – that’s the point!

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Daybreaker is for the party girl, or boy, inside you that traded a 9pm rally time for a 9am call time; a night of partying for a night in the office.  And Daybreaker gets it, you deserve – well, a day-break! One thing I’ve learned about getting older, is that maturity is simply knowing when to be immature.

Of the lot of ‘Young Professionals’ I know, almost all of us come from a music, and party, fueled past – even if we don’t still partake in the same ol’ shenanigans.  We inherited 9 AM to 5 PM jobs after navigating a 9PM to 5AM party schedule, and we did it well – we have our own pads, we’ve manifested these real world jobs with regal responsibilities, our closets have suits, ties and fancy shoes, our lives are governed by to do lists…..and somewhere along the way, we became adults. Thankfully, Displaying IMG_0401DJLDJL.jpgDaybreaker does a fabulous job of reminding us that we can get down and get it together at the same time.

Whether you’re on your third wind and didn’t exactly sleep after an excellent night out, or you’re a sun chaser and enjoy the early morning hours – Daybreaker has a dancefloor for you. Out of the corners of Los Angeles, young professionals arose from their slumber to presumably extra funky ringtones with an effervescently bubbly disposition, hopped into their hybrids or carpooled with their cube-mates and like a well dressed and incredibly limber zombie apocalypse, descended on downtown LA. For the first time since it’s inception last year, Daybreaker was heading to the East Side of town instead of their usual haunt on the West Side and this kitten was excited. By the time we reached  The Springs Wellness Center,  the sun was shining and energy in the morning air was palpable – the city was up and at’em, eager to attack the day.

Displaying IMG_0384DJLDJL.jpgEither everyone got the memo, or we’re just that in sync – neon colors, tank tops, hipster chick and yoga pants of each and every amazing textile pattern you could think of were shimmering around the building, while KIND Energy Bars, Stumptown Coffee and tasty antioxidant drinks adorned the tables.   With the booty shakin’ beats of DivaDanielle, Daybreaker got LA goin’ up on a Tuesday – Morning, and thanks to the soulful and inspired slam poetry, we got our brains engaged and ready to tackle the day.  The event rounded up with a lovely morning mantra being passed around the room, for all of us to read together; it was truly an inspiring way to start the day.


Daybreaker Started out in NYC and has been waking and shaking across the US ever since, starting with dates in San Francisco, Los Angeles and London.  Keep your eyes on their socials, because the team could be bringing Daybreaker to a city near you! Next on the list are Amsterdam, Atlanta and Seattle.

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