[My Favorite Blings] Nature Inspired Necklaces and Resin Jewelry

Wire wrapped gems and bracelets that shimmer,
Nature inspired necklaces and earrings that glimmer;
Geodes, crystals, flowers and butterfly wings –
These pieces are some of my favorite blings.

Bold or delicate, colorful or simple – jewelry is more than just a statement, an extension of the personality.  Somehow, between the ease of online shopping somehow and the social circles that I found myself floating around, but over the past few years my affinity for unique jewelry has been on the rise. I have this uncanny urge to collect anything that sparkles or twinkles  even more so if I can wrap it around my neck, wrists or fingers.  Sure, a lot of your favorite department stores will have wonderful pickings but I prefer the handmade variety, vintage pieces and one of a kind finds.  Blame it on my eye opening trip to Arizona’s Gem and Jam Festival and the heady events I’ve been frequenting lately, but my tastes have shifted from large statement pieces to smaller, nature inspired pieces like wire wrapped crystals, sparkling geodes and flowers in resin.

Locally around Los Angeles  there are a few great places to try and scavenge – like downtown’s Santee Alley, Venice Beach and the Melrose Trading Post in West Hollywood.  But, after enough hunting and pecking sometimes those places feel as redundant as department stores with their wares.  Truth be told, my personal preference is ETSY – they have a wonderful collection of handmade, custom wears and there’s something so nice about supporting a small business.  I spent a lot (read: too much) time searching, and wound up with some stellar pieces and lust worthy shops.

Over the Moon

My latest piece is undoubtedly my current favorite, a crescent moon paired with the technicolor twinkling of a Madagascar Sunset Moth.  Yes, it’s a real wing, but fear not – because Chrysalis Studios sources all of their pieces in an eco-friendly manner from local butterfly farms and sanctuaries.  An entirely handmade line, each and every piece is uniquely beautiful and captivating.  Ps. Check out the dreamcatchers, they’re fantastic!

Chrysalis Studios: Website | ETSY Store

Make a Wish

Earlier this year, I saw a story floating around the internet on the beauty of flowers embedded in resin jewelry and naturally – my first reaction after oohing and aaahing, was to snag myself a piece…or four.

WonderFox Jewelry:  ETSY Store

The ScrappinCop:  ETSY Store

Dandelions are dandy, but I fawn over flowers – this necklace is no exception to the rule.
Just K Jewelry: ETSY Store  

KayeBird Jewelry: ETSY STORE

Wrap Me Up

Last, but most certainly not least – I’ve built a little obsession over wire wrapped crystals and gems.  And when they look like this, could you really blame me?


HighWireWrappin’: ETSY Store

What are some of your favorite jaunts to peruse for jewels?!

The Audiofiles: Top 20 Songs of All Time

There’s nothing that piques my interest like a challenge – and when that challenge involves my favorite tracks of all time? Well, that’s simply music to my ears =) So, when my best friend posted about creating a list of favorites for a friend, I couldn’t help but be inspired. We exchanged a few quick IMs and I went on my merry way through the interwebs and back in time.

Even though I’m currently living as a pseudo-raver-kitten, I’ve enjoyed my fair share of classic rock, country and slow jams – it’s just been extremely few and far between as of late 😉

It only took me about an hour, and I only thought about the fact I was limited to 20 jams three or four times; I’d call that a success in itself. So, what we have here are songs that resonate in a special way with my soul. I hope y’all enjoy this trek down memory lane as much as I do =)

  1. Van Morrison – Brown Eyed Girl (Original Version)
  2. Tina Turner – Proud Mary
  3. The Juliana Theory – We´re At The Top Of The World
  4. Eric Clapton – Wonderful Tonight (Full Version)
  5. Janet Jackson – If
  6. Tracy Chapman – Fast Car
  7. Metallica – Nothing Else Matters
  8. 12 Stones – The Way I Feel
  9. Michael Jackson – Thriller
  10. K-Ci & JoJo – All My Life
  11. OutKast – B.O.B.
  12. Atmosphere – Reflections
  13. Tim McGraw – Something Like That
  14. Rascal Flatts – What Hurts The Most
  15. Whitney Houston – How Will I Know
  16. Fiona Apple – Criminal
  17. Moby – Slipping Away
  18. Depeche Mode – Soothe My Soul (Steve Angello & Jacques Lu Cont Remix)
  19. Ferry Corsten – Brainbox
  20. Chase and Status ft. Plan B ft. Rage – Fool Yourself