[The Audiofiles] Ipman Releases Delightfully Dark Debut LP ‘Depatterning’ on The Glitch Mob’s Glass Air Imprint


Prepare yourself for an auditory adventure into the throws of industrial synths, brooding tech house basslines and ominous undertones as Ipman presents his debut album ‘Depatterning‘. Releasing via The Glitch Mob’s Glass Air Records imprint and Tectonic Recordings, Depatterning‘ is the fantastic culmination of two dedicated years in the studio honing his unique and experimental sound that sits delightfully between UK Garage and Future Bass.

Originally hailing from a small rural English town, Ipman – better known as Jack Gibbons – has passionately curated an album that draws equal inspiration from rave culture as it does his personal technological advancements in instrumentation. The album was hand crafted by tech savvy Gibbons, down to the very instruments used: experimenting with both modular and granular synths and rewiring the drum machine.

“I like to create music by experimenting with new ideas and mechanics and letting tracks evolve, and this was no different. I had a pretty free reign and just tried new things and looked at the results.”
Ipman Through discordant bass and dissonant tones, Ipman’s record is a delightful deviation from predictable, four to the floor club bangers. One listen to ‘Depatterning‘ and you’ll be craving a 3am moment at a Warehouse party.

‘Depatterning’ Tracklisting
1. Regicide
2. Technicolour
3. Gravity
4. IPA
5. Last One In The In The
6. Y
7. O
8. U
9. Strong Ones

Depatterning is available for purchase or for listen via streaming in a menagerie of different mediums from Ipman’s website here; choose your auditory adventure whichever way you best see fit – iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Google Play and more!

For more on Glass Air Records, head to their website here

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Originally Featured on The DJ List

[The Audiofiles] Make Wednesdays Wobble at LA’s Low End Theory


Basking in the success of their second annual Low End Theory Festival, Los Angeles’ Low End Theory stands as the wobbliest weekly Wednesday night adventure in town. Reveling in rambunctious lineups, stacked to the brim for your listening pleasure, their calendar perpetually showcases blossoming local talent alongside international stars and talented residents Daddy Kev, Nobody, Nocando and The Gaslamp Killer. Beyond their weekly gigs in the City of Angels, Low End Theory heads to Japan on a quarterly basis and bounces off to San Francisco, New York City and even off to Europe every once in a blue moon. With Echo Park’s The Airliner as their home base, the Low End Theory Squad has cemented more than just a name for themselves on the West Coast, they’ve started a movement, paying homage the fusion of Hip Hop within Dance Music with Glitch Hop, Future Bass and Experimental Dub.

With almost nine years under their belt, their underground following has catapulted them to international acclaim while refusing to go mainstream – letting the artists and their work marinate within the counter-culture and breed creativity within the dance music community. Artists like The Glitch Mob, Flying Lotus, Nosaj Thing, Baths, Thom Yorke, Erykah Badu, Earl Sweatshirt, Mr. Carmack, Daedelus and TOKiMONSTA have all graced the decks at Low End Theory, leaving a strong legacy of auditory taste-makers behind. For a closer look at the ethos of Low End Theory, go ‘Looking for the Perfect Beat’ in a documentary produced by founder Daddy Kev and Music Documentarian Matthew F. Smith.

Low End Theory is gearing up for their 9 year anniversary, coming in hot on October 14. Don’t sleep on this wonderful occasion, snag your tickets now and get wobbly with your Wednesday.

RSVP HereTonight, join in on the fun with Daddy Kev, The Gaslamp Killer, Nocando and Nobody as they’re joined by TEEBS, DAYE JACK, OICHO and B.R.E.E.D! The Airliner is 18+ to Dance, and 21 to drink with a $10 cover at the door. Featuring house regulars TeachingMachine on visual duties and Pure Filth with sound reinforcement, it promises to be one wonky evening!

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[The Audiofiles] Rising Star Spotlight – /ˈl o͞ o s i d/

Call me crazy, but music has the ability to make me smell colors and taste shapes; the backbeat of a melody propels me through the past while a flawless vocal track ushers me into the future.  Art takes the form of the artist, meaning that they’re as much immersed in the final product as the craft itself.  That being said, I’ve been scouring the internet for any and all information about /ˈl o͞ o s i d/, and they’re as elusive as their music is ethereal to my ears.  Seamlessly flowing through glitch infused, four to the floor beats that are equally trappy and sultry,  /ˈl o͞ o s i d/ is blazing the path for Future Bass – and doing it in style.

Each original song individually makes my head, heart and feet explode in a multitude of ways.  On a sonic stroll through his original tracks, I first honed in on the groovy, multi-layered, Dim the Lights – a sexy track marinating in Dubstep a few weeks ago and since then have single handedly been responsible for at least 100 of the songs plays.

My next discovery was the Festival House banger ‘Chaos’ – and I’ll say it now, as a writer – I’m in lust with how he names his tracks. From start to finish, this one just begs to be played at 3AM in the middle of a crowded sweaty warehouse.

Last but not least on the original single tip, there’s ‘I Want You’ – a future bass track that completely crosses over into Tech House, and does it absolutely right.

Not to mention the wide variety of sultry, slippery remixes ranging from Faithless’s infamous track ‘Sleepless’, John Mayer and Evanescence.  Each mix tip toes around the original foundation, pulling and pushing on the meter while injecting a seductive bassline into the heart of each melody. Not to mention, ‘Sleepless’ comes off as a wild, underground warehouse club banger – the way it always should be played.

On his Website, he hints at big things happening on March 2nd – do I smell an LP release? Or maybe, just maybe – you can tell us who you are. Until then, keep turning out the amazing tracks – and I’ll keep blasting them on repeat.

For more on /ˈl o͞ o s i d/, make sure you check out their socials –

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud