[Self Discovery] Discover An Organized Happiness with the Passion Planner


As the years go by and I’ve catapulted by way from being a 20-something with a bunch of dreams to a 30-anything with a menagerie of passions, I’ve found it harder and harder to wrangle all of my daily activities, hobbies, part time gigs and fun shenanigans into one compact, concise, contained and well maintained location.  Existing within a highly chaotic and energetically entropic world requires some sort of organizational opulence.

For the smart phone user in our highly digital age, there’s a long list of apps for both iOs and Android that will keep you on your toes.  Google Calendar has long been a favorite of mine for scheduling events while I’ve depended on the seamless ease of Evernote from my phone to my desktop computer for the last three years to keep my litany of lists in line. I’ve always prided myself on my memory recall for dates, phone numbers and meetings – however, whenever I use anything digitally based, I honestly have a harder time keeping track of the events.  And then it hit me – having a physical, tangible resource that our brain power went into creating helps forms neural pathways that we later revisit as a ‘Memory.’  Nowadays, even though we’re well into the year 2016, I’ve found myself with a penchant for paper planners over anything electronic, and believe you me – I’ve tried them all.  The goal of a great agenda isn’t to fill every last hour of your day with tasks, but in finding the hidden hours in your days, weeks and months so that you have time for the little things you find important, dear and sacred that make you happy, calm and collected.

After juggling stacks of postits, notebooks and to-do lists for the better part of the last two decades, I figured it was about time I get my shit together.  So, around the turn of the year year, I started scavenging for an awe inspiring agenda and finally – almost 8 months later, I think I’ve found the perfect planner – aptly called the ‘Passion Planner.’ Originally funded on Kickstarter , the Passion Planner is my one stop shop for staying sane in this mad, mad world.

Just one look, and I fell head over heals into organizational bliss – there are so many different ways to stack your days, weeks and months – and this planner makes it easy as pie.  Even offering space to dream, doodle and delineate to-dos. Twice a year, you check in with yourself and your goals, realigning yourself with your true home frequency while to wrap up the moth, the planner  offers up a few great journaling prompts for some retrospection.

The highly organized habits of successful people are inspiring, and to me the Passion Planner is the perfect way to get on track.  The first day with the journal, I’d suggest giving yourself a lazy afternoon to get acquainted with all of the little details – especially your roadmap; but after you find your focus, it’ll be smooth sailing. As a general rule, I devote 10 minutes at the start of the day and 10 minutes at the end of the day to keeping my schedule plus a good half hour on the weekend to figure out what’s ahead for the week.

There are multiple designs to choose from – Academic Calendars that Span from 2016-2017, or Annual Calendars which are currently on a discount since the year’s half over.  I wasn’t sure what I was getting into at first, or if I’d even want to keep up with it – so getting a little Trial version was perfect.   Right now if you buy one planner – you’ll get a second for free so you can share the wealth with a friend.  Trust me, they’ll love it – I know I do! And to boot, if you’ve got the printer paper you can even download your own pages to keep handy in a binder or notebook.

What’s your favorite way to keep organized? Join in the conversation in the comments below.

For more details on the Passion Planner, or to simply snag your own – head to their website and socials:

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[The Audiofiles] Enrapture Yourself in the Feminine Mystique with Alia’s Female Medicine Project

Even though we’ve made ample progress for women within dance music, EDM could almost be a coined term for Electronic-Dance-Misogyny. Somewhere, within this male dominated industry and between the scantily clad go-go dancers at nightclubs and PTot’s proudly displaying nothing but pasties and Little Black Diamond shorts, there’s been an emblematic shift in the treatment of woman; the great news, is there’s a new generation of woman out there who are confident trailblazers, well dressed disco sirens and engaged members of the music scene and it’s about time you’ve heard their roar.

With the support of transformational artists like Kayla Scintilla and Eve Olution, West Coast Bass Music recording artist Alia has made it her goal to build up the female bravado within the industry. It’s not about diminishing the talented men out there, or waging a gender battle – but about establishing an empowered female entourage, willing to creatively curate their unabashed talents and make themselves vulnerable enough to share their craft with the world.

“I have a theory: I’ve worked with women very closely for over a decade as a facilitator and coach and I have noticed that women are struggling with personal confidence. They often don’t feel safe to be fully expressed which can hamper their creative expression. This is often why we don’t see them stepping on to the stage as much as the men. I have become passionate about supporting women to move through their inner experience of their limitations so that they can feel safe to step out and let this project be an inspiration and a model for how women can come together to support each other to create great art and grow our careers.”
-AliaAnd as Kayla Scintilla says on his Facebook: ” Great to see the rise of the feminine in the scene… not as a take over of the masculine but as a much needed balancing of the scales. The only way we can truly dance is together!”

Bringing together an all star cast talented artists across the board, like vocalists, musicians and producers like Aleksandra Dubov, Amae Love, Amma Lightweaver , Ali Kane, Amadora, DJ Dakini, Eleanor Tara, exceptional violinist HANNAH, Heather Christie, DJ Dakini Wahkeena Sitka, Prrisma Liquid Love Drops, Kaia Ra, Kristyn Pixton and Choreographers KC Baker, Tenley Wallace, Sonya Stewart – Alia is empowering the feminine mystique through collaborative, creative endeavors while inspiring passionate, positive women to put themselves out there for the world to see. The final album will be mixed by the masterful masculine energy of Chris James, Geometrae and Theo Brahma of Entheo with the final mastering by Dubvirus.

Meeting their goal on Kickstarter means they’ll be able to produce a unique 13 track album on a smaller imprint, market the album and cover the costs of the campaign.

“We will share the Feminine Medicine original music as it is ready bringing along some the vocalists on the album to perform live with me and a number of high-caliber dancers and choreographers to create a full infusion of the Divine Feminine. This will also include costumed performances choreographed to the music. In addition, we plan to mount the full stage show choreographed to the full album of music at a Bay Area location in the Fall. To produce this I already have 5 talented choreographers on board and at least 10 dancers.Let’s build a world where women feel free to express themselves creatively; head to the Kickstarter here, and join the cause. For more on Alia, check out her socials –

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

[Tech Tuesday] Electrify Your Life with Glow Headphones

Music is a multidimensional expression of sound, and while we primarily use our ears to translate tracks into an emotional menagerie of feelings, we perceive it with all of our senses. We can feel the bass rumble through our soul and sense the sound vibrations rushing past our skin, tasting the excitement of a live set in an almost palpable fashion. I don’t usually gush and ogle over headphones, but then again – it’s not everyday that a pair like this crosses my path. It’s true that we can’t necessarily wear our music on our sleeves, less for an iPod Shuffle, but as it turns out – we can now sport it throughout our headphones thanks to Glow.

Implementing smart phone technology from companies like Google, Corning, Android and Knowles – Glow is pushing the boundaries of the next generation of ergonomic headphones, crafting the first smart headphones, glowing to your beat with fiber optic lasers in red, green or blue. Currently, Glow is just a little over a week into their Kickstarter Project – meaning you have the opportunity to help awesome things happen.

At this moment, the current functionalities of Glow are relegated to Android phones (sorry Apple devotees!). Some basic features will still be available through the 5-way hand held controller. Essentially a remote for your headphones, you’ll be able to snap pictures, take calls and work with basic music applications like Pandora or Spotify. Eventually, if enough backers matriculate – as a stretch goal, they’ll build in the technology to pulse to your heartbeat. But for now, that’s just a pipe dream.

If this is right up your musical alley, head to their Kickstarter Campaign or Website to learn more.