Friday Fun: These Are A Few of my Favorite Memes

In my humble opinion, there aren’t a whole lot of things that can get me laughing like a good internet meme can.  What’s a meme, you ask?  Well, the best way for me to describe them are hilariously   relevant bits and pieces of information that spread at rapid pace.  Whether it’s Gladiator asking if we’re not entertained, a stuck up cat pondering if he should acquire a boat or generic college bro stating the uber obvious: memes are catchy, collaborative and most of all creative.

Want to know more?  There’s a great “educational” series on YouTube devoted to Knowing Your Memes.  Genius, right?  Great way to waste a few minutes on a Friday…I mean… exceptionally hard.  Take this one on Derp for example:

Want to make your own? There’s an app for that!  Online, you can try QuickMeme and if you have a Droid you’ll want to download Aviary from the Play Store; it literally has anything you could want to edit the picture – and so much more.  Here are a few of my favorites, and a few I’ve even made myself…enjoy!

Okay, okay – one thing first: truth be told some of these are simply hilarious.  They’re not memes; there aren’t multiple versions of them floating around with different text.  They’re just funny as all hell and you deserve to laugh today; so get to it!