[The Audiofiles] Free Live Nation Concert Tickets in Awkward Places Thanks to Schlesinger vs Ticketmaster

Of the assorted F words I know and love, free might very well be my favorite – and when it comes to free concert tickets, well just sign me up yesterday already.  Just the other day as I was browsing the interwebs, I noticed assorted articles linking to a 2003 lawsuit against TicketMaster, which – unless you’ve been hiding under a rock – you know as one of the largest and most successful event production and ticketing companies in the North America.  The lawsuit, known now as Schlesinger vs. Ticketmaster, cites TM for neglecting to share every last iota of information on the UPS and Order Processing Fees applied to their purchase  on orders made between October ’99 and February of ’13.  Which makes a whole lot of sense given that every time I see a “convenience” fee I have to comment on how “inconvenient” it actually is.

The verdict requires them to pay out almost $400 Million to loyal fans, audiophiles, music lovers, comedy croonies and more. To check if you’re one of the lucky contestant on ‘The Ticket Prices Are Finally Right‘ – log in to your TicketMaster account from the desktop version of the website, click through to ‘Your Account’ and scroll down to the bottom left where you’ll see a link for ‘Active Vouchers’ -and voila!  If you’ve been a loyal customer like I have, you should have a gaggle of ticket vouchers for not just one but two tickets for upcoming shows by LiveNation that expire in the far off land of the year 2020, assorted $2.25 discount codes to take the edge of off any online ticket purchases and $5 discounts for UPS delivery.  Needless to say, I got all sorts of excited when I found out the news and after checking the site I found out that I had 7 pairs of show tickets and 5 discount codes.


After  I scoured and searched TM high and low for some redeemable experiences, I realized that as with most good things in life there’s a few caveats. It seems like the TicketMaster Team is well aware of what’s hot and what’s not, (in)conveniently leaving large metropolitan areas like Los Angeles, New York City and  San Francisco out of the running for discounted concerts.  Sure, those concerts are more likely to sell out on their own – but maybe maybe a repository of 50 tickets that we can buy? Because let’s face it, we moved to these locations so we didn’t have to flock to Mountain View, Irvine and Chula Vista.  Not to mention, that initial batch of free tickets to bands I cared about over a decade ago like Blind 182, Darius Rucker (HOOTIE!) and Goo Goo Dolls have been eaten up by loyal fans.

According to TM, as of Wednesday 6/23 almost $5 million worth of ticket vouchers – so they’ve agreed to release another $5 million more.  Here’s to hoping they book something a bit closer to home…at least sometime before 2020.

Did you find any shows you couldn’t live without? How many pairs of tickets did you receive?  Curious kittens want to know – leave a comment below!




[Tech Tuesday] LiveNation Presents ‘Boomrat’ – a new EDM Discovery Platform

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In today’s day and age when music discovery and new frontiers in technology are practically synonymous, Live Nation has partnered up with Live Nation Labs, the company’s small but highly effective start up subsidiary, to produce the next best thing in EDM – ‘Boomrat’ – a platform fully devoted to the discovery of brand spankin’ new electronic music the world over. It was only a year ago when Boomrat entered into the Live Nation Labs family and ever since, they’ve been itching to get the site launched.

By pulling data from over 300 sources – like renowned music directories like Soundcloud and internationally recognized EDM blogs and websites – Boomrat has precariously placed itself in a position to identify and analyze trends within our ever evolving music industry. To boot, the site will soon be utilizing data from both YouTube in addition to SoundCloud’s revamped – and slightly controversial – API, and plans to incorporates playlists from artists and industry bigwigs, right on down to the super-fan in all of us.

Back in 2013, Live Nation made some key business moves – primarily the acquisition of Insomniac Events, the famed production company behind epic events like Electric Daisy Carnival, Electric Forest and White Wonderland – and received a 50% stake. Now, with Boomrat on the loose – the site will actually be housed in the Los Angeles Insomniac offices and will effectively bridge the gap between the two corporations.

Developed by Ariel Lee and Andrew Silberstein while at USC’s Lloyd Grief School of Entrepreneurship, Boomrat garnered the school’s prestigious New Venture Seed Competition in 2012. Marc Geiger, head of WME , took notice of their success and connected with James Barton and Michael Rapino, the respective president of EDM and the CEO of Live Nation, to bring the pair into the Live Nation Labs family. Other Live Nation Labs companies include Rexly, Setlist.fm, Meexo and YourTrove.

“We relentlessly look for young, talented entrepreneurs to join Live Nation,” Barton gushed. “We were delighted to acquire Boomrat and have co-founders Andrew and Ariel join our team, who are leading the next generation of the electronic dance business with some smart solutions and their first product.”In addition to partnerships with Live Nation Labs, Insomniac Events and the HARD Events and Cream franchises both purchased recently, Boomrat is also paired up with Roc Nation’s Three Six Zero Group, founded by Mark Gillespie, Alan Ruthorford and Deal Wilson. Three Six Zero is an EDM Management company founded back in ’07, their clients include the likes of NERO and CALVIN HARRIS.

“New blogs and tracks are constantly launching and it’s impossible for one person to follow them all,” Boomrate co-founder Lee said. “Dance music is constantly evolving while being shared and consumed in a different manner than other genres, and this can make it challenging for fans to keep up.”

As fans – we’ll have to wonder: is this the corporatization of our favorite sounds? With the new API changes to Youtube and Soundcloud and their inclusion in Boomrat, will we still have access to our favorite independent artists -or – will we only have access to artists that are part of major labels? Also – as it currently stands, Hypem does a similar service to Boomrat by aggregating data from hundreds of international music blogs and reformatting the data within their own GUI – so how will Boomrat stack up?

By fusing technology, innovation and EDM and thanks to the acquisition of Live Nation Labs – Live Nation – alongside Live Nation Labs – is once again at the forefront of this 6.2 billion dollar music industry. With partnerships with some of the biggest names, festivals and management companies in the business – they’ll surely be a company to watch over the next five years.