Music Monday: Movin’ and Shakin’

I think we’ve all been here before:

You’re all packed and ready to head out the door; your hands are full and your head is swimming with excitement over your weekend vacation.  With the trunk packed and some snacks in the passenger seat, you head out on your journey….only to be accompanied by everyone’s mom and dog because it’s 4pm on a Friday and you live in the heart of ‘insert-major-metropolitan-city-here‘.  Traffic on city streets is a little slow but that’s okay for you, you can handle it.  You start to merge onto the freeway and suddenly you’re engulfed into a parking lot of metal, exhaust and horrible moods. Oh, no!

I grew up in the Silicon Valley, and let me tell you – even with all those Freeways (101, 85, 87, 280, 80, 180, 680, 880….) we had some of the worst rush hour traffic I’ve ever been in.  And then I moved to Los Angeles.  If traffic in the bay is deplorable, traffic down here is like being in the second or third layer of hell – respectively.  Good thing this potentially awful experience has an antidote: music.  When I know I’ll be stuck in traffic, I get on my computer the night before with a purpose – if my car isn’t moving, I think my body should be. I’m one of those creatures who hates sitting still, so if I’m not tearing rubber having a one girl car rave seems like the next best logical choice.  Before I left for San Diego, I had a feeling I’d be sitting in traffic for a long, long time.  So, I scoured my iTunes library and made a kickass playlist with new and old favorites that I could belt out and dance to.  Chances are, I was “that” girl in my car – that girl having too much fun considering the situation at hand.  But when you compare that to the people that looked beyond miserable, I’ll take it – life might not be the party we hoped for, but while we’re here we may as well dance!


  1. Craig David – Hot Stuff (Chase & Status Remix)
  2. Kaskade ft Haley – Llove (Dada Life Radio Edit)
  3. Chromeo – Night by Night (Shreddie Mercury Remix)
  4. Michael Jackson – Speed Demon (NERO Remix)
  5. Deadmau5 – There Might Be Coffe
  6. Pryda – Shadows
  7. Flight Facilities ft. Grovesnor – With You
  8. DJ Fresh ft Dizzee Rascal – The Power
  9. Rusko – Everyday (Netsky Remix)

[My Top 10] Movies In the Next Dimension

Captain EO was one of my favorite movies growing up.  I was maybe 7  years old with golden bouncing curls and a new found love of Michael Jackson.  The Thriller album had just been released and I’m pretty sure I knew the songs on Bad by heart and backwards.  My parents and I were on a vacation to the happiest place on Earth (well, at least in California) and at the time, that cliche couldn’t have been more spoton. Captain EO was awesome.  and one of the first movies to be considered 4D; that is, incorporating live theatrical elements (e.g. smoke, lasers, etc)

In 1952,  Bwana Devil became the first widely viewed color movie in 3D and the first demonstration of a 3D short dates all the way back to 1915.

All around the world, and in my lifetime alone, there have been roughly 215 3D films produced and at least 50 movies have been reformatted from their original 2D version and re-released theatrically.  That’s means at least 20% of the 3D movies contain unoriginal content – and that’s a generous number.  Some love the new format, some hate it – whatever your stance, the truth of the matter is it’s here to stay.

So – what is it that makes a movie worthy of 3D status?
To me, you need flash, glitz, glam, shock and awe.

The genres of Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Action and Animation are the best starting points; and the more distorted the movie already seems from reality, the better. Movies like Avatar, Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, Harry Potter and Up!  are stellar examples of 3D done right; on the other hand, anything that’s has singing, dancing, killer animals, Saw,or Smurfs might want to rethink their game plan.

Then it makes you think – what movies from your distant, or not so distant, past would you like to see released back into theaters in 3D? Well, I’ve been compiling a list – and I’m actually happy to report that a few of these movies will actually be released.

  10 Movies I’d Re-Release in 3D:

  1. The Matrix
  2. The 5th Element
  3. Solaris
  4. Minority Report
  5. Independence Day (will be released 7.3.13)
  6. Moulin Rouge
  7. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
  8. Jurassic Park (will be released 7.19.13)
  9. V for Vendetta
  10. Donnie Darko