Oh, Snap: Globe Photo

At this point, I both think and hope y’all understand that I have this ridiculous love for all things technology and photography related; when I discovered Pixlr-o-matic I went a little crazy and started editing the shit out of my favorite pictures.  Well, seems life has come relatively full circle because now I have a new admiration for an Android application – this one is called ‘Globe Photo‘.  I know there are a few out there for you iPhone obsessives as well, but hey – that sounds like a personal problem 😉


Essentially, what the application does is take the left and right edges of your image and stitch it together to make a circular, planet-esque, image.  After a few hours of playing around with horizons, lines and fun edges in my old pictures I have a nice little album going of my own images – enjoy


Porter Robinson World


Cosmic Gate World


All Day I Dream







And last, but certainly not least:


San Diego Train Tracks

Oh, Snap: Concert Photography

There’s something to be said for combining two of my favorite pastimes and fueling my creative fire; I’m a sucker for live music, especially the electronic kind as I’ve more than displayed on my blog – and to boot, I have this new obsession with photography.  Capturing a person in a moment is one thing; capturing a community in a moment is another thing entirely.  In some situations, people might look at me like “Why is this girl standing still on the dance floor? Don’t you realize my legs want to stretch seven ways until Sunday on that spot you’re stuck in?” – but in our little EDM community. We were made out of  PLUR, kandi, lasers, confetti and a shared appreciation of all things EDM. Being able to capture that moment, share it with friends and strangers alike and relive it together – that sums us all up in a nutshell.   Besides, what good is a great time if you can’t share the wealth?

Here are some of my favorite concert snaps from the past few years; they still bring me back and give me goosebumps. Enjoy!

Porter Robinson, Hollywood Palladium

Max Cooper, King King

Krewella, Exchange LA

All Day I Dream of Cities and Angels

Bones, The Nokia Club

 HARD Summer

Cosmic Gate, Hollywood Palladium

Above & Beyond, The Shrine

Pendulum, Avalon Hollywood

Judge Jules, Vanguard Hollywood

Ingrosso + Alesso, Hollywood Palladium

Kaskade, Hollywood Palladium

Pryda, Hollywood Palladium

Tiesto, Ten Nightclub

Infected Mushroom, Sutra OC


Doing it Right: Porter Robinson’s Circle Assembly Tour

Over the last few years, I’ve developed a major crush on Electronic Music – from Trance to Electro House, from Industrial Tech House to Dubstep, and from Drum & Bass to Trap, I basically love it all.   And it’s no wonder, there are elements of electronic music oozing from every other genre.  The “Dubstep” of 2013 sounds eerily similar to the hard rock sounds of Atreyu, Avenged Sevenfold, System of a Down and Korn and “Trap” music is nothing more than hard Rap and Hip Hop beats sans the obnoxious “Money, Hoes and Drugs” vocals.

Each of Saturday’s acts is respected within their own right, as well as their own cross-genre productions.  If you made me drop a pin on the EDM map for Penguin Prison, Seven Lions or Porter Robinson I simply couldn’t do it; each act boasts a mature sound and is beyond versatile.  To be honest, I’d either essentially forgotten or literally had no idea that PP was the opening act – it wasn’t until much later that I put 2 and 2 together to get 4; there were gorgeous vocals coming straight from the DJs mouth, which we were all highly astounded by, a Indie-electro sound and beats that made you just bop around the dance floor – he was the perfect opening act.

Next up was Santa Barbara native Seven Lions – the best way to describe his sound is Trancestep. By weaving beautiful, harmonious dissonance and booming basslines, he creates a unique sound that I’ve only heard from the likes of  Blackmill, on the more relaxed “Chill-step” end of the spectrum, and Xilent, who sits on the harder hitting Dubstep and Drum & Bass side of things. Seven Lions played literally one of the best set’s I’ve heard in the last few years, let alone one of the best ‘Dubstep’ sets ever.  He gets down with the crowd and his energy is contagious, the only other performer I could even compare him to with sound and style would be Bassnectar – and that’s an amazing compliment to both artists in my opinion.

Seven Lions @ The Hollywood Palladium

Last, but by no means least: there’s mister Porter Robinson himself.  After the astounding set by Seven Lions I wasn’t expecting to get swept off my feet: boy was I wrong! He started off the set with his hit ‘Seconds’ and then continued, hit after hit, to wow, astound and hype the crowd.  There was a perma-smile on my face the entire time he was spinning and my feet could not stop moving to his beats.  The Circle Assembly Tour is a must for any self-professed EDM lover; if I could, I would go back in a heartbeat!

Porter Robinson at the Hollywood Palladium

The Audiofiles: Travellin’ Tunes

I’m currently suffering from Packing Procrastination Syndrome, and writing this entry is even more evidence that I just am not in the mood to get it together this fine Monday morning.  Tonight, I’ll fly into Bentonville, Arkansas for a work trip and to be honest I can’t decide if I’m more excited or nervous.  It’s such a privilege to be asked to participate in Wal Mart’s “Bring it Week” – no one from Walt Disney Studios has gone in the last six years; and at the same time, it’s kind of like an earthquake – no matter how prepared I think I am, there’s no way to fully prepare for an experience that is so beyond unique.

One thing I can prepare for is pleasing my ear-buds for two days of six hour flights.  For car trips, I honestly live for making customized mp3 playlists; but when I’m flying, it’s nice to let someone else do the legwork while I sit back with a book in one hand and a drink in the other. Below are some of my favorite Soundcloud DJ sets that I’ve queued up for today’s flight.  Some tried and true, and others brand spankin’ new – regardless, I’m stoked on them and I hope y’all are too.  Bon voyage!