[The Audiofiles] “Say It” Loud and Step Inside The Mind of Miami’s Rising Star Eche Palante


Just the other morning, I was prowling through my Soundcloud feed on my usual Saturday scroll; after spending the first twenty minutes jumping haphazardly between singles and snippets, I was impatiently waiting for something to jump out of the page, grab me by the eardrums and take me on an novel auditory adventure. Now that Winter has attempted to make an appearance in Los Angeles with it’s blustery mornings and monotone skies, my musical tastes have edged back towards the bouncier and brighter beats, poolside sets, tropical house and beachside bass. So it’s only fitting that I fall right into a delectable set from a new artist I’d never even heard of.

Enter Miami’s Eche Palante, a synth loving symbiosis of my current favorite musical traits. Drawing inspiration from across the musical sphere from the likes of Prog House standout EDX, the emotive stylings of Sam Feldt and legends like Daft Punk and Michael Jackson, Eche Palante has honed in on a feel good sound that you can’t help but bounce along to.

Earlier this month, he produced the delectably downtempo Steve Void rework of “I Can’t Feel My Face” with The Weeknd x Ember Island under his personal name, Dylan Echevarria. The track has been all over the blogosphere in the last few months, with ample use in mixes and upwards of 3.8 Million views on Soundcloud, including at least a few hundred from yours truly over here. Not to outdo himself, Dylan is back with all the feels in his latest single under the Eche Palante moniker.

Featured in his Melodic Essentials Volume 1 Mix under a sneaky, sneaky ‘ID-ID’ tag, his first original single “Say It” featuring emotive vocals from Eric Simpson is out today and available for free download on Soundcloud. As a standalone single, “Say It” slowly unfolds into a euphoric and open breakdown, with hints of KYGO and Duke Dumont; as part of the Melodic Essentials compilation, the track is a perfect compliment to the depth and brooding layers elicited over the hour long musical journey.

I was lucky enough to steal a few moments with Eche Palante and understand his creative process.

The DJ List
: Beyond music, where do you pull artistic inspiration from?

Eche Palante:The main source of inspiration for me is Soundcloud. Every day, the first thing I do is go on Soundcloud and listen to all of the new music on my feed, and continue to find more. If you go through my favorites, it includes hip hop, experimental trap, dubstep, uk bass, and other genres that people wouldn’t think they’d see in there. I’m always trying to find different sounds to pull from different areas and mix them into the melodic house spectrum.

The DJ List: You’re the founder of ‘The Groove Garden’ – tell me a little about it’s ethos and what TGG will be bringing to the table in 2016?

Eche Palante: The Groove Garden is a new artist collective that caters to house, specifically Tropical, Melodic, Progressive, and even Future House! Over the years, my ear has developed for a wide range of sounds, and TGG is essentially a reflection of that development. I feel that my passion for music can now be seen on both sides: the people who find the sound, and the people that craft the sound.

The DJ List: You’re one of my artists to watch for this coming year – who else do you recommend I keep an eye on?

Eche Palante: I recommend keeping an eye on Sam Feldt, as he is constantly delivering amazing content, as well as the upcoming talent KYFRA, who I have a collaboration in the works with

To learn more about Eche Palante, visit his socials –

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[The Audiofiles] Rising Star Spotlight – /ˈl o͞ o s i d/

Call me crazy, but music has the ability to make me smell colors and taste shapes; the backbeat of a melody propels me through the past while a flawless vocal track ushers me into the future.  Art takes the form of the artist, meaning that they’re as much immersed in the final product as the craft itself.  That being said, I’ve been scouring the internet for any and all information about /ˈl o͞ o s i d/, and they’re as elusive as their music is ethereal to my ears.  Seamlessly flowing through glitch infused, four to the floor beats that are equally trappy and sultry,  /ˈl o͞ o s i d/ is blazing the path for Future Bass – and doing it in style.

Each original song individually makes my head, heart and feet explode in a multitude of ways.  On a sonic stroll through his original tracks, I first honed in on the groovy, multi-layered, Dim the Lights – a sexy track marinating in Dubstep a few weeks ago and since then have single handedly been responsible for at least 100 of the songs plays.

My next discovery was the Festival House banger ‘Chaos’ – and I’ll say it now, as a writer – I’m in lust with how he names his tracks. From start to finish, this one just begs to be played at 3AM in the middle of a crowded sweaty warehouse.

Last but not least on the original single tip, there’s ‘I Want You’ – a future bass track that completely crosses over into Tech House, and does it absolutely right.

Not to mention the wide variety of sultry, slippery remixes ranging from Faithless’s infamous track ‘Sleepless’, John Mayer and Evanescence.  Each mix tip toes around the original foundation, pulling and pushing on the meter while injecting a seductive bassline into the heart of each melody. Not to mention, ‘Sleepless’ comes off as a wild, underground warehouse club banger – the way it always should be played.

On his Website, he hints at big things happening on March 2nd – do I smell an LP release? Or maybe, just maybe – you can tell us who you are. Until then, keep turning out the amazing tracks – and I’ll keep blasting them on repeat.

For more on /ˈl o͞ o s i d/, make sure you check out their socials –

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud