[The Audiofiles] Coachella’s Creators, AEG, Bring Music Festivals Back to LA With The Arroyo Seco Music & Arts Festival

rose bowl


With Coachella less than two weeks away and hype about the East Coast’s Panama Music + Arts Festival premiere later this year, it’s refreshing to hear that AEG is finally gearing up to bring the Music, Art and magic back into Los Angeles – where it belongs! With great excitement (and some slight disdain from Pasadena residents who fear for their musical tastes to be expanded), The Arroyo Seco Music Festival is slotted for 2017 – and it’s got this East LA resident all sorts of pumped.

“As we embark on another busy events season, we are always thinking about the future. To that point, the Rose Bowl Operating Company and the City of Pasadena continue to evaluate potential opportunities which fit with our community and which could contribute much needed revenue to maintain the historic Stadium for years to come. As you may be aware, one such proposed event is a Music & Arts Festival at the Rose Bowl and we wanted to share with you a little about the concept and also key aspects of the decision-making process.” – Official Rose Bowl Statement

12512417_10102988303762164_7090201985702856433_nThe Arroyo Seco Music & Arts Festival stands to be a world class event eliciting massive acclaim from audiophiles, musicians and fans alike and Pasadena is the perfect city to carry on the tradition that Coachella would set forth. Proposed to be held over either a two or three day period in June of 2017, the ASMAF would hold true to the Coachella tradition of artist tastemakers and bootyshakers from around the globe.

With the magnanimous amounts of internationally renowned talent, Coachella has always been a current Who’s Who of the Music circuit from across the genres, Funk, Folk, Big Band, Rap, Alternative, Disco, Dubstep, EDM, Punk Rock and so much more; bringing a festival of this caliber back to the city of Los Angeles that so desperately wants a festival they can at least metro to would be sweet, sweet music to our dancing ears.

More as the story breaks, but for more – head to the official Rose Bowl Webpage for a statement. For more on AEG, head to their website here


[Doing It Right] 4th of July Weekend

No distance of place or lapse of time can lessen the friendship of those who are thoroughly persuaded of each other’s worth.
– Robert Southey

Rocking my first Spirit Hood;
Welcome to the Tribe =D

Nails, check!


What a freakin’ whirlwind this last week has been; if it wasn’t evident by the lack of posts, I’ve been beyond busy and nowhere near a computer or strong internet for that matter.  I know, I know – that sounds incredibly unlike me but at the same token I think that it was necessary.  I had a few days with some of my closest friends from around the state to play, eat, drink, sleep and bounce to some amazing music all over the Southern and Central California coast.

I’ve been blessed with amazing people in my life and friends that span over space and time; the friendships I’m currently in the middle of are proof that you can know someone forever but you can get to know them in an instant.  Each and every person that was part of last weekend plays an integral role in my life and I couldn’t be more thrilled that they’re part of my journey.  And it was such a hodgepodge of personality! My close friend and former housemate just got back from two years in Shanghai and is ready to pursue new and exciting things on the East Coast, then my boyfriend and his best friend were there – and the beauty of it all is that she’s the one that introduced us!  Then there was Anne and Jeff from the Bay Area, late additions sure but the best additions by far – Anne and I have known each other since Freshman year of high school and though I can’t say for sure why we’ve never been close before I know that I’m lucky to forge such a great bond with such a fabulous person!  And Jeff, oh, Jeffery.  What a perfect addition to our ridiculous group of people =)

The festivities started early on Wednesday night with an outing to Create SBE‘s newest Los Angeles nightlife venture;  being here for five years now I’ve seen just how quickly clubs change hands, but on the plus side this means that between WeHo, Hollywood and Downtown LA there are tons of awesome places to go and get your bounce on, including but not limited to: Avalon, Create, Lure, Greystone Manor, Dim Mak Studios, The Hollywood Palladium, King King, Los Globos and Exchange (phew!).  And to boot, about half – the places in bold – are run by the Insomniac Events / SBE crew.  Eric Prydz was the headliner on Wednesday and man did he put on a motherf&*king show, and he’s so different in a club setting like Create than a nighttime pool party like XS or a festival set from Coachella or EDC.  The first hour he played as Prydz, the second as CirezD and the last he played as Pryda – the visuals echoed the alterego, and provided for both seamless transitions and an epic night of fun!

Reach out and touch faith.

As lame as it sounds, Thursday was spent being incredibly lazy with loads of sleep and I absolutely loved it!  At nighttime, a few friends and I ventured over to Pasadena to see if we could take a gander at what was going on at the Rose Bowl.  I’ve heard so many amazing things about their fireworks that I was beyond stoked to finally view them – this shot sums it up pretty well:

On Friday, we headed up to Avila Beach with a ridiculously fun group of friends for a weekend at the Hot Springs and a chance to see Above & Beyond play a sunset set on the beach; sound epic? Because it was!  I wish I had more pictures but nothing could ever accurately capture what we both witnessed and took place in.  Literally the best weekend of the year so far and I’m gonna go out on a limb and say best 4th of July weekend ever!

The cabins at the Hot Springs

There’s nothing more patriotic than BEER.


On an adventure through Morro Bay

Above & Beyond
Avila Beach

The Crew!


[This Is Growing Up] So You’re Looking To Relocate?

There’s very little in life that’s equally exciting and daunting as dating in Los Angeles, but apartment hunting in the city of Angels most definitely comes in at a close second.  I moved down from Santa Barbara in the Summer of ’08 and instead of putting in the effort to look for the best fit, I chose to negate crucial steps and was left wanting instead of feeling like I was home.  Over the five years I’ve been here, I’ve moved twice and each time has been a unique learning experiences.

Prime example: I’ve learned the hard way what my creature comforts are and what I’m willing to sacrifice for an adorable abode.  Do you need a dishwasher; do you enjoy living by yourself; do you need covered parking, do you have easy access to multiple freeway systems; do you absolutely have to have a pool?  These are just a few of the things you should figure out pre-move, so you don’t spend the entire lease complaining about the have-nots instead of celebrating the awesome amenities.

Spring Cleaning isn’t just for Spring

Beyond where you’re going – you should also be aware of where you’re coming from and the baggage you’ll be bringing with you.  Speaking of what you’re bringing with you, this is an excellent time to pair down what you already possess – do you need four surfboards?  Some would argue yes – but not everyone.  I wouldn’t necessarily call myself a ‘pack rat‘ but then again, I don’t know anyone that would volunteer themselves as a hoarder; maybe I’m a little hypersensitive because my step mom was a professional organizer…or there’s the fact my room was so messy that she wouldn’t let the house cleaners touch it!  At the time, I thought her thinking was backwards but the wiser I become with age, the more I see her point: cleaning your apartment is not the same as putting things in their place.

Check Yourself, and Your Inventory

What I’ve discovered is that my step-mother is incredibly wise and on point, so I’ve adopted one of her most basic rules: a place for every thing, and everything in its place.  If you’re suddenly discovering that you have an overabundance of plates + knives but no cups or forks, you’ll find yourself in the middle of an incredibly awkward space planning issue at the most inopportune times – date nights, pre-partying, etc – you get the idea.   Take inventory of what you have and take notice of what you’re missing – if you do a little digging on Yelp, I bet you’ll even find some inexpensive and funky ways to upgrade your household inventory.  The Melrose Trading Post in the Fairfax District runs every Sunday, rain or shine, and always delivers the best in antique and unique household items, clothing and jewelry.  If you’re a little to the East, the Rose Bowl Flea Market is open the second Sunday of every month – I’ve never been but I’ve heard that it’s a fabulous way to lose yourself on a beautiful afternoon.  Another great resource are restaurant supply stores – you can buy quality kitchenware at beyond affordable prices.

Closet Math – Less is More

For being an intuitive math person, it took me an awful long time to discover that closet math is incredibly different from normal math.  You’d think that more is…well, more!  But  take into consideration how often you run into something torn, faded, a little on the small side (or large side, pick whatever koolaid you’ve been sippin’ on), or you’d simply like to slap the you from two years ago who thought that pattern actually looked good – every time you notice those pieces of clothing, you’re been deterred from that good shit!  Often, and especially for myself, I’m gifted with clothing and accessories from my closest confidants and feel guilty holding onto it.  Then I have to think about it this way –  if it’s not going to good use (and it’s not from immediate family), gift it and pay it forward; I promise it’ll be well received.  If you’re not into gifting – hold a yard sale, or walk a bag or ten over to your local goodwill.

Next time you get ready, take a good hard look at your wardrobe – some of it’s seasonal, so you can rotate it between your main closet and a hall closet or storage;  on the other hand, some of it might require you to go through some form of separation anxiety.  Either way you play the game, you’ll open up space and be able to see things much more easily; not only can you get ready in a flash but just watch as your make some new, expert outfit pairings.

Making Moves

Here we have the under-appreciated  art of apartment hunting.  Instead of focusing on what I might’ve definitely wrong, I’d like to share a couple things that have gone right for me.  Moving itself is primarily about one thing and one thing only: location, location, location.   In a major city, especially one as big as Los Angeles, it’s important to understand what you’re near – and what’s absolutely  BFE away from – you.  I found a phenomenal website – and iPhone app – called Lovely and it’s by far the best apartment hunting website around.

Do you value your time, or do you value the money you’re investing?  Granted, you can move in a year…but that could be a very long year.  Being near a freeway is important and considering how congested traffic is, being near a bunch is better.  Everyone loves being able to walk to the beach but not everyone can afford the cost(…for now).  So take the time and think about the things you’re willing to give up and what you need to live in comfort. Some places have covered parking, some have parking garages – and some people drive for twenty minutes every night.  If you’re into fitness and walking like I am, you might want to know what’s close by and convenient so head over to Walk Score and see how “walkable” your new (or current) neighborhood is; you might be surprised at the results.


Last but definitely not least  is the power of lists.  I’m a special breed – I have lists of lists, and lists everywhere: old school written post-its, text messages to myself and a great app for all my devices called Evernote.  It lets me take my lists digitally wherever I go and it’s perfect for anything like packing lists, recipes, bucket lists and – you guessed it, apartment criteria.  This way, you literally can’t avoid jotting down your thoughts on the kitchen in your coworker’s new pad and how badly you wish you could walk to a farmer’s market every Sunday.