Music Monday: Mixin’ It Up

One of the unfortunately side effects of a stellar weekend – or in my case, past week – is something I like to call “Hot Mess Mondays”: your  brain might be functioning, you might’ve had enough sleep; but chances are that it’s not, you didn’t and you’re currently paying for it handsomely. Though the weather wasn’t as stellar as we would like, we realize that living in LA beggars certainly can’t be choosers; and spoiled weather brats can’t expect it to be sunny all the time!  There’s a great quote that says that you can’t get a rainbow without a little rain and I more than ascribe to that train of thought.  This past weekend turned into a typical, friend fueled, debauchery filled weekend for me and just for y’all, I’ll let the kitten out of the bag – I’m definitely having one of those days!


On Tuesday night I cruised down to Orange County to hang with my good friends and Beatnet co-founders and hit up some Dusky action at Focus.

For a Tuesday night in the OC that little place can get pretty rockin’!

Apparently Dusky is two guys? The more you know! Lol.

Dusky’s Essential Mix:

The best thing about the Dusky show was that I took Wednesday off so I could enjoy the show in it’s entirety – and a week later found out that one of my closest and dearest friends and her home crew from Portland were flying into San Diego that same week and had a few days free; serendipity, indeed! Every time I kick it with these kids I have the absolute time of my life, and Wednesday was no different.  We drank, frolicked, caught up and got weird: success!

My bitch =)

Breakfast of champions 😉


And that was just the mid-week festivities: over the weekend, there was definitely some bottomless brunching and boozing going down during the day, Blond:ish that night and Culrpit’s Season Opener at the Standard yesterday with Miguel Campbell.  So yeah, I’m wiped out!

We don’t fuck around.

The lovely Blond:ish

Blond:ish from Playa Del Carmen:

And yesterday, we braved some rain at the Standard to kick off the Culprit Pool Parties – the weather was beyond lame but we tried to make the best of it!  Popped some bottles, caught up with some friendly and familiar faces and made some new cabana friends!

A little mix from the main man of the day, Miguel Campbell:

Making it rain > rain.

Even though my taste in music is pretty diverse, over the past month I’ve had more than my share of Deep, Tech and Minimal house shows – which are great for enjoying the atmosphere and breathing in the music, but going out to Exchange to see Ferry Corsten and Dim Mak studios for some Drum & Bass Hospital Records style I realized how much I miss the thumping bass, sick drops and the electric energy coming from the dance floor.

What do you get when you put three of the top Trance DJs and Producers in the world in one room?  You get Markus Schulz and Ferry Corsten, New World Punx at Armin van Buuren’s ASOT 600 in Madison Square Garden.   Their name, which is a play on Schulz’s “New World” and Corsten’s “Punk’d” is like a 3 on the scale of 1 to awesome DJ names but that’s besides the point; I watched a bit of the live stream and was hooked immediately.

SubFocus rocking the stage at Ultra:

This new track from Boys Noise is hauntingly gorgeous:

Swedish House Mafia might be done for* but that doesn’t mean they’re done individually; Steve Angello graced the BBC Radio 1 decks this past week with an epic essential mix:

Duke Dumont is one of my favorite new Deep House producers (yeah, I tried being over the genre but some stuff it just stays with you…) and his last two hits “The Giver” and “Need U 100%” are phenomenally produced and expertly mastered.  This remix is no different:

Above & Beyond’s Group Therapy Radio is a surefire way to get me through my Fridays, and this past week they had the House legend Sasha as their guest:

Wednesday Watercooler

Not all Americans can agree on Global Warming, but I bet you anything at 97 degrees in mid-October 100% of the people of Los Angeles are firm believers. Typically, I work from home for the majority of the week but over the last few days I’ve been trekking it from Hollywood to Burbank to get my work on; working from home is so great because I can be in whatever clothes I want – gym clothes, PJs, a sundress – and as long as I’m comfortable, I’m golden.  But coming into the office has been a little brutal!  The AC is cranked to about 65, so when we come inside we’re inspired to bundle up because it’s a tad chilly – but take one step outside and you’ve already sweat all over yourself.  Cute, real cute.  Anyhow, I digress – let’s see what the hell else is going on in the world besides our collective temperatures rising…


Presidential Election 2012:

After the first Town Hall meeting just a few weeks ago, I was a little nervous for round two; Obama didn’t look like much of a fighter, especially compared to Mittens who happened to come out swinging.  Well, thank goodness that finally changed last night at the Hofstra Debate.  Personally, I enjoyed the format of last night’s debate more than the first one – the moderator was on top of her game and  I appreciated the questions and feedback from the audience.  The debate was so rapid fire, and the candidates were so sassy, that discerning truth from fiction was a little difficult, thankfully there’s always fact checking; and for those who want to take it a step further, you can find a full video and transcript here.

Ultra Music Festival

If one weekend of raging in the sun with your best friends, good music and great weather is fabulous, two is obviously a whole lot  better – right?  Following in the footsteps of other music festivals, like the hipster fueled Coachella and Insomniac’s fabulously neon Electric Daisy Carnival, Ultra is spreading their Miami Music Week wings.  Instead of being limited to one weekend, UMF will now take over Miami for two consecutive weekends in attempts to wrangle both a larger audience and a hefty chunk of change.


Red Bull Stratos

The Red Bull Stratos project, rescheduled for this past Sunday because of winds, put Austrian born daredevil and BASE jumper Felix Baugmgarter successfully 120,000 in the air at the edge of spaceHe proceeded to amaze and defy all logic by jumping back to Earth; setting a new record for the highest base jump and traveling at the speed of sound. I still have no words to explain what I saw expect: HOLY SH*T.

Golden Globes

Anyone that knows anything about me can tell you this: I’m not much of an award show girl.  The Oscars put me to sleep, I never see the categories I want on the Grammy’s,  and maybe if you put on  the ESPY’s I’ll pay attention, maybe. But come January 13  that is all about to change – women, dogs, children, everybody – they’re going to be SO excited because Tina Fey and Amy Poehler have agreed to host the Golden Globes together!