Hello, Kittens!

Well, hello hello my lovely readers – I hope everyone is having a splendid Friday!

Time and time again, I start blogs with very narrowly scoped intentions – through the past year, my BlogSpot – which was once my dumping ground for this, that and everything – has become my personal safe haven where I vent about my sometimes interesting anxieties and issues; my Tumblr is now an aggregate of my varied musical tastes and videos of adorable animals – but the one thing that I missed about blogging was connectingConnecting to both my surroundings, my friends and myself.

To me, blogging is cathartic.  It gives me a chance to lay it all on the line and walk away with a new outlook on life; but in a way, my blogging lately has become so segmented – and I’ve been looking for a way to cohesively gel the different aspects of my personality into one stream of consciousness.

So please, bear with me as I get my barrings one more time; there’s so much worth sharing and engaging in, that it’s almost a shame I haven’t created a space like this earlier.  I want to provoke different ways of thinking and provide insight to those who are looking for it; in the past year I’ve become a fan of cooking, DIY projects, photography, and travel.  Add to that my lust for live music, engaging discussions, street art, adventures and my two adorable cats – and this blog will be full of fun for just about everyone.

So sit tight, hold onto those pretty little heads of yours and let’s get down to business.

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