Introducing: Sake

I’ve already introduced my youngest ball of fur, Stella, but I think it’s about time everyone meets the main little man in my life – Sake!

Going to UC Santa Barbara for college, it was easy to get carried away in the party scene. Like, way easy.  But first, you should consider my facts: I didn’t have a sip of alcohol until I started getting my college acceptance letters and I didn’t get drunk until the second semester of my senior year.  The only parties I went to were at my then boyfriends house, and even then – I wasn’t that interested. But in Isla Vista, that all changed – and quickly!

I have a hard time saying no to fun and entering my final year I decided it was time to simmer down some; the only problem was – how was I supposed to develop that reflex where I was compelled to stay in?  Having a pet at the time meant that I had to think outside of my party-induced, slightly selfish only child ways and devote time, energy and love to the growth of another creature.  I was ecstatic at the notion; especially when my roommate at the time laughed at me and told me some women use that same line of reasoning to get pregnant and have children. Now, thinking back to that moment – I’ll now gladly take being a catlady any day of the week!

Full Name:  Sir Sake III

Nickname: Saks, Sir Saks-a-Lot, Mr. Kitty

DOB + Age: Feb 2006 + 6.5 years

Type: Korat

Favorite Place to Sleep: Curled around my head, on top of the laptop, in my purse

Hobbies: Eating, singing, chasing Stella around the apartment, cuddling with new friends

Favorite Toy(s): Plastic and shoelaces

Pet Peeves: Not having fresh food, not being the center of attention

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