February in the Rear View


Another month down, and with that – another laundry list of epic shows and tasks down the drain. For being the shortest month of the year, February sure knows how to pull one over on you – I somehow managed to pack an exceptional amount of ridiculous adventures into a limited amount of days.  I ventured down to San Diego for a weekend of epic eats and museums, and then out to Las Vegas for an epic Bachelorette weekend.

I’ve been cooking up a storm in the kitchen – trying tons of new recipes that turned out absolutely fantastic!  At the top of my list are a new soy-brown sugar glaze on salmon, a peach honey balsamic vinaigrette and prosciutto wrapped asparagus. Noms! 

I’ve been spending a lot more time with the Kitty Bungalow now that I’m their Board Liason (fancy talk for administrative assistant, but I’ll take it!) – we’ve seen such a high turnaround of kittens these past few months which is crazy since it’s Winter; can’t wait for the influx of new furry faces this spring! 

Speaking of saucy felines, my mister Sake turned 7 this month! It’s crazy to think how much time we’ve spent with each other.  I’m truly blessed! 

The weather’s been essentially impeccable the past four weeks – and I managed to hit the beach for bottomless mimosas with some great friends =)

It was lovely when my dad came to visit last month, so I was beyond pleased when my mom told me she wanted to finally see my place!  We spent the afternoon eating Dim Sum, catching up and hanging out with Sake and Stella; absolutely perfect! 

I saw four strikingly different EDM shows – Doc Martin (deep house), Ferry Corsten (trance), Krewella (dubstep, drum & bass, electro house) and Porter Robinson / Seven Lions (trancestep, electro house and progressive house).  Each was phenomenally unique – can’t wait til they come back to LA, I want round 2!

Krewella Killin’ It

Porter Robinson

Ferry Corsten

Speaking of tunes, my close friend and I have successfully launched a Music Forum site called Beatnet – it’s grown so much this year, we can’t wait to see what happens next!



About missamandapearl

♥ I'm a spunky girl with a big heart and an open mind. I can't ride a bike and dislike capital letters. I'm slightly obsessed with my kitties - Daisy, Stella, Loki, Marley and Lucky - but I bet if they were yours you would be, too. I laugh all the time - loudly and mostly at myself. my favorite things include, but aren't limited to: fabulous people, my fantastic husband, traveling, live music, social media, a good read, working out, furry friends, the Golden State Warriors, photography, and sushi. Everyone, including you, looks like an animal - and I won't hesitate to tell you which one. I was born and raised in the 650, spent some of the best years of my life at UCSB as a gaucho and for over a decade I was a proud angelino; I effing loved└A, but it was ready to fly so I’ve spread my wings to the Pacific North Wonderland and can’t wait to dive into new adventures!

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