[Oh, Snap] Stunning Sunsets Vol 2

Photography, like writing, is something that each and every person could excel at if they simply give themselves the chance.  The more I’ve been able to develop my craft as a photographer, the more I’ve come to realize that  we all have an eye for excellent pictures  because we’re all attracted to the simple beauties that this world has to offer.  Over the course of the past year I’ve managed to snap, edit and proudly publish more pictures than ever before – and for someone like me, that’s a feet in itself!  Whether it’s my friends, my cats, the neighborhood kids running in sprinklers or a butterfly perfectly perched on a window sill – I’ve had cameras in hand, ready to capture it all.  Though not as malleable as the other subjects, nature definitely can stun and surprise me better than the rest.  The silhouette of a tree and waves crashing on the beach are each so magical in their own right, but hands down – nothing will compare to my love of manipulating the light of the perfect sunset.  So, without further ado – these are my favorite sunset snaps from the last seven months and the second round in my ‘Stunning Sunsets‘ series; enjoy! =)

Downtown Los Angeles

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