[Weekly Dose of Wisdom] Three Cheers for Good Health


It’s the time of the season – it’s time for pumpkin spice everything and holiday decorations, high school reunions and winter colds. Being sick for the last few weeks has put me in such a funk, so getting some perspective is absolutely clutch.  Time and time again, we – yes, that’s right – you and me – take our everyday good health for granted.  Deep breaths of fresh air, long walks on dimly lit evenings, early mornings running errands to catch the first streaks of sunlight; each and every one of those seems so distant when your health is in jeopardy.  While I was busy coughing up my lungs last week, this week I’m valuing each sip of air like it’s champagne and drinking up life like it can get me drunk.  Not that we all need to get sick to form an appreciation for not just the simple, everyday things (like health and time) that we take for granted – but it definitely gives you ample time to reflect, even if it does form a stagnant writers block on your creativity.

Here are a few of those mantras that kept me pushing through to the other side.






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