[The Audiofiles] Insomniac Returns to Their Rave Roots for LA Warehouse Series This Summer

As the dance music circuit bubbles over with large scale events where you can lose yourself within a welcomed sensory overload of sound, color and personalities, it’s about time that a production company come and turn the scene on its head again.

Literally just the other week, I was craving a Los Angeles warehouse party – you know, one of those parties where you have an address but not the address, are ushered away in a hush hush manner to a dimly lit, intimate and industrially inspired location to dance the night away as music echos around you. So, it’s no surprise to me that others share the same sentiment.

Last Thursday, Insomniac Events company founder and tastemaker Pasquale Rotella took to his Facebook page for an extra special announcement that has the city of Los Angeles roaring to go:

“Going back to our roots with a special series of warehouse parties this summer…More info coming soon.”



Let’s be honest, the Kandi Kid inside me is bouncing up and down with joy.  I spent a good three years in my eight year stint bouncing between warehouse parties in downtown Los Angeles, hoping each wouldn’t be swarmed by cops who were thwarting our efforts to have an unabashed, good ol’ time. I remember one night when the cops came right when my friends were setting up at 10pm, they gingerly urged us to vacate the property – throwing a fit over how we knew about the event.  “You have friends…?” He asked a group of us, “Well, so do we…” alluding to a secret network of false social media profiles.  We took a deep breath and packed up while they exited the venue, only to hear the production team giggle: “..and this is why we booked four venues for the night! The party must go on!”

And go on it will – now, with a reinvigoration that only Insomniac can provide.Details on Insomniac’s highly anticipated upcoming party series are still under wraps, until I know more – it’s best to keep your eyes on Insomniac’s website and socials for more information.

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