[Doing it Right] The Getty + Graffiti

Over the past few years, I’ve noticed a distinct change in my temperament and personality – sure, I’m still just as bouncy as I’ve ever but I’ve cultivated a need to take things a little slower on some weekends.  If life is about the journey and not the destination, why not stop and smell the roses – right? Well, this journey as an Angelino has been more than wonderful but – not now, but eventually – I’m going to leave this ‘City Kitty’ lifestyle of go-go-go attitudes, glitz and glamour for something a little tamer.  After five years, I’ve essentially exhausted all of my EDM outlets in this town – the clubs, the festivals , the underground, the rooftops, the pools.  Don’t get me wrong because I’m proud to say I’ve done it, but lately I’ve been itching for something more – something that inspires me to evolve.  As fun as it would be to live like this forever, everything in moderation (including moderation).  A place in the country-side, close enough to the city to enough its amenities – sports teams, museums, concerts – but far enough away so we go to sleep under the stars, instead of being put to bed by sirens.  So, until then I’ve made a vow to myself and to my close friends that we’re going to explore every creative outlet this town has to offer us.

madewithover (3)

I’ve had the pleasure of visiting a handful of museums within the past year and a half – in southern California, I’ve been to the San Diego Natural History Museum, the LA Natural History Museum, the Getty Villa and the Crystal Bridges Museum in Arkansas.  This past weekend was a gorgeous one, and I had the pleasure of bringing my boyfriend and his housemate on their first adventure to the J Paul Getty Museum. I hadn’t been since my parents visited in 2010 so I was eager to go back and see what had changed.  On each side of our trip to the Getty, we adventured down Melrose and Fairfax to explore the graffiti and street art in my neighborhood.  Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, I’m sure you’ve seen my Oh, Snap series on Street Art – exploring the contemporary art of the area and contrasting it against the classical forms we saw during the day on Saturday was absolutely amazing and I thoroughly enjoyed the dichotomy between the two; hopefully y’all enjoyed these pictures as much as I enjoyed the experiences!



[Doing it Right] SHARKNADO in San Diego

What happens when you combine 16 close friends, one condo in San Diego, copious amounts of shenanigans, amazing weather and good music? Well, some might call it a dream, others might refer to it as ridiculous – but for all intensive purposes, we’re choosing to refer to it as Sharknado 2013.   On Saturday, we set our sights on the ocean and never looked back – traveling the high seas like a group of rowdy pirates with our drinks and our two step.  Our hostess with the mostess recruited a bartender to serve us tasty beverages as we raged our way through the day and we brought assorted snacks to keep us healthy and happy.  Plus – throughout the weekend we all lent a hand in the kitchen which saved us an epic amount of money.  We assembled the meals by predetermined teams for the party and the end result was we all had the chance to contribute something equally delicious and awesome to the group. Sunday things culminated with an epic build your own Bloody Mary session, relaxed beats and some quality time poolside in the stunning San Diego sunshine.  Per usual, I’ll be reveling in these memories for a while as I sit here, waiting patiently for my next adventure.


San Diego Sheraton Marina



Getting weird.


We’re on a boat!







Build your own Bloody Bar


The Gang


Of course, I couldn’t leave y’all without giving you something to groove to on this manic Monday so here’s a little dose of the music we were bumping over the past weekend – from dubstep to deep house, we found a place for it all and I hope you guys can find a way to do that, too!

[Oh, Snap] Adventure at The Boiling Crab

Being an only child, I have a different take on what it means to be selfish and what it means to share.  And by all means, refusing to share yourself with another person – especially when that person loves you, is the worst version of selfish there is. We’ve been friends for almost four years now,  and because of that our communication is pretty much always on point.  We talk all the time.  Granted, it’s rarely a phone convo for hours on end, but whether it’s to share a silly joke, an educational news article or the latest and greatest festival set from our favorite DJs – we want the other one to bear witness to our ridiculousness; we want the other to be part of the daily, mundane details that don’t interest anyone but ourselves.

It’s amusing  how love tends to open up more than just the mind and the heart.  Beyond the beauty of the big picture, what  makes my mind spin lies in my day to day minutiae of memories and emotions; for being such a logical person, it surely drives my head in circles – but the best of all kinds.

How could I think I was in love yesterday when I’ve definitely fallen deeper into it today?

The way I see it, a good relationship is synonymous with being ‘stuck’ in an ever evolving positive feedback cycle; things can only get better – as long as you remember the foundation the relationship was started on.

Over the past few months I’ve been getting adventurous with my favorite hat trick of a person; he’s my best friend, my partner-in-crime and as of the last six months – my boysoul-friend. I’m not one for titles, especially when words fail to accurately convey how I feel inside – and it’s simply bigger than anything I’ve ever felt before.  So, on Saturday we went on what I consider to be one of the most nerve wracking adventures of all – meeting his mother.

As a self professed Daddy’s girl, I know a thing or two about an only child’s bond to their parents ; after intermittently whispering “Don’t worry, she’ll adore you!” between kissing me on the nose and forehead, I was back to breathing normally…for the time being.  After doing some crowdsourcing, they decided it was off to chow down on some sea food at The Boiling Crab in Koreatown.

Now, let me drop a little knowledge on you about places like this – you’ll be getting down and dirty with some crustaceans, so be prepared for a delicious mess all over your table.   If it sounds like a ridiculous experience – trust me, it is!  And to boot, a great way to get to know someone unabashed; I found that it’s incredibly easy to be an honest version of yourself when you’re wrist deep in a garlic lobster, trying to crunch the goodness out.

We took some advice from the savvy Yelp-sters who frequent the spot and showed up a few minutes early – it’s a damn good thing we did because the line was already about 30 people deep and we were some hungry kitties!  A few things to be aware of before you stop by – The Boiling Crab doesn’t take reservations and your whole party needs to be present to be seated.  The two parties before us didn’t follow these rules and looked pretty disappointed when we were seated ahead of them; oops!

The last time anyone put a bib on me I think I was five; game on.

Proof that our table was actually white when we started out.  For appetizers, we got some oysters on the half shell and omnom they might be my new favorite snack ever!  Yet another thing I would have never tried without some coaxing from my man.

After that, the main course began in a big way:  all the shellfish comes in these plastic bags that are toted to your table in buckets (pretty adorable branding if you ask me). If the restaurants do it right, there aren’t plates or silverware – your food is brought to your table in a plastic bag with all the fixn’s (garlic butter, cajun sauce, etc) and you get to dump it all out to grub it all up by the handful in scrumptious bites.

It took me until just a few weeks ago to get the hang of the tempura amebi heads they serve in sushi restaurants; they’re delicious but they surely don’t look it!  Meaning when it came time to try shrimp – again – I was ready to dive head first.

Though it’s of little importance picture wise at this point, they had hands down the best garlic butter drenched corn I ever had; I even ordered more after the whole meal was over because it tasted like dessert to me! The two highlights of the meal were the Maine Lobster and the Dungeness Crab – so perfectly delicious!

Last, but definitely not least – the aftermath of our once clean table.  And per usual, Danny was right – meeting his mother was an absolute breeze and to boot she’s a total gem (and of course I knew she would be, her son turned out pretty fabulous himself!).  One of the next adventures will definitely be a trip up north to introduce him to my family and friends back home – it’s about damn time! =)