[Doing it Right] SHARKNADO in San Diego

What happens when you combine 16 close friends, one condo in San Diego, copious amounts of shenanigans, amazing weather and good music? Well, some might call it a dream, others might refer to it as ridiculous – but for all intensive purposes, we’re choosing to refer to it as Sharknado 2013.   On Saturday, we set our sights on the ocean and never looked back – traveling the high seas like a group of rowdy pirates with our drinks and our two step.  Our hostess with the mostess recruited a bartender to serve us tasty beverages as we raged our way through the day and we brought assorted snacks to keep us healthy and happy.  Plus – throughout the weekend we all lent a hand in the kitchen which saved us an epic amount of money.  We assembled the meals by predetermined teams for the party and the end result was we all had the chance to contribute something equally delicious and awesome to the group. Sunday things culminated with an epic build your own Bloody Mary session, relaxed beats and some quality time poolside in the stunning San Diego sunshine.  Per usual, I’ll be reveling in these memories for a while as I sit here, waiting patiently for my next adventure.


San Diego Sheraton Marina



Getting weird.


We’re on a boat!







Build your own Bloody Bar


The Gang


Of course, I couldn’t leave y’all without giving you something to groove to on this manic Monday so here’s a little dose of the music we were bumping over the past weekend – from dubstep to deep house, we found a place for it all and I hope you guys can find a way to do that, too!

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