[The Audiofiles] Drift Away on Autograf’s Latest Remix Ahead of Their First European Tour


For the past few years, Chicago trifecta Autograf has more than left their imprint on the dance music scene. Through a combination of thoughtful reworks that deconstruct the original song as well as solid original tracks, Autograf has graced the stage at Northern Nights, Electric Forest, Hangout Fest most notably Woogie Weekend where they absolutely stole the show on Sunday.

In the wake of their first Europe tour, they’re back with something a little more brooding than fans are used to as homage to one of the most influential European electronic acts: Faithless. Founded back in the original mecca of dance music, Faithless sprung onto the dance scene in 1995 and there was simply no looking back until Maxi Jazz, Sister Bliss and Rollo went their separate ways in search of solo success in 2011. Now, almost 5 years later – a new era is here: Faithless 2.0. Their sixth remix album, Faithless 2.0 is available for purchase on Amazon or iTunes, and can be streamed via Spotify.

A pulsing, haunting spin on a tried and true track- Autograf punched up the original melody while spiraling into a darker, and much appreciated, tone. If this past year is any indication of their artist talent, I’m excited to see what else these gentlemen have under their belt for 2016.

Tour DatesNov 6 – Berlin // Gretchen
Nov 7 – Paris // Showcase
Nov 11 – Amsterdam // W Amsterdam
Nov 12 – Oxford UK // Emporium
Nov 13 – Parma, Italy // Pulp
Nov 14 – Liverpool UK // Chibuku
Nov 14 – London // Cafe 1001

Purchase Tickets Here

For more on Autograf, follow their socials –

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud | Instagram

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[The Audiofiles] /ˈlo͞osid/ Puts a Delirious Spin on Galantis’ ‘Gold Dust’


The already ephemeral ‘Gold Dust’ from EDM power duo Galantis has been receiving the remix treatment across the board. Once again, Linus Eklöw – better known to fans as Style of Eye – and Christian Karlsson of Miike Snow fame have crafted an effervescent mix of feel good, four to the floor rhythm with hauntingly beautiful vocals. Artists ranging from Hook N Sling and CRNKN with Hotel Garuda have had their way with the Original mix, and now, it’s time for /ˈlo͞osid/ to mix in his magic.

An enigmatic producer who elegantly juxtaposes multiple genres within just one song, /ˈlo͞osid/ has forged his way onto the dance music circuit with an impressive catalog of remixes and original tracks. From John Mayer’s ‘Falling’ to Evanescene’s ‘Going Under’, I’ve been both catapulted back to childhood and ahead into the future of bass music while ‘Chaos’ and ‘Dim the Lights’ still hail as two of my favorite original productions from 2015.Now, with his latest remix of ‘Gold Dust’, he’s both raised the BPM and my interest; weaving bass heavy synths into crunchy melodies, unpredictable and euphoric breakdowns.

Mark my words, this is an artist to keep on your radar. For more on /ˈlo͞osid/, keep track of his socials –

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

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[The Audiofiles] Rain Man Sets Solo Career Ablaze with Debut Track ‘Visionary’ Featuring Sirah


After setting the internet ablaze last year after leaving the talented dupstep triumvirate of Krewella, we’ve all been (im)patiently for Rain Man to come through with a solo career. The brains behind the bass and the passionate producer of the bunch, Rain Man more than made a name for himself behind the decks of Krewella and now he’s stepping out into his own spotlight. On March 29th, he’ll be kicking off a series of solo shows in Miami and now he’s rousing interest and ruffling feathers with his first single – ‘Visionary’, featuring Sirah of Skrillex and Alvin Risk fame.

Out today on Buygore Records, “Visionary” is the track we’ve wanted for the last year and simply haven’t gotten. Between the booming bass and seductive vocals, it’s easy to forget you’re not listening to a Krewella track; flip your script and remember who crafted those crushing beats and you’ll be singing a different tune. The track comes to life with the rumble of a Reggae infused Dubstep track, with delicately layered lyrics over crushing basslines – perfect for all hours at your favorite dance hall.

“The lyrics for visionary are super dark. Basically I’m talking about the decision every artist needs to make, where you either stay true to what you believe in or you bend your art to fit in a lane. I make my own lane,” – Sirah

Rain Man kicks off his solo tour in Miami at the Buygore Pool Party on 3/29, with stops in Chicago, New York’s Webster Hall and Avalon in Los Angeles on 4/17.

Purchase “Visionary” on Beatport

For more information on Rain Man, head to his socials –

Website | Twitter | Instagram | Soundcloud| Facebookrain

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[Rising Star Spotlight] Flume

When it comes to discovering new music, I’ll get inspiration from anywhere and everywhere possible – if you’ve been tagging along on the Bouncy Kitty for a while, you’ve born witness to my effervescent prowl for the latest and greatest tunes.   And here’s the thing, I can get into a lot of music.  At it’s most basic level – music is catchy. I love rocking to the beat so if it moves me physically – I’ll find a way to mentally get into it.  However, I can get over a song as easily as I can get into one; if I don’t find it to be musically complex, progressive or innovative – my interest dies exceptionally fast.  I habitually surf  social sites to get my jams; but, if there’s something I trust more than a socially verified banger, it’s a solid recommendation straight from the mouth of babes (and by babes, I mean my wonderful extended family in LA.)  One of my closest friends just happens to be my boyfriend’s housemate, and believe you me – I spend a hefty amount of time over in their neck of the woods.

Morning, afternoon, evening – the man is always garnering musical inspiration from a whole host of sources and he’s always imparting his musical knowledge on us.  One of his latest finds is Australian born and bred producer Flume, and needless to say – I’m hooked.  The Deluxe Edition of his latest album hits worldwide today, but unfortunately for us kids in the states we have to wait until the 12th to snag our copy from iTunes.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been listening to Flume’s  on Soundcloud  feed non-freaking-stop; each song is so uniquely complex and layered that you can’t possibly process it in one, two or even three listens.  And then, after the tenth or twentieth – you’re left wondering how you never heard those top notes before, or how the bassline rumbles your soul.  Forget about genres and fitting artists into neatly packaged little boxes, Flume is one of those artists that simply produces great music.  He combines downtempo electronic music with powerful lyrics and a a diverse group of vocalists like Ghostface Killa, Isabella Manfredi, Stalley,Moon Holiday and Chet Faker. No two tracks on the album sound alike, and there are a handful that I’ve had in heavy rotation. It’s hard to pick a favorite, but right now I’d have to say it’s between the feel good rap ballad ‘On Top’ with lyrics from T-Shirt, ‘Left Alone’ with  Chet Faker – an indie-electro artist from Australia ‘Holding On’ featuring the soulful voice of Freddie Gibbs, a rapper formerly on Young Jeezy’s label CTE.  The best thing about Flume’s music is that it can speak for itself,so I’ll let it do the talking; enjoy!

Keep in touch with Flume across the web and make sure you take note of his tour dates; you do not want to miss out!

Beatport | Soundcloud | Twitter | Facebook | Youtube

Finding Love In Small Moments and Everyday Places

This time of year, there are two words that can either make or break your day depending on your relationship status; couples run to it, those committed to being single scatter in opposing directions.  But from time to time, almost all of us forget that the first relationship we should consider on Valentine’s Day is the one we have with ourselves. It’s a sad state of affairs when our feelings about love are dictated by our relationship status; there is so much love to be shared in each and every moment that it’s a crying shame more people can’t commit themselves to stopping and smelling the roses every once in a while, even if for a second they’re reminded of their thorns.

Love is a set of stepping stones strewn haphazardly over a river of turbulent emotions ; it would be nice if we crossed them carefully and with grace – but I’ll be the first to admit that it’s not always the case.  The first stone is self-love; you can’t feasibly land on any others until you’ve conquered this step.  People try to skip it and rush to other steps beyond their reach…but some slip, others fall and most curse the world that they’ll never love again. We all stumble and land in the water, but what we have to remember is that you don’t drown by falling in the water, we drown by staying there: we could dance it off and splash around, rinse our souls and start anew; start fresh.

My last relationship ended a while ago and as with most breakups, extenuating circumstances were everywhere.  We weren’t  just like everyone else: our breakup was different; we were different.  Over the course of the few years we’d known each other, he’d been diagnosed Bipolar 1 and I was fighting as hard as I could to maintain any semblance of normalcy between us. When I love, I have a tendency to put the other persons needs before my own – and in this situation, doubly so. But trying to love someone who can’t be 100% of themselves puts unnecessary strain on a relationship, and I was doing the work of both parties. When we split I had an epiphany that I’d put so much of myself into my relationship that I’d lost sight of who I was as an individual: I had no clue what it meant to be me anymore.  In turn, I decided to go on a mission – a journey into the manifest destiny of my emotional mind; it’s been the most rewarding experience I could have asked for, and the best gift he ever gave me.With so much love in the world, we don’t have to be so naive to think that as single members of society we can’t enjoy Valentine’s Day.  For me, Valentine’s Day is a reason to celebrate all the love around me – the love that my friends share, that the couples in my life share, even the love that my pets share: it’s there, it’s all there, you just have to be patient enough to notice it.

At the end of the day, what truly matters is only one love: do you love yourself – and more importantly, what variables add up to love in the equation of your life?

A year and a half ago – I wouldn’t have had an answer for that – I probably would’ve given you a blank stare and said something vague like “happiness.” As delightful as that is, the education adulthood has given me screams that it’s simply not enough: what makes you happy and how do you cultivate happiness in your life or within your friendships? I’m blessed: I’ve found the most fulfilling moments in the smallest of places and they do their dose of replenishing the love in the world around me.

Art doesn’t have to be in a museum and it surely doesn’t have to have a price tag; almost all of the art I’m currently into I stumbled across while wandering the streets of Los Angeles.  And it makes complete sense, if you think about it – creativity oozes from the veins of our city so it’s no wonder that it art lurks in alleyways and lays hidden to the most oblivious of people.

There’s something to be said for being awake while the city sleeps, and it goes beyond catching the glory of a sunrise – while other people are caught up in dreams that they’ll likely never remember, I’m making plans for dreams that refuse to get out of my head.  To be honest, I do my best thinking when the city sleeps.

It’s taken almost five years, but I have to admit – I love LA. I love the clusterfuck of personalities and vocations, of music genres and museums; it’s like someone threw the eclectic parts of the world into a martini shaker and let it loose above the city.

The older I get, the stronger my relationships with my parents get; getting older and wiser is difficult and they make things so much easier.  Whether it’s a funny anecdote comparing my life to any of their post-collegiate fumbles, or friend advise or a funny joke that no one else would get, my parents are my rocks and their support and unconditional love means the world to me.

One of the biggest understatements in the world is this: these two faces light up my life.  Even though I just started, I  can’t begin to explain the adoration and admiration that run through my veins every day that I get to spend with them.  They’re privy to inside jokes no one else gets and see my one person dance parties on the daily. My life is richer because they’re in it; I feel love because they’re in my life

And now, in no particular order – these are the things that fill my heart on the daily:

…getting lost in a good book, autocorrect when I’m drunk, dandelions, empty email boxes, handwritten letters, strangers who share their smiles, scream laughter, catching up with friends over mimosas, mosh pits, the first rays of morning sunshine, bear hugs from close friends, fresh music, hand-me-down clothing, writing, long runs, coincidences, and most importantly – me.