[Rising Star Spotlight] Flume

When it comes to discovering new music, I’ll get inspiration from anywhere and everywhere possible – if you’ve been tagging along on the Bouncy Kitty for a while, you’ve born witness to my effervescent prowl for the latest and greatest tunes.   And here’s the thing, I can get into a lot of music.  At it’s most basic level – music is catchy. I love rocking to the beat so if it moves me physically – I’ll find a way to mentally get into it.  However, I can get over a song as easily as I can get into one; if I don’t find it to be musically complex, progressive or innovative – my interest dies exceptionally fast.  I habitually surf  social sites to get my jams; but, if there’s something I trust more than a socially verified banger, it’s a solid recommendation straight from the mouth of babes (and by babes, I mean my wonderful extended family in LA.)  One of my closest friends just happens to be my boyfriend’s housemate, and believe you me – I spend a hefty amount of time over in their neck of the woods.

Morning, afternoon, evening – the man is always garnering musical inspiration from a whole host of sources and he’s always imparting his musical knowledge on us.  One of his latest finds is Australian born and bred producer Flume, and needless to say – I’m hooked.  The Deluxe Edition of his latest album hits worldwide today, but unfortunately for us kids in the states we have to wait until the 12th to snag our copy from iTunes.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been listening to Flume’s  on Soundcloud  feed non-freaking-stop; each song is so uniquely complex and layered that you can’t possibly process it in one, two or even three listens.  And then, after the tenth or twentieth – you’re left wondering how you never heard those top notes before, or how the bassline rumbles your soul.  Forget about genres and fitting artists into neatly packaged little boxes, Flume is one of those artists that simply produces great music.  He combines downtempo electronic music with powerful lyrics and a a diverse group of vocalists like Ghostface Killa, Isabella Manfredi, Stalley,Moon Holiday and Chet Faker. No two tracks on the album sound alike, and there are a handful that I’ve had in heavy rotation. It’s hard to pick a favorite, but right now I’d have to say it’s between the feel good rap ballad ‘On Top’ with lyrics from T-Shirt, ‘Left Alone’ with  Chet Faker – an indie-electro artist from Australia ‘Holding On’ featuring the soulful voice of Freddie Gibbs, a rapper formerly on Young Jeezy’s label CTE.  The best thing about Flume’s music is that it can speak for itself,so I’ll let it do the talking; enjoy!

Keep in touch with Flume across the web and make sure you take note of his tour dates; you do not want to miss out!

Beatport | Soundcloud | Twitter | Facebook | Youtube

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