[Track of the Week] Kiesza – Hideaway

Back when I was geeking out over The Magician’s latest mixtape, my infatuation turned to a specific moment of the mix – minute 26.   Somewhere, between a delicious disco rhythm and empowered female vocals, my feet started sending out unknown Morse code messages throughout my office and my head began to slowly sway to the delicate beat drops.  What was this magic and where do I find more? As I scoured through all my social media resources trying to piece together a track list, I found myself rewinding the mix in an incessant fashion.  I feverishly tried to find out everything and anything I could about my addiction.  Originally from Calgary, Canada – Kiesza has been hopping all over the globe – first to New York City and as of this week, London.   Her first mark on the scene was ‘Oops’ back in ’12, but with ‘Hideaway’ she’s sure to make a more memorable splash.

The track begins by ushering in a rumbling beat and sultry vocals, with deep and open notes and slowly, progresses into a powerhouse Deep Disco vocal anthem. Featured last Friday as Annie Mac’s BBC show as the track of the week, this infectious earworm is guaranteed to leave the dance floor grooving. Think Disclosure with a soulful female vocalist (much like the addition of Mary J Blidge on ‘F For You‘ or Duke Dumont with a little sass and that’s exactly what you’ll get from Kiesza.   With support from The Magician, Tenesnake and Route 94, there’s no doubt that ‘Hideaway’ will get plenty of play this year.

Follow Kiesza on her socials  and don’t forget, the Hideaway EP releases in the US this March on Lokal Legend!

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[Artist Spotlight] The Magician

My musical appetite shifts pretty frequently and I have to admit, lately my music library just simply isn’t cutting it.  I’ve caught myself shuffling through my songs so frequently that in the course of a day, I hadn’t listened to a single song from beginning to end; so frustrating!  So, it makes my heart incredibly happy when I stumble across an artist that knows how to keep me interested for more than a few hours, or songs, at a time.

The Magician first popped up on my radar a few weeks ago on Hypem; remixes of ‘When The Night Is Over’ were pouring through the Indie-Electro blogs and the track above caught my ear. After a solid week of various versions of the single on repeat, I retired the track and promptly moved on to newer addictions.  But then yesterday, as I was scouring through my social media accounts – I clicked through to a few of my favorite producers and tweet after tweet was directing me back to him and the latest Magic Tape.

The Magician - Magic Tape #38

Initially, I proverbially kicked myself –  “Thirty EIGHT?! How have I inconveniently managed to avoid such an exceptional producer?” But a little bit of research later and a few ah-HA moments later, I realized this absolutely wasn’t the case.  Not long ago, The Magician – whose real name is Stephen Fasano, was half of the then-duo Aeroplane alongside Vito de Luca.  They’re best known for their Balearic disco and French/Indie House and I’ve been a huge fan of theirs for a few years now.  There’s a mix that I play whenever I need to whisk myself to a tropical island and it never fails to disappoint.

After some good runs with Aeroplane, Fasano realized that his interest in the group was fleeting and decided to amicably part ways from Vito. Thus, The Magician  was born!  Back in 2011 he joined forces with  Yusek to form Peter & The Magician and since the he’s managed to break off on his own for some solo project.  The Magicianskillfully weaves deep, tech and indie house into a full fledged dance party that I’ve literally been living in for the past two days.  The best part about Magic Tape #38?  There’s 37 more to go – enjoy!


1. Casino Gold – All I Need

2. Duke Dumont feat. Jax Jones – I Got U

3. John Newman – Losing Sleep (Disciples Remix)

4. Chris Malinchak – If U Got It (The Magician Remix)

5. Cheap Picasso – Don’t Play Around

6. HAIM – Forever (TCTS Remix)

7. Kiesza – Hideaway

8. Lancelot – Givin It up feat. Anthony & Cleopatra

9. ??? – ??? 1

0. Klaue & Tatze – Bringing It

11. Disclosure – Voices (Le Youth Remix)

[Rising Star Spotlight] Thomas Jack

Thomas Jack.’s avatar

Sure, it’s Monday morning – but thanks to the tropical house vibes coming from Thomas Jack, today just doesn’t feel that bad!   I discovered the young man less than a month ago when I caught myself in an unexpected cubicle boogie – his single ‘Booka Shake’ had started playing on Hypem and I was getting down with the get down.

The sultry synths combined with Nate Dogg’s seductive voice pave the way for one hell of a funky remix;  one thing that I haven’t gotten from a lot of American producers lately is the use of ’empty’ noise – a lot of what’s gotten popular is heavily layered, intricate beats that “whomp” and “untz” throughout.  The pieces are chalk full of noises and it feels like your head’s being bombarded with non-stop beats – with Thomas Jack, things are different.  There’s breathing room between notes, there’s wiggle room; other guys, take note.

The man garnishes the ability to take folk and indie singles and infuse them with emotion:  crafting delightfully dance-able tracks and weaving powerful words and melodies throughout his own unique creations.  Thomas Jack successfully creates an ambient atmosphere where only his music exists: if you close your eyes and let yourself drift into the simple yet intricate melodies,  you’ll start to float off to your own fantasy island – fully equipped with flirtatiously colored drinks with contrasting, miniature umbrellas.  Somewhere between the open, staccato notes and the full sounds of saxophones and pan flutes a  sub-genre of deep house reemerges with life.   Yes, you read that correctly – real instruments, oh yes! 

Thomas Jack ft. Adrian Symes - The Final Speech (Original Mix)

He’s already done guests mixes for two of my all time favorite music blogs – Earmilk and Gotta Dance Dirty and has been making his way into multitudes of music bloggers hearts – one quick search on the interwebs and you’ll see the recent infatuation with his music firsthand.  Bottom line, if you’re curious who to watch in 2014 – your answer is right here.

Firebox (Original Mix) - Thomas Jack & Max Simmons

Keep in touch with Thomas Jack across the interwebs and make sure you know when he’s coming to a city near you:

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[Rising Star Spotlight] Flume

When it comes to discovering new music, I’ll get inspiration from anywhere and everywhere possible – if you’ve been tagging along on the Bouncy Kitty for a while, you’ve born witness to my effervescent prowl for the latest and greatest tunes.   And here’s the thing, I can get into a lot of music.  At it’s most basic level – music is catchy. I love rocking to the beat so if it moves me physically – I’ll find a way to mentally get into it.  However, I can get over a song as easily as I can get into one; if I don’t find it to be musically complex, progressive or innovative – my interest dies exceptionally fast.  I habitually surf  social sites to get my jams; but, if there’s something I trust more than a socially verified banger, it’s a solid recommendation straight from the mouth of babes (and by babes, I mean my wonderful extended family in LA.)  One of my closest friends just happens to be my boyfriend’s housemate, and believe you me – I spend a hefty amount of time over in their neck of the woods.

Morning, afternoon, evening – the man is always garnering musical inspiration from a whole host of sources and he’s always imparting his musical knowledge on us.  One of his latest finds is Australian born and bred producer Flume, and needless to say – I’m hooked.  The Deluxe Edition of his latest album hits worldwide today, but unfortunately for us kids in the states we have to wait until the 12th to snag our copy from iTunes.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been listening to Flume’s  on Soundcloud  feed non-freaking-stop; each song is so uniquely complex and layered that you can’t possibly process it in one, two or even three listens.  And then, after the tenth or twentieth – you’re left wondering how you never heard those top notes before, or how the bassline rumbles your soul.  Forget about genres and fitting artists into neatly packaged little boxes, Flume is one of those artists that simply produces great music.  He combines downtempo electronic music with powerful lyrics and a a diverse group of vocalists like Ghostface Killa, Isabella Manfredi, Stalley,Moon Holiday and Chet Faker. No two tracks on the album sound alike, and there are a handful that I’ve had in heavy rotation. It’s hard to pick a favorite, but right now I’d have to say it’s between the feel good rap ballad ‘On Top’ with lyrics from T-Shirt, ‘Left Alone’ with  Chet Faker – an indie-electro artist from Australia ‘Holding On’ featuring the soulful voice of Freddie Gibbs, a rapper formerly on Young Jeezy’s label CTE.  The best thing about Flume’s music is that it can speak for itself,so I’ll let it do the talking; enjoy!

Keep in touch with Flume across the web and make sure you take note of his tour dates; you do not want to miss out!

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