[Artist Spotlight] The Magician

My musical appetite shifts pretty frequently and I have to admit, lately my music library just simply isn’t cutting it.  I’ve caught myself shuffling through my songs so frequently that in the course of a day, I hadn’t listened to a single song from beginning to end; so frustrating!  So, it makes my heart incredibly happy when I stumble across an artist that knows how to keep me interested for more than a few hours, or songs, at a time.

The Magician first popped up on my radar a few weeks ago on Hypem; remixes of ‘When The Night Is Over’ were pouring through the Indie-Electro blogs and the track above caught my ear. After a solid week of various versions of the single on repeat, I retired the track and promptly moved on to newer addictions.  But then yesterday, as I was scouring through my social media accounts – I clicked through to a few of my favorite producers and tweet after tweet was directing me back to him and the latest Magic Tape.

The Magician - Magic Tape #38

Initially, I proverbially kicked myself –  “Thirty EIGHT?! How have I inconveniently managed to avoid such an exceptional producer?” But a little bit of research later and a few ah-HA moments later, I realized this absolutely wasn’t the case.  Not long ago, The Magician – whose real name is Stephen Fasano, was half of the then-duo Aeroplane alongside Vito de Luca.  They’re best known for their Balearic disco and French/Indie House and I’ve been a huge fan of theirs for a few years now.  There’s a mix that I play whenever I need to whisk myself to a tropical island and it never fails to disappoint.

After some good runs with Aeroplane, Fasano realized that his interest in the group was fleeting and decided to amicably part ways from Vito. Thus, The Magician  was born!  Back in 2011 he joined forces with  Yusek to form Peter & The Magician and since the he’s managed to break off on his own for some solo project.  The Magicianskillfully weaves deep, tech and indie house into a full fledged dance party that I’ve literally been living in for the past two days.  The best part about Magic Tape #38?  There’s 37 more to go – enjoy!


1. Casino Gold – All I Need

2. Duke Dumont feat. Jax Jones – I Got U

3. John Newman – Losing Sleep (Disciples Remix)

4. Chris Malinchak – If U Got It (The Magician Remix)

5. Cheap Picasso – Don’t Play Around

6. HAIM – Forever (TCTS Remix)

7. Kiesza – Hideaway

8. Lancelot – Givin It up feat. Anthony & Cleopatra

9. ??? – ??? 1

0. Klaue & Tatze – Bringing It

11. Disclosure – Voices (Le Youth Remix)

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