[The Audiofiles] Usher In Winter with Lane 8’s Latest Mixtape


With Los Angeles trapped within it’s version of perpetual Summer, I tend to forget that other seasons exist until we’re thrust into them feet first. Thankfully, I’ve begun to anticipate them thanks to timely mixes from none other than Lane 8, a rising star on Above & Beyond’s Anjunadeep imprint. Now with a host of large festival tour dates like Northern Nights, Spring Awakening, What The Festival and Global Dance Festival – not to mention, with his second album ‘Rise‘ and second North American Tour of the same name under his belt, Lane 8 has perfected his stage presence and ability to feel the crowd, which have both forayed into his exquisitely curated mixtapes.

Over the last year, I’ve found myself drawn to both his moody and brooding downtempo original tracks as well as his magnificent mixes that pull inspiration from each and every pocket of House Music. Deep, Indie, Tech – you name it, he’s mixed it into his wondrous works. Though I’d missed out on attending several of his shows around Southern California, I was delighted to be front and center while he brought the house down at Coachella’s DoLab Stage to watch him turn some of my bass buddies into tried and true Lane 8 believers. Each and every time I dive into a mix, I’m absolutely enthralled and blown away by his musical maturity and his latest Winter 2015 Mixtape is an absolute testament to that fact. Dive right in and see what you think!

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Photo by Daniel Leist

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[The Audiofiles] Ipman Releases Delightfully Dark Debut LP ‘Depatterning’ on The Glitch Mob’s Glass Air Imprint


Prepare yourself for an auditory adventure into the throws of industrial synths, brooding tech house basslines and ominous undertones as Ipman presents his debut album ‘Depatterning‘. Releasing via The Glitch Mob’s Glass Air Records imprint and Tectonic Recordings, Depatterning‘ is the fantastic culmination of two dedicated years in the studio honing his unique and experimental sound that sits delightfully between UK Garage and Future Bass.

Originally hailing from a small rural English town, Ipman – better known as Jack Gibbons – has passionately curated an album that draws equal inspiration from rave culture as it does his personal technological advancements in instrumentation. The album was hand crafted by tech savvy Gibbons, down to the very instruments used: experimenting with both modular and granular synths and rewiring the drum machine.

“I like to create music by experimenting with new ideas and mechanics and letting tracks evolve, and this was no different. I had a pretty free reign and just tried new things and looked at the results.”
Ipman Through discordant bass and dissonant tones, Ipman’s record is a delightful deviation from predictable, four to the floor club bangers. One listen to ‘Depatterning‘ and you’ll be craving a 3am moment at a Warehouse party.

‘Depatterning’ Tracklisting
1. Regicide
2. Technicolour
3. Gravity
4. IPA
5. Last One In The In The
6. Y
7. O
8. U
9. Strong Ones

Depatterning is available for purchase or for listen via streaming in a menagerie of different mediums from Ipman’s website here; choose your auditory adventure whichever way you best see fit – iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Google Play and more!

For more on Glass Air Records, head to their website here

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[The Audiofiles] Desert Hearts: There’s a Message in the Music

Photography by Daniel Leist

Last Thursday night, we congregated in hushed tones – packing, plotting, scheming over what the weekend would bring. Not to say that my friends and I are novices to music festivals – quite the opposite in fact –  but it’d been a good minute since we’d all had a ‘first’ in the music scene.  Friday morning we woke up to delicious threats of coffee and impending adventure just around the corner.  After loading up our cars to the brim with the bare necessities, we were off down the rabbit hole on an adventure for the books; reverse skydiving into a whimsical, wonderful world where the unexpected was probable and the possible was unlike anything you’d ever experienced. Scrolling through the lineup for Desert Hearts, we collectively knew about a third of the musical acts…between the seven of us.  This was our inaugural Desert Hearts experience and we all knew we’d be in for a special treat. What started two and a half years ago as an intimate renegade gathering in the Mojave Desert has transformed into band of brothers and sisters over 2000 strong.  For the 6th installment of Desert Hearts, we traversed inland to ten acres of sacred space belonging to the Los Coyotes Band of Indians; it’s the largest reservation in San Diego County, boasting a healing, vibrant landscape.

By all standards, this isn’t your normal 3 Day Music Festival – featuring not just one love and one vibe, but one stage for a wild romp through nuanced variations of House, Disco and Techno all weekend long.  Hosted by an equally eclectic, talented and mindful group, it shouldn’t come as any surprise that they’ve spurred a community based artistic platform appropriately called Desert Arts while simply giving away all their music – singles, albums and sets – for free on Soundcloud just for the sake of sharing their passions with the world. They’re a philanthropic, warm heart-ed, collaborative, conscious and creative entourage and it’s reflected within the community that they’ve cultivated.

After two hours in the car, laughing, musing, and daydreaming about our first Desert Hearts experience we valiantly arrived at the check-in point, blaring the last heavy bass drop we thought we’d hear for the next three days. Greeted by the Green Team, we were welcomed with warm smiles and a set of trash bags so we could keep the grounds as wonderful as we’d found them, Within minutes, we’d conquered the campground and picked the perfect camping spot – surrounded by equal sun showers and shade during the day, and ample starlight melded mystery at night.  Gallivanting towards the stage, we noticed ‘Desert Hearts’ necklaces glistening in the sunlight and immediately mused that we all wanted one; within seconds of stepping foot onto the dance floor, a beautiful soul named Purps pranced our way with a sparkle in her eye and giving in her heart. ‘Welcome to Desert Hearts!’ she smiled, ‘This is for you!’ What a wonderful, gesture – as if we’d manifested this ourselves. Immediately, we found our groove and held it for a transformative, magical, inventive, musical 72 hours while playing, prancing, hugging, dancing, giggling and shining in the Spring air.

Sultry sets, plush with body bumping, soul thumping Tech House from Jamie Schwabl and Tara Brooks of LA’s own Wülfpack kicked the night off right while hoopers, poi perfectionists, fire dancers and creative artists of all types scattered throughout the forest.  Up next was hands down, one of the most phenomenal  back to back sets I’ve borne witness to.  Philipp Jung of M.A.N.D.Y. and Audiofly expertly crafted a phenomenal Tech House set as the rare and highly acclaimed supergroup ‘M.A.N.F.L.Y.’  You could watch them put their minds together, determining the collective fate of the dance floor with excitement and glee. Evening manifested into morning, and a beautiful Blond:ish sunrise set. Though the temperatures got down to as low as 40 a night – we found that if you stayed on the dance floor and shook your groove thing, you could stay warm all night by heating up the dance floor with your stellar moves.

Waking up Saturday morning surrounded by a lush landscape, the cacophony of nature purring over a four to the floor bassline, completely disconnected from all forms of technology was the epitome of bliss.  Looking around, I was proud to be a member of this new tribe – a warm welcoming group of idiosyncratic individuals, donning duds from eons past into the further future; cummerbunds, galactic glitter shorts, top hats, bunny suits, glowing cat tails, bubble guns, flow toys and more shimmed around me – and that’s just from our campsite.  All it took was a day, and our ethos felt preserved, like a time capsule or a pressed flower. Adjusting to our beautiful new reality, we bounded down the trails in search of friends and mimosas, melody and merrymaking and found ourselves in the art tent, enraptured by the work of Jef Logan.

As we collapsed over each other while giggling in time with the music, Marbs casually strolled through the room with a hop in his step, a glimmer in his eye and his parents by his side. Sauntering to a sitting position, we gleefully exclaimed to his mother how amazing the festival was and that the beauty, art, creativity and kinship they were witnessing were possible because of their influence before resuming our cuddle puddle, once again lost in the shadow play and sunlight.  Starting our walk back to the campsite to prepare for the evenings festivities, Danny and I were stopped in my tracks by someone asking for a favor; we weren’t sure what we could offer, but decided to play along anyways. After handing over a copy of Shel Silverstein’s ‘Where the Sidewalk Ends‘ we were immediately whisked ten feet away to a stage where we were the main attraction for dozens of eager beavers, ready to lap up our linguistic talents.  “We’ve picked a poem for you! Would you mind reading? We’re ready!” Before my brain had a second to flirt with declining, I’d started in, with Danny chiming in on the next line.  Back and forth, we wove through the stanza in an impromptu slam poetry performance that reinvigorated my soul and humored my funny bone.

Reassembling back at the campsite, we kicked off Saturday evening with a hike into a gorgeous, open field.  For a few moments, we forgot there was even a festival in the background – less the dull roar of music in the distance. Quietly, we marinated in the beauty of the moment, our minds wandering outward to the cotton candy sunset cascading through the sky and inward, firmly grasping the concepts of community, friendship and love on a new, unified wavelength.  Shaking our way back to the stage, freak flags flew vivaciously from each and every direction as the freedom of individual self expression sprang to new heights, where inner children, superheroes, gods and goddesses emanated from each and every one of us. With one stage, one vibe and one rhythm – we’d metamorphosed into one giant, living, breathing, heartfelt, creative, magical, giving, dancing organism with the stage as our collective heartbeat.

The tunes Saturday night were a Desert Heart’s family affair, eloquently flowing between Deep Jesus, Marbs, Porkchop, Mikey Lion and Lee Reynolds from 6 at night til 4 in the morning. One of the many beautiful things about Desert Hearts is there’s no distinction made between performers, artists, musicians, production, staff, crew, festies and fanatics – there aren’t VIP passes or VIP booths, because w’re all DHP – Desert Hearts People. What that meant, was anyone and everyone was allowed to roam as they pleased across, around and through the campground; leading the most cavalier of folk to snag their five minutes of fame behind the DJ booth with their crew. Lost in a groove to a gorgeous rendition of Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Dreams’, we danced the way we felt while bubbles and glitter cascaded around us. I didn’t make it to Atish, but my friends that did let me know how much I missed out.

By Sunday, we’d perfected the Desert Heart Bob – or the DHB for short – while salaciously serendipitous meetings of friends and strangers alike pulled on our heartstrings. Hilarious, funny and pun riddled totems floated throughout the festival with as much character as the individuals porting them.  There were festival go-ers from all walks of life, with one foot firmly planted in the convoluted reality of a 9 to 5 working job, while the other tapped in time to it’s unique, effervescent rhythm.  Desert Hearts is proof that if you build it, they will come; and if you play it, they’ll dance. The music on Sunday was on point, and heavier on the bass.  The night before, we discovered a full banana costume next to us on the floor – it wasn’t til Sunday’s shenanigans with Monkey Safari and the crowd going completely bananas that it all made sense.  Going into the evening, I’d reiterated over and over that we couldn’t miss Wobs; and did he ever hold up his end of that bargain. From the giant zebra flying through the crowd, to hilarious cardboard cameras with his name on them – his stage presence spoke volumes and the crowd celebrated in kind.

As we packed up our campsite Monday morning, we couldn’t help but reminisce on a beautiful weekend past and a bold new future to take the reigns on.  With the mentality of radical self reliance, we collectively decided that since we hadn’t exactly paid attention to which was the trash and which was the recycling – we’d lend some hands to the Green Team to sort through them; after all, it wasn’t on them that we didn’t remember, but I guarantee we all will next time!  To reward ourselves, we took one last stroll onto the dance floor and closed out the festival the only way one should – with the Desert Hearts DJs taking the reigns as a family, in an epic back to back set that I’m thrilled I got to witness. Hands down, one of the most beautiful Monday afternoons I’ve ever had.

Rousing ourselves away from the dance floor, we became lost once again in the moment – a 72 hour moment that seemed to linger like a perfume, tangled in the wind.  For 3 days, 72 hours, 4320 minutes, 359,200 seconds – glitter was a color, hugs were currency, laughter was lyrical, smiles became medicine and we truly were one. We came to Desert Hearts with beautiful intentions and without expectation and we left with our heads in the clouds and our feet still on the dance floor.  We laughed, danced and cried tears of joy; we were shaken to our core by how awe inspiring this world is and shown time and time again that it’s up to us to not only leave it better, but leave it beautiful.

We are all Desert Hearts, and there’s a message in our music. 

A HUGE thank you to the Green Team for promoting sustainability and ensuring we left the venue better than we found it; the Los Coyotes Tribe and Tribal Police for allowing us to gather and celebrate on their land; the Dance Safe Team for promoting intelligent partying; Symbiotic Creations and Alternative Lighting Solutions for a stunning stage presentation; Shangri-Lawless and Pile Palace for the great conversation and overflowing cuddle puddles; Harmonic Light for the unreal, unedited, mind blowing long exposure pictures; the Fire Performers and Dancers for a stunning display of grace and beauty;  the Desert Arts Foundation for the  enchanting and talented artists and art scattered throughout the festival; The DJ List for entrusting us to tell the world about our astounding experiences and Daniel Leist for being the best photographer, best friend, partner in crime and love a girl could ask for; the beautiful community that gathered together for four days and three nights under the stars with one heartbeat under one sound and last but certainly not least: Mikey Lion, Lee Reynolds, Marbs, Porkchop, Deep Jesus and the rest of the wonderful Desert Hearts family for an astounding event that inspires creativity and consciousness, individual evolution and communal revolution.

Make sure you stay in touch with Desert Hearts for the dirt on their next festival:

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For the rest of the Album – Head to our Facebook Page and Daniel Leist Photography

“I’m not strange, weird, off, nor crazy, my reality is just different from yours.”

[The Audiofiles] Unleashing Legends with the Lucent Dossier Experience, MartyParty and the Desert Hearts Crew

Over the past decade, the Lucent Dossier Experience has left a legacy of excellence in and around Southern California.  Just the other weekend, the troupe descended back onto their home turf at Club Nokia located in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles’ LA Live. From the second party go-ers descended through the front doors, minds were expanded and hearts were opened.  Vendors adorned the walls, while live painters – including West Coast Festival favorite Ngene – were catalyzed by the creativity that was rotating through.

As we billowed out of the elevators into the second story of Club Nokia, the sultry Deep House sounds of the Desert Hearts crew blissfully blasted through our eardrums.  Graced by the presence of Mikey Lion, Marbs and Deep Jesus, the groove was just sexy enough to make you forget that there was an entirely different party happening just a few feet away from us.  In the main arena,  Nico Luminous kicked the night off with some funky fresh wobbles and drops, gracefully passing the torch onto David Satori and Evan Fraser, respectively from Beats Antique and Stellamara.  For the night, the dynamic duo joined forces as Dirtwire, crafting delicious electronic soundscapes through rustic beats.

Through a unique fusion of fire-dancing, aerial acrobatics, body contortion, audience immersive characters and a cast that effectively blends in with their creatively costumed cohorts, our worlds were illuminated and legends were unleashed as Lucent Dossier once again stole the show.   Side conversations came to a halt as dancers glided harmoniously in a showcase of human agility and grace.

For seventy minutes, we were enraptured in the magic and ethereal wonder that the Lucent Dossier Experience brings to the table. A powerful performance embodying the feminine mystique and the constant push for both internal and external creation, the music from the aptly titled Unleash Your Legend  is also featured on their sophomore artist album – Light of the World. With beautiful artwork from the ever talented Venice artist Chris Saunders, the album is currently available for both purchase on iTunes as well as streaming through Spotify or Soundcloud.

Closing the night, we found there just ain’t no party like a MartyParty.   Tapping into his new ‘Black House’ sound, a delicious, melodic take on G-House heavy with Hip-Hop lyrics, we simply couldn’t have asked for a better follow-up act for Lucent Dossier. For the final hours at Club Nokia, worlds collided and the weird went pro – as Lucent Dossier troupe leaders joined in on the stage antics for MartyParty and I have to say, I hope this fusion of live entertainment and music transcends into more and more shows.

For more on Lucent Dossier, head to their Website, Facebook, Twitter or Soundcloud.

Wanna see them soon? Catch Lucent at Lightning in a Bottle!

Did you love the Desert Hearts Tribe? We know we did! Stoked to be covering them in a few weeks for Desert Heart’s Spring Fling, if you’re fiending for some fabulous deep house and tech house beats under the stars, come kick it with a stellar group of humans – including myself!

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For tickets to Desert Hearts, click here!

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Shot by Daniel Leist Photography

[The Audiofiles] Music Monday: Go One Deeper

I know Monday’s can hurt, but Music always helps!  My musical taste ebbs and flows like an irreverent tide – but lately I’ve been attracted to a deeper, darker side of ‘Deep House’; the kind of music you’d find at at DirtyBird BBQ, at an early morning yoga sesh at Lightning in a Bottle or in a dark warehouse at 3am with 300 of your newest, closest friends. Hailing from France, Shiba San is the latest in a slew of DirtyBird producers that just tickle my eardrums.  His heavy bass infused deep house is perfect; from the dancefloor to the car stereo and more, he intricately layers Hip Hop, House and a little bit of soul into a whole lot of fun.

And then the Robot Heart Community, known for their epic NYC parties and Burning Man Sound Camps, released a historic set from Above & Beyond that I get incredible FOMO over; yes, the rumors are true – my favorite trance triumverate put together a deep house ‘yoga set’ for Elena Brewer and the result is pure magic.

Wednesday Dance Break

So, here we are – Wednesday of a fabulous, four day work week; half begun and half done at the same time, it doesn’t get much better than this.  We’ve been blessed with phenomenal weather for the past week and my time has been consumed with great company and amazing food; believe you me, there are absolutely no complaints from this little kitten!


Since we had Monday off, I only need to be in the office one day this week – leave it to my coworkers to keep it interesting though: I got in this morning to a stripped down desk; rut roh!  Apparently, five coworkers were playing ‘Musical Cubes’ right before the three day weekend and somewhere, someone had the bright idea to move all of my stuff too.  Now that the dust has settled and I’m back on the computers grinding it out, I definitely need something to get my heart beating, feet moving and fingers tapping – so thank goodness I have a couple kickass mixes to keep me going today.

The first mix is from Mister Tommie Sunshine – who lately has caused quite a stir in the EDM world with his recent article on the growth of EDM in the music community, as well as the industry at large.  Originally, the article was published in the Huffington Post but since then it’s made its way around the interwebs with lightning fast speed.  Known for smashing basslines and eardrums, Tommie Sunshine pays homage to his Chicago House roots and lays down the funk; he even includes a few tracks from a local favorite in LA: the Hot Natured crew!


  1. Duke Dumont – The Giver
  2. Debora & Hannah Holland – Fight [Citizen Remix]
  3. Dan Beaumont & Terry Farley – Fire
  4. Rudimental feat. John Newman & Alex Clare – Not Giving In [Huxley Remix]
  5. Jamie Jones – Road To The Studio [Fly Mix]
  6. Northbrook – Dance [Tommie Sunshine Dub]
  7. Jamie Jones – No Rush
  8. Lana Del Rey – Blue Jeans [Omid 16B Remix]
  9. Aphex Twin – Windowlicker [Tiger Stripes Remix]
  10. Sidney Charles – House Lesson
  11. Jesse Rose – Love The Feeling High feat. Ed Weathers
  12. Deichkind – Leider Geil [Solomun Dub]
  13. Deboa & Hannah Holland – Skentello [Donewrong Miami Mix]
  14. Ts7 – Heartlight (Polygon)
  15. Fake Blood – All In The Blink
  16. Duke Dumont – Need U (100%) feat. A*M*E & MNEK
  17. Chromatics – Ceremony feat. Ida No

This second mix is from Wolfgang Gartner and was released by good people of Dancing Astronaut earlier today; every once in a while, Wolfgang really surprises me.  Granted, I’ve actually never enjoyed a show of his live – but I love the production value in all of his tracks, the liberties he takes in his unreleased material and the constant evolution of him as an artist.  After listening to this lovely little 90’s throwback mix I’m a little more inclined than usual to give him another chance:

Up in the number three spot, is my main DJ crush of the past year: the man, the myth, the legend, the Lee Burridge! I’ve been to three separate All Day I Dream events and each was better than the last; I’m so excited to see what he does next – but in the meantime, check out this mix from the Robot Heart bus at Burning Man 2011.

Today’s 4pm, in the homestretch tunes, are brought to you by the letters W&W.  They blew me away when I saw them close for Cosmic Gate last month, and their weekly podcast – Mainstage- is what gets me through my morning runs: you just can’t help but move!

Music Monday: BLOND:ISH – The Perfect Frequency

By just browsing through my recent music postings on the blog, my Facebook and through Twitter – I can tell that this Deep House kick I’ve been on is much, much more than just a seasonal shift in the headphones.  This new found…dare I say “relationship” with the deeper, darker side of House Music started at the beginning of 2012.  I’ve toyed around with various DJs and Producers, trying to find where exactly in the genre I fit – and finally, after a lot of soul searching and bass pounding, I think I figured it out.

The great thing about being friends with so many people in the music industry is that they continually give me fresh new DJs and music to get into. Record Labels like Get Physical – which boasts phenomenal artists like Heidi, Catz n Dogz, Audiofly and Damian Lazarus, Noir and Kompakt; DJs like Climbers, Maya Jane Coles, Infinity Ink, Claude VonStroke, Russ Yallop, Maxxi Soundsystem.  These guys are what gets my feet movin’ and groovin’; what moves my body, mind and soul as one.  It’s like the perfect hat trick.

A few weeks ago I was on a huge Finnebassen and Climbers kick – as I searched through videos and soundcloud posts, I discovered a sexy little group called Blond:ish that I just can’t get enough of.

Originally hailing from Canada, the fiesty and fun duo of Vivie-Ann and Anstacia have made their mark on the industry with their delicious sounds, sultry vocals and A+ attitude on the decks.  Just take a listen to their collaborations with the ever soulful Climbers, or their mixtapes from the Robot Heart bus at Burning Man and I bet you’ll love them just as much as I do.

It’s just my luck that they’ll be playing down in Orange County on 1/22 at FOCUS, which is held at the adorable Tapas of Orange County every Tuesday.  I’ll definitely be in attendance; y’all should as well!