Oh, Snap: Street Art v2


One of the best things about the street art in Los Angeles is the high turnover rate – as soon as something phenomenal is created, another piece of art is destroyed; either at the artists accord or because the city has had enough of it.  Either way, the fact remains – the destruction of creativity breeds more creativity, it’s something that simply can’t be stopped or thwarted.

You can slow an artist down with writers block or take away his canvas and tools – but creativity is an ooze that bubbles and boils over, seeping into pores and out of airways.  True artists eat, breathe and sleep their talents – and the artists of Los Angeles are no different; I hope you enjoy their street art as much as I have!

“Angels Will Ride”

About missamandapearl

♥ I'm a spunky girl with a big heart and an open mind. I can't ride a bike and dislike capital letters. I'm slightly obsessed with my kitties - Daisy, Stella, Loki and Marley - but I bet if they were yours you would be, too. I laugh all the time - loudly and mostly at myself. my favorite things include, but aren't limited to: fabulous people, my fantastic husband-to-be, traveling, live music, social media, a good read, working out, furry friends, the Golden State Warriors, photography, and sushi. Everyone, including you, looks like an animal - and I won't hesitate to tell you which one. I was born and raised in the 650, spent some of the best years of my life at UCSB as a gaucho and am now a proud angelino; its taken some time, but I effing love└A.

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