Monthly Subcription Boxes: The Gift That Keeps On Giving

A few weeks ago, I was on this major beauty buying binge; I swear there literally wasn’t a single item at Sephora that didn’t deserve a place in my boudoir.  Each time I opened a package from their website, it felt exactly like Christmas – especially with the plethora of free samples they give out (I swear, I could start a mini-perfume shop by now).  But then, I started seeing Instagram and Twitter posts from my friends, boasting about their holiday ‘Boxes.  My immediate thought was – “…boxes?! What am I missing out on?!” And as it turns out, a LOT!

So many different websites, PR companies and socially savvy sites are  putting together these fun and fabulous ‘goodie‘ boxes that get sent out to subscribers either monthly and seasonally, both paid for and free. Oh, yeah – you read that right: free.  You can sign up for a monthly subscription that rolls over until you say ‘quit’, 3 month, 6 month and 12 month subscriptions.

My Influenster VoxBox!

Boxes on Boxes on Boxes.
And at this point there’s basically a subscription box for everything: Beauty, art, crafts, sport, food – you name it, there’s a box full of it.    There are monthly boxes for couples and there are boxes for your pets; boxes for  sustainability loving, EcoConscious souls, paranoid Survivalists, worldly Foodies , Bookworms, Geeks and  inner Glamazons.

Boxes on a Budget.
If you’re anything like me, then you’ve probably perfected the art of ‘ballin’ on a budget‘: I have big dreams, expensive taste and a small bank account.  After finally budgeting myself this past Fall, I’ve started honing in on the ways to get the best bang for my buck, and enjoy it, too. One of my Twitter friends (don’t lie, you have them too) posted an awesome picture of like six or seven of her gift boxes the other week and my eyes literally bugged out of my head – that’s so much swag! A tinge of jealousy crossed my body and then I relaxed again, I’d find a way – I knew I would.  I did some research on the boxes she posted and found out a social PR site called Influenster: they focus on social and digital PR, but instead of using company specialists – they let the Trendsetters do the talking.  The website is built around user reviews, pictures, Q&A boards and chatter; simply put, it’s where social media junkies go to gush and reap the rewards.

I just got my first box from Influenster and have been slowly but surely trying out all the fun products.  In our holiday VoxBox, we were given products from companies like Goodie, NYC, Montagne Jeneusse, Sole Society, Natural Energy and KISS Nails.  Slowly but surely, I’ve been making my way through the plethora of products.  The inner child in me says “DO IT ALL NOW!”, but I’m trying to be an adult (keyword: trying) and savor this experience – and so far, so good!  Last night, I tried out the chocolate face masque from Montagne Jeunesse – it left my face feeling fabulous…and my sink looking a dingy brown.  Loved the result but if I had my way, I would have picked a different flavor.  This morning I dove head first into Quaker’s peach + almond oatmeal – since I actually detest oatmeal, I thought this experience would be over fairly quickly but to my surprise, I found it absolutely delicious; I might even go buy oatmeal for the first time in my life – fancy that one!  And to boot, I swooped in on a $25 off coupon for SoleSociety and found myself a pair of sparkly flats that I fell in lust with.  Needless to say, I’m anxiously waiting for the next one!

Quaker Real Medleys: Peach and Almond

Chocolate Face Masque

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