Doing It Right: Veni, Vidi, Vegas!

There’s nothing quite as fun – or draining – as spending a weekend in Las Vegas.  The first night is the most exciting, and probably the most debauchery….and each day when you wake up the glitz and glimmer of the city fades a bit more until your hangover takes over – and then it’s time to force feed yourself some reality and get back to that life you lead Monday through Friday.

I was lucky enough to be in great company the entire time; it was one of my closest gal’s Bachelorette weekends and we were all in the mood to get down!  We stayed at the Vdara Hotel & Spa and were not disappointed: as a non-gambler I was stoked there weren’t any machines or tables within the hotel.

We started the weekend off right with a deliciously expensive meal at TAO – well worth it, but getting only one piece of sushi for the typical price of two is simply not the business.

After dinner, we were whisked away to their nightclub for some overhyped Top 40 DJ; didn’t take us long to bounce out but thanks for the free drinks!

I should have prefaced this by saying that us ladies are more of the rough and tumble type than we are damsels in distress, so it didn’t take long for us to collectively say “Fuck that!” and change into manageable stomping attire.

Saying the next morning was rough might be the understatement of the month – but somehow we rallied and got down with our bad selves one more time; this time with the help of Doc Martin, DJ Sneak and Body English at the Hard Rock!

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