[Doing it Right] SF + Hardly Strictly Bluegrass

This past weekend, my boyfriend and I gallivanted up to our home away from home – San Francisco – to attend the 13th annual Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival in Golden Gate Park.  The festival was started by Warren Hellmen, a philanthropic investment mogul with an affinity for the city of SF, bluegrass music and the community surrounding both.   Though he passed away in 2011, his legacy – and festival – live on through a legacy fund he set-up.  The event is entirely free and full of the most ridiculous intersection of people ever; but hey, who doesn’t like free, right?! I’d say that easily half a million people showed up, but it could’ve been nearly 750,000.  Old hippies, young hippies (which, by the way – it actually costs of money to look that poor), families, stragglers, groups of friends, groups of couples, etc, etc.  We only went for Saturday but that was plenty for me!  I caught part of Elvin Bishop and then it was off to see Dave Alvin with Greg Leisz.  We saw all of Boz Scaggs, who gained notoriety as the head guitarist and sometimes lead vocalist of the Steve Miller Band; he ROCKED!  Then we sauntered over to see Los Lobos Disconnected – a unique, acoustic set by one of my childhood favorite bands; and finally, to wrap up the day we headed back to see Natalie Maines, a third of my childhood favorite country group the Dixie Chicks. Other than the festival, we spent the weekend eating amazing food with great company.  I have to admit, it’s the first time I’ve been home with my man and resigned myself to just doing family stuff – and it was wonderful! If this is growing up, I can definitely get used to this. Now, onto the pics – enjoy!

Good morning, San Francisco!

Last time we were in the city, my man wrote a thank you note to my family; it was beautiful seeing it up on their wall!

Starting the day off right with some Old Vine Zin and fabulous cheeses!


Golden Gate Park


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