[The Audiofiles] With ‘Caligo’, Spor Returns With A Vengeance

When artists adopt a moniker, time and success collaborate to solidify their sound – and sometimes, their creative split personalities surface and separate. Armin releases tracks with the alias Gaia, Ferry Corsten produces under System F, Avicii has even remixed himself as Tim Berg. However, for all three of these artists – they’re still producing music under the same umbrella genres of Trance and House. What I find novel and genius, are artists who successfully span through multiple genres, diving feet first into the ocean of musical genius. Hailing from the UK, DJ and Producer Jon Gooch is precisely one of those artists.

For the last few years, he’s been wowing audiences as Electro House phenom Feed Me on Deadmau5’s Mau5trap Records, fully equipped ‘With Teeth’ at times for a kickass stage presence while dolling out delicious drops. But before the time of Feed Me, there was Spor – and Spor has a special place in my heart. Blowing up as Feed Me around 2011, Gooch has been relatively silent as Spor since 2012 – however, most of his success came as Spor from 2005 until his sonic shift. When I saw him at The Music Box in 2011, one of my good friends caught a shirt that he threw off stage – when we awkwardly approached the stage to ask him to sign it, and then fan-girl over his music a bit – I asked if he was ever going to produce or tour as Spor again and a grin washed over his face. Hopefully soon…, he trailed off.

I crave the complexities in composition; harmony and resolution are wonderful, don’t get me wrong – but without dissonance, empty space between notes and off-putting chords – those musical elements aren’t nearly as sweet. A dark, brooding, industrial sound at time, Spor fell to the backburner as Feed Me gained notoriety in the public eye. So, when I found out that there was a new Spor album coming out I cranked up my speakers, cleared some room in the apartment to mosh and was delighted by the fierce beats that came out of my system.

Track Listing
1. Your Murmuring Chasms
2. Arms House
3. Always Right Never Left
4. Empire ft James Hadouken!
5. Like Clockwork
6. Blueroom
7. Strange Heart
8. As I Need You (featuring Tasha Baxter)
9. Full Colour
10. If You Cry
11. Our Space
12. Coconut
13. The Hole Where Your House Was
14. Unreleased Material (Caligo Sketchbook Mix)
15. Methods
16. 10,000
17. Nachtwerk
18. Republic
19. Red Panda (2 Am Minimal Mix)

A fusion of Heavy Metal Rock, riddled with Hip Hop inspired lyrics over an energetic drumstep backbeat, Spor’s new album Caligo is everything I’ve wanted from an artist. Effortlessly blending industrial basslines with high octane guitar riffs and the occasional ethereal vocal sample – like in “Your Murmuring Chasms”, the new Spor sound sporadically oozes out hints of Feed Me while reminding you that it’s anything but. From start to finish, this album is an absolute must listen; and I’m left with only one question – does this mean we’ll be seeing a Spor Live Band touring anytime soon?

In the wake of Caligo leaking, you can now grab your own copy as a BitTorrent Bundle right here.

For more on the new album or Spor as an artist, take a gander at his Reddit AMA from yesterday or visit his socials –

Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

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