[Self Discovery] Turning Dreams into Active Realities

You can dream a little dream or you can live a little dream
I’d rather live it, cause dreamers always chase but never get it. – Aesop Rock 

For the last few years, this blog has provided me with a sense of catharsis, an outlet to pour my soul into and collect my emotions, a sieve to understand which of my feelings were accurate and which managed to run away with themselves, and a home for my ramblings, writings, tirades and sonically salacious adventures.  Let me clue you in on my biggest secret, when I was picked up by The DJ List I absolutely had no idea what or where I’d end up when it had all been said and done – but what I saw was a golden opportunity to dive headfirst into the music industry, somewhere I’ve wanted to be my entire life.  In my time in Los Angeles, EDM has become a safety net, a friend, a savior and a shoulder to lean on; our community is thousands strong, all beautifully beating to their own drummer yet in sync with each other.

We’re the misfits, the nerds, the band geeks, the outcasts – but we’ve managed to come together to unite under an electric sky with a beautiful cause. With one hand firmly in the cookie jar, and the other penning out articles left and right – I truly found my writing niche and within two years I’ve penned almost 300 press releases, original articles, album reviews, artist interviews and have gone from a relative nobody on the team to an integral part of the Senior Staff and the Director of Social Media. From Shambhala Music Festival in Canada to California’s own Lightning in a Bottle, Sea of Dreams up in San Francisco to the Gem and Jam Festival in Arizona and Global Dance Festival in Colorado – I’ve had a birds eye view on the latest and greatest, upcoming talent and disbanded groups; andfor a while – I’ve honestly felt like it was time for a shift.  Not only have I poured my heart and soul into bytes and bass on The DJ List, but I’ve managed to maintain my day job as a Retail Space Analyst for the Walt Disney Studios in Burbank thanks to a flexible schedule and an overactive brain.

Usually when birthdays roll around, there’s a sense of either accomplishment or admonishment of how the past year played out, and this past year when I turned 30 I took a good hard second to examine my life and really figure out what I wanted from it, and where I could see myself in 5 years.  It wouldn’t take a clairvoyant to see what future I wanted for myself – a full immersion into the dance music industry, a forum for my writing and a community of passionate peers that encourage growth and individuality. My entire life, my parents implored that you should have a job you love and a job that pays the bills – and if you’re dedicated, passionate and hard working, they can often be one in the same. So, I’m thrilled excited to announce that I’ve taken a part time position as a Publicity Associate and Number Ninja for The Confluence! If you’ve never heard of them, you’ll probably know their clients – they run campaigns for Lightning in a Bottle, The Do LaB, Envision Festival, Symbiosis Events, GoPro, The New York Times, and SO much more! 

I couldn’t have done this without having an incredible support system, including my wonderful fiance for inspiring me, pushing me and loving me for who I am; theThe DJ List for helping me blaze this path.  To my family and friends hank you for inspiring me with your creativity and passion for life and to everyone that lets me digitally dump my life into my blog and loves me for it – thank you; this is all because of the courage and daily inspiration you all have given me and  I couldn’t have done this without you all.  I don’t know how much time I’ll have to update my blog, especially the way I’ve been lately but prepare for a whole new set of adventures down the rabbit hole with your favorite Bouncy Kitty as I navigate my new life as a Publicity Associate for one of the hottest companies around.

Five years ago, I was attending my first Coachella – and this year, I’ll be returning but in a completely different capacity: working with The Confluence at The Do LaB stage of the festival!  It was one of the most magical experiences of my life and I cannot wait to share. Stay tuned! 


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