[The Audiofiles] Embracing Individuality within the Dance Music Community

Still on a wonderful life buzz after Coachella, and as much as I want to delve into a festival recap and expound upon the amazing time I had last weekend, I need to take care of something else first.  The more I look into articles that should dive and swim into the wonderful shenanigans, magic and music over the weekend – the more I uncover unnecessary snark and all around rudeness. For as many articles exist chronicling last weekends adventures, I’ve found just as many bashing the daring, individual fashion choices of the weekend and it quite literally makes me sick (except for that one guy….which is a different discussion all together). When “reputable” places like Billboard and Telegraph decide to not just openly discuss and demean people who are having a time and beating to their own drum, but make it a public display for the world to add their negative commentary to, you really have to rethink who runs them, what their goals are as an outlet and if we should even care what they have to say. Not to discount the fact that we as Southern Californians truly live in a mecca of manifestation; our sense of fashion is perpetually on display to be eaten up like hotcakes by the remainder of the country.  But, the simple fact of the matter is that the dance music scene was borne out of people looking for a place to freely express themselves, to openly be and become the people that we want to be. Whether that means we don fairy wings, a psychedelic top, matching onesies or obscure makeup shouldn’t bother the next person because it’s a symbol of our bold push towards individuality. And at the end of the day, it’s the dance music circuit; the pulsing rhythm replicating our heart beat, the crowd pulsing together to make us feel like we’re part of some giant, living, loving breathing organism – because we are.  The EDM community has the power to quite literally save lives – so why are we giving people shit for living theirs the way they want? Our entire life, we’ve been shoved into cookie cutter boxes and labels and have pushed back, sometimes passively and other times through this wonderful community that we’ve passionately pursued.  The majority of us have been bullied in some way shape or form, so the fact that an outsider feels the need to encroach and express disdain over the creative expressions of humanity over the weekend simply doesn’t get the point of our scene.  For three days and nights, I witnessed nothing but smiling faces and beautiful people – embracing each other and the music in kind. I wish I could’ve hugged each and every one of them; for being bold, for being unique, for being beautiful – for their unequivocal, undeniable, honest and beautiful displays of humanity. We choose to create the reality we live in; and as writers, doubly so. If you don’t have anything nice to say, maybe shut your mouth and find a new profession.

Photos by Daniel Leist Photography | Full Album Here

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