[The Audiofiles] Bonobo Announces New Studio Album for 2016



On New Years Eve, fireworks illuminated the sky as clocks from each corner of the world counted down to a brand new year to the delight of partygoers around the world, and one of the most celebrated musicians within Dance Music took to Twitter to make an extra special announcement. Known for his unique soundscapes of ethereal downtempo beats mixed with trip-hop, electronica and a world music backbone, Simon Green – better known as Bonobo is hailed as a true innovator through his enchanting studio albums, one of a kind DJ sets or my personal favorite – accompanied by a full band. And now, for 2016 – he takes the main stage again in a very welcomed light.

On New Years Eve, Bonobo took to the Twittersphere for one last hoorah in 2015:

This new album would mark Bonobo’s sixth studio album, and his first release since North Borders came out back in 2013. If his last album is any indication, this too will be released on the Ninja Tune imprint.

If you’re itching to get some new Bonobo material in your life, make sure you check out his new radio show – OUTLIER Radio. The first episode premiered back in December, but it’s still so fresh – not to mention it includes his latest mesmerizing remix of George Fitzgerald’s Full Circle.

For more on Bonobo, head to his socials –

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

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