Mellow Monday: Finnebassen

This past summer was probably one of the, if not the busiest I’ve had in 27 years of existence. Sure, as a child my time would fill up with camps, sports and sleepovers – but those were all ridiculously fun endeavors that I simply didn’t have to pay for out of my own.  The older and more mature I become, the more I realize that absolutely nothing from childhood can compare to the harmony any of us have to sustain in our adult lives.

Weeks are spent negotiating an 8-to-5 job, gym sessions, and extended family dinners; the better part of the weekend is spent finding an equilibrium between the dance floor and downtime. Well, this summer I spent a lot of momentum bouncing from rooftop, warehouse and boat parties all around the great city of Los Angeles.  Maybe it’s the fact I finally did my financials, or it could be the shift to Autumn weather – and by Autumn I mean that the temperature in LA is below 90 for now – perfect for catching some Indian Summer sun by the pool and devouring a great read – but lately I’ve shifted from ballin’ on a budget, so to speak, to kicking back with a good soundtrack, some drinks and my close friends.

One of our favorite pastimes is sharing music – which is convenient because we all have an immense love for music and  overlapping, phenomenal tastes.  One of the up and coming artists we’re all enthralled with is Finnebassen from Norway.   What hooked me on his music were  the R&B vocals delicately layered over his deep house beats, which is perfect for floating through the day to 5 o’clock.


  1. Finnebassen – Monday
  2. Finnebassen – Touching Me
  3. Finnebassen – If You Only Knew
  4. Finnebassen – When Doves Cry
  5. Teenage Mutants – Out of Time (Finnebassen Remix)
  6. Finnebassen – Such a High
  7. Finnebassen – Bleedin Out
  8. Finnebassen – Repeat
  9. Finnebassen ft. Gundelach – When It Rains
  10. Caribou – Jamelia (Finnebassen Kose-Edit)
  11. Finnebassen – I’m In Love With You

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